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Nanoengineering: Fabrication, Properties, Optics, and Devices IX
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Volume Number: 8463
Date Published: 15 October 2012
Softcover: 21 papers (194) pages
ISBN: 9780819491800

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 8463
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Plasmonic active spectral filter in VIS-NIR region using metal-insulator-metal (MIM) structure on glass plate
Author(s): Yasushi Oshikane; Kensuke Murai; Takaya Higashi; Fumihiko Yamamoto; Motohiro Nakano; Haruyuki Inoue
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Second harmonic generation from the top of an Au-coated tip via a tapered fiber coupled microsphere resonator
Author(s): Fang Ren; Kazutaka Kitajima; Hideaki Takashima; Hideki Fujiwara; Keiji Sasaki
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Pushing or pulling droplets on ZnO nanorods with an UV light
Author(s): Chien-Wei Liu; Chen-Pin Hsu; Jer-Liang Andrew Yeh; Yuh-Chang Sun; Yu-Fen Huang; Byung Hwan Chu; Fan Ren; Yu-Lin Wang
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Far-field detection and imaging of surface plasmon polaritons by engineering sub-wavelength slit structures
Author(s): Reyad Mehfuz; Kenneth J. Chau
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Optical fiber evanescent absorption sensors for high-temperature gas sensing in advanced coal-fired power plants
Author(s): Michael P. Buric; Paul R. Ohodnicky; Janice Duy
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Study of the effects of structural properties on the photoluminescence behavior of erbium thin films
Author(s): Himani S. Kamineni; Spyros Gallis; Mengbing Huang; Alain E. Kaloyeros
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Nanofabricated optical and detector elements for light-field camera sensors
Author(s): Vijay K. Narasimhan; Yi Cui
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Photochromic film texturing with speckle illumination: application to goods authentication
Author(s): Nicolas Crespo-Monteiro; Nathalie Destouches; Thierry Fournel
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Optical pumped stimulated emission in ZnO-based quantum wells grown by PLD
Author(s): A. A. Lotin; O. A. Novodvorsky; D. A. Zuev; L. S. Parshina; O. D. Khramova
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Influence of absorption spectrum width of nanorods on TPA of femtosecond laser pulse
Author(s): Vyacheslav A. Trofimov; Tatiana M. Lysak; Sheng Lan
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Temperature analysis and effects on SQW PbSe/PbSrSe energy levels, modal gain, and current density
Author(s): M. Khodr
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Scanning Raman spectroscopy of few- and single-layer MoS2 flakes
Author(s): G. Plechinger; S. Heydrich; M. Hirmer; F.-X. Schrettenbrunner; D. Weiss; J. Eroms; C. Schüller; T. Korn
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Dissolved oxygen sensing based on fluorescence quenching of ceria nanoparticles
Author(s): Nader Shehata; Kathleen Meehan; Donald Leber
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Femtosecond laser drilling of optical fibers for sensing in microfluidic applications
Author(s): Ricardas Buividas; Mindaugas Mikutis; Gediminas Gervinskas; Daniel Day; Gintas Slekys; Saulius Juodkazis
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Selectively patterned metal nanodots fabrication by combining block copolymer self-assembly and electron beam lithography
Author(s): Hiroyuki Suzuki; Reo Kometani; Sunao Ishihara; Shin'ichi Warisawa
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An analytical model for the opto-thermo-mechanical conversion mechanisms in a MOEMS-based energy harvester
Author(s): Jordi Agusti; Alexander Cuadrado; Juan Carlos Martínez-Anton; Javier Alda; Gabriel Abadal
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Design of nanophotonic elements with transformation optics
Author(s): Vincent Ginis; Philippe Tassin; Jan Danckaert; Costas M. Soukoulis; Irina Veretennicoff
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Cis-trans photoisomerization of azobenzene upon excitation to the S1 state: An ab initio molecular dynamics and QM/MM study
Author(s): Marek Pederzoli; Jiří Pittner; Mario Barbatti; Hans Lischka
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Low-index cladded wire grating as broadband polarizing beam splitter
Author(s): Jyh Rou Sze; An Chi Wei
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Study of stochastic resonance in a quantum dot network
Author(s): Hiroki Fujino; Takahide Oya
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Study of two-dimensional device-error-redundant single-electron oscillator system
Author(s): Yoshisato Murakami; Takahide Oya
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