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Nonimaging Optics: Efficient Design for Illumination and Solar Concentration IX
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Volume Number: 8485
Date Published: 23 October 2012

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Front Matter: Volume 8485
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Thermodynamically efficient solar concentrators
Author(s): Roland Winston
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Practical implementation of a planar micro-optic solar concentrator
Author(s): Katherine Baker; Jason Karp; Justin Hallas; Joseph Ford
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Beam-steering array optics designs with the SMS method
Author(s): Wang Lin; Pablo Benitez; Juan Carlos Miñano
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Nanolayered polymer diffusive spectral filters
Author(s): John Bortz; Narkis Shatz
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Planar single-element gradient-index solar lenses for concentrator photovoltaics
Author(s): Panagiotis Kotsidas; Vijay Modi; Jeffrey M. Gordon
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Design of spherical symmetric gradient index lenses
Author(s): Juan C. Miñano; Dejan Grabovičkić; Pablo Benítez; Juan C González; Asunción Santamaría
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On the challenge of flux concentration at grazing incidence for neutrons and x-rays
Author(s): Boris Khaykovich; Dazhi Liu; Giacomo Resta; David E. Moncton; Mikhail V. Gubarev
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Spatial coherence of sunlight: first direct measurement
Author(s): Heylal Mashaal; Alex Goldstein; Daniel Feuermann; Jeffrey M. Gordon
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Thermal analysis in a solar pumped laser for Mg energy cycle
Author(s): Behgol Bagheri; Shgeaki Uchidat
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Improvement of luminescent solar concentrators using liquid crystal polymer
Author(s): Melissa N. Ricketts
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Solar receiver with integrated optics
Author(s): Lun Jiang; Roland Winston
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Implementation of the linear programming algorithm for freeform reflector design
Author(s): Cristina Canavesi; William J. Cassarly; Jannick P. Rolland
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Optimization of LED-based non-imaging optics with orthogonal polynomial shapes
Author(s): Peter Brick; Christopher Wiesmann
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Free-form glass reflectors for non-trivial illumination applications with extended sources
Author(s): Thomas Heßling; Ulf Geyer; Ansgar Hellwig; Marc C. Hübner
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Irradiance tailoring with two-sided Fresnel-type freeform optics
Author(s): Adrien Bruneton; Axel Bäuerle; Martin Traub; Rolf Wester; Peter Loosen
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Reverse radiance: a fast accurate method for determining luminance
Author(s): Kenneth E. Moore; Ronald F. Rykowski; Sanjay Gangadhara
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Using multimode interference in visible spectrum transmission
Author(s): Allen Jong-Woei Whang; Kuan-Yu Chen; Way-Ne Chen
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Sollektor: progress in fiber optic daylighting
Author(s): H. Poisel; K. Hofbeck; M. Bloos; M. Lippenberger; S. Schuetz; A. Kist
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Embedded microstructures for daylighting and seasonal thermal control
Author(s): André Kostro; Mario Geiger; Nicolas Jolissaint; Marina A. Gonzalez Lazo; Jean-Louis Scartezzini; Yves Leterrier; Andreas M. Schüler
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A new device for dynamic luminance mapping and glare risk assessment in buildings
Author(s): Apiparn Borisuit; Mirjam Münch; Laurent Deschamps; Jérôme Kämpf; Jean-Louis Scartezzini
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Fiber optic illumination by laser activated remote phosphor
Author(s): Ulrich Hartwig
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Optical design using luminance in ray data sets
Author(s): Julius Muschaweck
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Primary optics for efficient high-brightness LED colour mixing
Author(s): A. Cvetkovic; R. Mohedano; O. Dross; M. Hernandez; P. Benítez; J. C. Miñano; J. Vilaplana; J. Chaves
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Optical design of wavelength-selective CPVT system with 3D/2D hybrid concentration
Author(s): N. Ahmad; T. Ijiro; N. Yamada; T. Kawaguchi; T. Maemura; H. Ohashi
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High-performance illumination module of RGB LEDs pico-projector with dual double side micro lens array
Author(s): Chun-Chieh Chen; Hsin-Chieh Wu; Moint-Learn Wu; Yuan-Chieh Cheng; Wei-Yao Hsu
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Optical characteristic of the light guide plate with microstructures engraved by laser
Author(s): Tun-Chien Teng; Ming-Feng Kuo
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