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Twelfth International Conference on Solid State Lighting and Fourth International Conference on White LEDs and Solid State Lighting
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Volume Number: 8484
Date Published: 25 October 2012

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Front Matter: Volume 8484
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
White light quality of phosphor converted LEDs from a phosphor materials perspective of view: an evaluation based on combined thermal and optical simulations
Author(s): Franz-Peter Wenzl; Christian Sommer; Paul Hartmann; Peter Pachler; Hans Hoschopf; Gregor Langer; Paul Fulmek; Johann Nicolics
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Process development of GaN light emitting diodes with imbedded contacts
Author(s): Ray-Hua Horn; Yu-Wei Kuo
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High-temperature (350°C) glass phosphor layer for converted white light-emitting diodes
Author(s): Wood-Hi Cheng; Chun-Chin Tsai; Wei-Chih Cheng; Jin-Kai Chang; Ji-Hung Chen; Si-Sheng Hu; Li-Yin Chen; Min-Ching Lin; Ching-Jen Pan
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Uncertainty analysis in lifetime measurement for white light emitting diodes
Author(s): Haiping Shen; Xiaoli Zhou; Wanlu Zhang; Muqing Liu
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A quantitative dimming method for LED based on PWM
Author(s): Jiyong Wang; Tongsheng Mou; Jianping Wang; Xiaoqing Tian
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Effect of SiNx interlayer on structural and electrical properties of nonpolar a-plane (11-20) gallium nitrides
Author(s): Ji Hoon Kim; Sung-Min Hwang; Yong Gon Seo; Doo Soo Kim; Kwang Hyeon Baik; Jung Ho Park
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Mode interactions in a GaN-based light emitting diode with surface photonic crystals and nanoholes
Author(s): Tsung-Han Tsai; Yu-Feng Yin; Yen-Chen Lin; Szu-Chieh Wang; Yun-Wei Cheng; Jian-Jang Huang
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The impact of the silicone encapsulation layers on the white light quality of phosphor converted LEDs
Author(s): Susanne Schweitzer; Christian Sommer; Paul Hartmann; Wolfgang Nemitz; Peter Pachler; Hans Hoschopf; Gregor Langer; Paul Fulmek; Johann Nicolics; Franz P. Wenzl
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Effect of different colored background lighting on LED discomfort glare perception
Author(s): K. Sweater Hickcox; N. Narendran; J. D. Bullough; J. P. Freyssinier
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On the emission states in MQWs of InGaN/GaN and AIGaN based SQW
Author(s): J. Kumar; P. Arivazhagan; K. Baskar
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Multiple wavelength LED on monolithic QW structure
Author(s): Abdullah J. Zakariya; Patrick LiKamWa
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High thermal stability of indium-rich InGaN films (33 and 60%) grown by pulsed laser deposition
Author(s): Tzu-Yu Wang; Kun-Ching Shen; Dong-Sing Wuu; Sin-Liang Ou; Ray-Hua Horng
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Fabrication of p-ZnO thin films by ZrN codoping
Author(s): S. Gowrishankar; L. Balakrishnan; N. Gopalakrishnan
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Effect of V/III molar ratio on the structural and optical properties of InN epilayers grown by HPCVD
Author(s): Ramazan Atalay; Max Buegler; Sampath Gamage; M. K. Indika Senevirathna; Bahadir Küçükgök; Andrew G. Melton; Axel Hoffmann; A. G. Unil Perera; Ian T. Ferguson; Nikolaus Dietz
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Nuclear science and optical studies of InAlGaP materials grown on GaAs by metalorganic chemical vapor deposition
Author(s): Lin Li; Chi-Jing Hong-Liao; Yi Zhe Huang; Cheng Chen; Shude Yao; Zi Rong Qiu; H. H. Lin; Ian T. Ferguson; Zhe Chuan Feng
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Time-resolved and temperature-varied photoluminescence studies of InGaN/GaN multiple quantum well structures
Author(s): Lei Liu; Wenjie Wang; J.-L. Huang; Xiaodong Hu; Peng Chen; J.-J. Huang; Zhe Chuan Feng
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Design of optical lens for LED road lighting
Author(s): Chi-Feng Lin; Yu-Bin Fang; Tao-Hsing Chen
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Transparent image generator by using vertically aligned polymer-stabilized liquid crystal (VA-PSLC) for see-through display applications
Author(s): Mu-Hao Wang; Wing-Kit Choi; Guo-Dung Su
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Measurements of UGR of LED light by a DSLR colorimeter
Author(s): Shau-Wei Hsu; Cheng-Hsien Chen; Yuh-Der Jiaan
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Fluorescent SiC with pseudo-periodic moth-eye structures
Author(s): Yiyu Ou; Imran Aijaz; Haiyan Ou
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LED package with Dome/side-emitting-enhancement silicone lens achieved by dispensing and geometry transferring
Author(s): Chien-Lin Chang Chien; Yu-Che Huang; Syue-Fong Hu; Chang-Wen Sun; Chung-Min Chang; Chih-Peng Hsu; Ming-Chuen Yip; Weileun Fang
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Automated hardware-software system for LED's verification and certification
Author(s): Aleksandr N. Chertov; Elena V. Gorbunova; Vladimir S. Peretyagin; Anatolii D. Vakulenko
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Graphene on Ag films for reflectively conductive layer ohmic contacts to p-type GaN in GaN-based light-emitting diodes
Author(s): Lung-Chien Chen; Ching-Ho Tien; Min-Hsueh Chiang
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Using Artificial Neural Networks Approach for the Color Enhance of High Power LEDs
Author(s): Hsi-Chao Chen; Guo-Yang Wu; Chi-Hao Yang; Peng-Ying Chen; Mei-Jyun Lai; Kuo-Ting Huang
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High-yield thin GaN LED using metal bonding and laser lift-off technology
Author(s): Ray-Hua Horng; Ching-Ho Chen; Wei-Cheng Kao; Dong-Sing Wuu
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Effect of nucleation period on the physical properties of InN epilayers
Author(s): S. Gamage; M. K. I. Senevirathna; R. Atalay; A. G. U. Perera; A. G. Melton; I. T. Ferguson; N. Dietz
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