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Spintronics V
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Volume Number: 8461
Date Published: 24 October 2012
Softcover: 33 papers (312) pages
ISBN: 9780819491787

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 8461
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Spin noise spectroscopy: hole spin dynamics in semiconductor quantum dots
Author(s): M. Oestreich; R. Dahbashi; F. Berski; J. Hübner
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Thickness dependence of spin pumping at YIG/Pt interface
Author(s): T. Tashiro; R. Takahashi; Y. Kajiwara; K. Ando; H. Nakayama; T. Yoshino; D. Kikuchi; E. Saitoh
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Experimental demonstration of a magnetic bipolar junction transistor
Author(s): E. Johnston-Halperin; M. E. Flatte; D. D. Awschalom
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Thermal spin-accumulation
Author(s): Jean-Eric Wegrowe; Henri-Jean Drouhin; Daniel Lacour
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First-principles calculations of transport and magnetic properties of rare-earth materials
Author(s): J. K. Glasbrenner; J. M. An; J. Kudrnovský; V. Drchal; S. Khmelevskyi; I. Turek; K. D. Belashchenko
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Barrier breakdown mechanisms in MgO-based magnetic tunnel junctions under pulsed conditions and correlation with low-frequency noise
Author(s): S. Amara-Dababi; H Bea; R. C. Sousa; C. Baraduc; K. MacKay; B. Dieny
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Spin filter superconducting tunnel junctions
Author(s): M. G. Blamire; A. Pal; Z. H. Barber; Kartik Senapati
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Electrical spin injection in p-type Si using Fe/MgO contacts
Author(s): A. Spiesser; S. Sharma; H. Saito; R. Jansen; S. Yuasa; K. Ando
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Spin-orbit coupling in graphene structures
Author(s): Denis Kochan; Martin Gmitra; Jaroslav Fabian
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Spin dynamics in two-dimensional electron and hole systems revealed by resonant spin amplification
Author(s): T. Korn; M. Griesbeck; M. Kugler; S. Furthmeier; C. Gradl; M. Hirmer; D. Schuh; W. Wegscheider; K. Korzekwa; P. Machnikowski; T. Kuhn; M. M. Glazov; E. Ya. Sherman; C. Schüller
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Optical spin injection and spin lifetime in Ge heterostructures
Author(s): Fabio Pezzoli; Federico Bottegoni; Dhara Trivedi; Franco Ciccacci; Anna Giorgioni; Pengki Li; Stefano Cecchi; Emanuele Grilli; Yang Song; Mario Guzzi; Hanan Dery; Giovanni Isella
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Manipulating the voltage dependence of tunneling spin torques
Author(s): A. Manchon
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STVOs in multilayered metallic NWs electrodeposited inside nanoporous alumina templates: experimental measurements and micromagnetic study
Author(s): Flavio Abreu Araujo; Vincent Cros; Konstantin A. Zvezdin; Luc Piraux
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Spin wave mediated magnetic vortex core reversal
Author(s): Hermann Stoll
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Signal propagation in dipole coupled nanomagnets for logic applications
Author(s): David Carlton; Brian Lambson; Zheng Gu; Scott Dhuey; Li Gao; Brian Hughes; Deirdre Olynick; Charles Rettner; Andreas Scholl; Brian Youngblood; Anthony Young; Ilya Krivorotov; Stuart Parkin; Jeffrey Bokor
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Voltage control of magnetism in ferromagnetic structures
Author(s): L. Herrera Diez; W. Lin; A. Bernand-Mantel; L. Ranno; D. Givord; L. Vila; P. Warin; A. Marty; N. Lei; T. Devolder; J. V. Kim; N. Vernier; P. Lecoeur; D. Ravelosona
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Switching spin and charge between edge states in topological insulator constrictions: a transer matrix approach
Author(s): Viktor Krueckl; Klaus Richter
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Negative capacitance in a ferroelectric-dielectric heterostructure for ultra low-power computing
Author(s): Sayeef Salahuddin
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Spinoptics in nanostructures
Author(s): Erez Hasman; Vladimir Kleiner
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Transverse voltage induced by circularly polarized obliquely incident light in plasmonic crystals
Author(s): T. Ishihara; T. Hatano; H. Kurosawa; Y. Kurami; N. Nishimura
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Spin and orbital angular momentum of light and particle beams and their inter-conversion
Author(s): Lorenzo Marrucci
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Magnon-drag thermopile
Author(s): Marius V. Costache; German Bridoux; Ingmar Neumann; Sergio O. Valenzuela
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Anatomy of phonon-induced spin relaxation processes in silicon
Author(s): Yang Song; Hanan Dery
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Plasmonic antennas as building blocks for spin optics and quantum optics applications
Author(s): Guanghao Rui; Weibin Chen; Don C. Abeysinghe; Christopher E. Tabor; Robert L. Nelson; Qiwen Zhan
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Spin hall effect of light in graphene
Author(s): Xinxing Zhou; Hailu Luo; Shuangchun Wen
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Spin-photodiodes for SiGe spin-optoelectronics
Author(s): Christian Rinaldi; Mohammad Espahbodi; Matteo Cantoni; Riccardo Bertacco
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Evidence for spin injection and transport in solution-processed TIPS-pentacene at room temperature
Author(s): S. Mooser; J. F. K. Cooper; K. K. Banger; J. Wunderlich; H. Sirringhaus
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Theory of organic magnetoresistance in disordered organic semiconductors
Author(s): Nicholas J. Harmon; Michael E. Flatté
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Time-resolved spectroscopy of MOVPE-grown III-Mn-V ferromagnetic semiconductors
Author(s): Giti A. Khodaparast; Mithun Bhowmick; Caitlin Feeser; Bruce W. Wessels; Dipta Saha; Gary D. Sanders; Christopher J. Stanton
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Optically detecting spin-split bands in semiconductors in magnetic fields
Author(s): X. Pan; Y. Sun; D. Saha; G. D. Sanders; M. B. Santos; R. E. Doezema; S. Hayes; G. Khodaparast; H. Munekata; Y. H. Matsuda; J. Kono; C. J. Stanton
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Room temperature ferromagnetism in swift heavy ion irradiated V doped ZnO thin films
Author(s): G. Jayalakshmi; K. Saravanan; T. Balasubramanian
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Surface functionalization of ZnO films by THIOL
Author(s): G. Jayalakshmi; K. Saravanan; T. Balasubramanian
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Strong correlation between induced ferromagnetism and oxygen deficiency in hydrothermally synthesized Cu-doped TiO2 nanorods
Author(s): Sandeep K. S. Patel; N. S. Gajbhiye
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