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Organic Photovoltaics XIII
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Volume Number: 8477
Date Published: 17 July 2012
Softcover: 36 papers (214) pages
ISBN: 9780819491947

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 8477
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Plastic solar cells: breaking the 10% commercialization barrier
Author(s): Letian Dou; Jingbi You; Chun-Chao Chen; Gang Li; Yang Yang
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Stability and degradation of organic photovoltaics fabricated, aged, and characterized by the ISOS 3 inter-laboratory collaboration
Author(s): David M. Tanenbaum; Martin Hermenau; Eszter Voroshazi; Matthew T. Lloyd; Yulia Galagan; Birger Zimmermann; Markus Hösel; Henrik F. Dam; Mikkel Jørgensen; Suren Gevorgyan; Suleyman Kudret; Wouter Maes; Laurence Lutsen; Dirk Vanderzande; Uli Würfel; Ronn Andriessen; Roland Rösch; Harald Hoppe; Monica Lira-Cantu; Gerardo Teran-Escobar; Aurélie Dupuis; Pierre-Olivier Bussière; Agnès Rivaton; Gülsah Y. Uzunoglu; David Germack; Birgitta Andreasen; Morten V. Madsen; Kion Norrman; Eva Bundgaard; Frederik C. Krebs
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Efficient organic vacuum deposited tandem solar cells and modules
Author(s): Christian L. Uhrich; Rico Meerheim; Toni Mueller; Frank Lindner; Karsten Walzer; Bert Maennig; Andre Weiss; Martin Pfeiffer
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Donor/acceptor morphology control for efficient and stable photovoltaic cells by using semiconducting diblock copolymers
Author(s): Keisuke Tajima; Shoji Miyanishi; Yue Zhang; Kazuhito Hashimoto
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Electronic structure tuning of new fused thieno[3,2-b]thieno bisthiophene based polymers via alkyl chain and Group IV heteroatom modulation
Author(s): Bob C. Schroeder; Hugo Bronstein; Raja Shahid Ashraf; Weimin Zhang; Zhenggang Huang; Pabitra Shakya Tuladhar; Thomas D. Anthopoulos; James R. Durrant; Iain McCulloch
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Spatial mapping of photocurrents in organic solar cells comprising wedge-shaped absorber layers for an efficient material screening
Author(s): Felix Nickel; Christian Sprau; Michael F. G. Klein; Jan Mescher; Uli Lemmer; Alexander Colsmann
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Characterization of charge transport via in situ potentiometry in bulk heterojunction organic photovoltaic materials
Author(s): Eric Danielson; Christopher Lombardo; Ananth Dodabalapur
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Imaging organic solar cell morphology with organic light emitting diode-organic solar cell devices
Author(s): Graeme Williams; Hany Aziz
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Realization of high efficiency inverted polymer photovoltaic cells for roll-to-roll application
Author(s): Franky So
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Low-temperature solution-processed metal oxide buffer layers fulfilling large area production requirements
Author(s): T. Stubhan; I. Litzov; Ning Li; H. Q. Wang; J. Krantz; F. Machui; M. Steidl; H. Oh; G. J. Matt; C. J. Brabec
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Spray deposited PTB7:PC71BM organic polymer solar cells for efficient power generation
Author(s): Shizuyasu Ochiai; Palanisamy Kumar; Kannappan Santhakumar; Leona Saitoh; Kenzo Kojima; Paik-Kyun Shin
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High-speed inkjet printing for organic photovoltaic devices
Author(s): M. Senghor; M. Manceau; F. Ardiaca; R. de Bettignies; S. Berson; L. Dassas; S. Poughon; C. Dossou-Yovo; R. Noguera
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A predictive theory of charge separation in organic photovoltaics interfaces
Author(s): Alessandro Troisi; Tao Liu; Domenico Caruso; David L. Cheung; David P. McMahon
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In situ Raman study of ordered molecular aggregates during freeze-dry fabrication of bulk heterojunction solar cells
Author(s): Yu-Bing Lan; Pin-Hao Sher; Chao-Han Cheng; Ping-Tsung Huang; Juen-Kai Wang
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Improving the light-harvesting of second generation solar cells with photochemical upconversion
Author(s): Yuen Yap Cheng; Burkhard Fückel; Tim Schulze; Rowan W. MacQueen; Murad J. Y. Tayebjee; Andrew Danos; Tony Khoury; Raphaël G. C. R. Clady; N. J. Ekins-Daukes; Maxwell J. Crossley; Bernd Stannowski; Klaus Lips; Timothy W. Schmidt
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Near IR sensitization of polymer/fullerene solar cells
Author(s): Tayebeh Ameri; Jie Min; Ning Li; Florian Machui; Christoph J. Brabec; Michael Forster; Kristina Schottler; Daniel Dolfen; Sybille Allard; Ullrich Scherf
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Leveraging directional emission together with nonimaging optics for next-generation luminescent solar concentrators
Author(s): Noel C. Giebink
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Optical properties enhancement in low-bandgap organic solar cells with embedded PEDOT:PSS gratings
Author(s): Xiaolong Zhu; Chuihui Duan; Wallace C. H. Choy; Fengxian Xie; Chuandao Wang; Fei Huang; Yong Cao
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Hybrid photovoltaic devices based on chalcogenide nanostructures
Author(s): Jilian N. de Freitas; João Paulo C. Alves; Lasantha Korala; Stephanie L. Brock; Ana F. Nogueira
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Dye adsorption feature on titania surface and role of dye aggregation inhibitor monitored by quartz crystal microbalance (QCM)
Author(s): Ryohei Hirota; Yuhei Ogomi; Shyam S. Pandey; Shuzi Hayase
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Mixing plasmonic Au nanoparticles into all polymer layers for improving the efficiency of organic solar cells
Author(s): Wallace C. H. Choy; Charlie C. D. Wang; Dixon D. S. Fung; Wei E. I. Sha; Feng-Xian Xie
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Theoretical studies of effects of 2D plasmonic grating on electrical properties of organic solar cells
Author(s): Wei E. I. Sha; Wallace C. H. Choy; Weng Cho Chew
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Organic photovoltaic cells with core/shell quantum dots embedded in poly(methyl methacrylate)
Author(s): Ki-Chang Kwon; Yensil Park; Kyoung Soon Choi; Heesun Yang; Soo Young Kim
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Evaluation of characteristics on the bulk heterojunction solar cells prepared by PCDTBT: PC71BM composite thin film
Author(s): Masakazu Ito; Kannappan Santhakumar; Palanisamy Kumar; Kenzo Kojima; Paik-Kyun Shin; Shizuyasu Ochiai
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Evaluation of the characteristics of the organic thin film solar cell fabricated by poly[4,8-bis(2-ethylhexyloxy)-benzo[1,2-b:4,5-b']dithiophene-2,6-diyl-alt-(4-octanoyl-5-fluoro-thieno[3,4-b]thiophene-2-carboxylate)-2,6-diyl] (PBDTTT-CF)/ [6,6]-phenyl-C71-butyric acid methyl ester (PCBM)
Author(s): Tatsushi Komura; Kannappan Santhakumar; Palanisamy Kumar; Paik-Kyun Shin; Kenzo Kojima; Shizuyasu Ochiai
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GISAXS studies of initial growth mode and nanostructure of bulk heterojunction layers in planar type metal pthanlocyanine molecules
Author(s): Hyo Jung Kim; Ji Whan Kim; Hyun Hwi Lee; Byeondu Lee; Jang-Joo Kim
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PEDOT:PSS-free Au nanocluster treated graphene as transparent anode for organic solar cells
Author(s): Di Zhang; Wallace C. H. Choy; Hongwei Zhu
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Efficient planar-mixed heterojunction photovoltaic device based on subphthalocyanine:C70 structure
Author(s): Wei-Cheng Su; Shun-Wei Liu; Ching-Wen Cheng; Chia-Chang Chou; Jia-Cing Huang; Chih-Chien Lee
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Organic solvent wetting properties of UV and plasma treated ZnO nanorods: printed electronics approach
Author(s): Rafal Sliz; Yuji Suzuki; Arokia Nathan; Risto Myllyla; Ghassan Jabbour
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Synthesis and characterization of donor-acceptor copolymers carrying triphenylamine units for photovoltaic applications
Author(s): Katharina Neumann; Mukundan Thelakkat
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Correlating crystallinity and photophysics for donor polymers of interest for organic photovoltaic devices
Author(s): Ying W. Soon; Safa Shoaee; Iain McCulloch; James R. Durrant
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A simple and inexpensive encapsulation route for high-throughput characterization of organic photovoltaic devices
Author(s): Maxim P. Nikiforov; Seth B. Darling
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Intermediate layers for tandem structure of bulk heterojunction photovoltaic cells
Author(s): Akito Kawanami; Katsuhiko Fujita
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Enhanced sensitivity to near-infrared with high fill factor in small molecular organic solar cells
Author(s): Hyun-Sub Shim; Hyo Jung Kim; Ji Whan Kim; Sei-Yong Kim; Won-Ik Jeong; Tae-Min Kim; Jang-Joo Kim
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Thermal and substrate surface energy effects on nanostructure and surface morphology in the ultra-thin copper phthalocyanine film
Author(s): Hyun Hwi Lee; Hyo Jung Kim; Ji Whan Kim; Junhyuk Jang; Jang-Joo Kim
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Ultrafast multi-phasic electron injection in efficient non-aggregated hyperbranched zinc phthalocyanine sensitized solar cells
Author(s): Yong Li; Peifen Lu; Xingzhong Yan; Lu Jin; Zhonghua Peng
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