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Optics, Photonics, and Digital Technologies for Multimedia Applications II
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Volume Number: 8436
Date Published: 23 May 2012
Softcover: 50 papers (520) pages
ISBN: 9780819491282

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 8436
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
A split-sensor light field camera for extended depth of field and superresolution
Author(s): Paolo Favaro
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Evaluation of an extensive speckle measurement method
Author(s): Stijn Roelandt; Youri Meuret; Gordon Craggs; Guy Verschaffelt; Peter Janssens; Hugo Thienpont
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Comparison of the astronomical and multimedia image quality criteria
Author(s): Elena Anisimova; Petr Páta; Karel Fliegel; Miloš Klíma
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Measuring image quality in overlapping areas of panoramic composed images
Author(s): Carles Mitjà; Toni Bover; Jaume Escofet
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A survey on HDR visualization on mobile devices
Author(s): Luis Magalhaes; Maximino Bessa; Carlos Urbano; Miguel Melo; Emanuel Peres; Alan Chalmers
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Perceptual colour spaces for high dynamic range image compression
Author(s): Vladimir Dolzhenko; Vyacheslav Chesnokov; Eran A. Edirisinghe
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Full high-dynamic range images for dynamic scenes
Author(s): R. Ramirez Orozco; I. Martin; C. Loscos; P.-P. Vasquez
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High-dynamic range video acquisition with a multiview camera
Author(s): Jennifer Bonnard; Céline Loscos; Gilles Valette; Jean-Michel Nourrit; Laurent Lucas
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Speedup of optimization-based approach to local backlight dimming of HDR displays
Author(s): Nino Burini; Ehsan Nadernejad; Jari Korhonen; Soren Forchhammer; Xiaolin Wu
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Image analysis in modern ophthalmology: from acquisition to computer assisted diagnosis and telemedicine
Author(s): Andrés G. Marrugo; María S. Millán; Gabriel Cristóbal; Salvador Gabarda; Michal Sorel; Filip Sroubek
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Evaluating the effectiveness of treatment of corneal ulcers via computer-based automatic image analysis
Author(s): Nesreen A. Otoum; Eran A. Edirisinghe; Harminder Dua; Lana Faraj
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A comprehensive study of texture analysis based on local binary patterns
Author(s): Rodrigo Nava; Gabriel Cristóbal; Boris Escalante-Ramírez
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Fast texture evaluation of textiles using the GLBP technique in GPU architecture
Author(s): S. A. Orjuela-Vargas; J. Triana-Martinez; J. A. Fernandez Gallego; J. Alvarez; B. Ortiz-Jaramillo; W. Philips
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Precise and effective fixed-pattern correction for logarithmic high dynamic range CMOS image sensors achieving low noise equivalent contrast over illumination
Author(s): M. Strobel
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A new approach of smart vision sensors
Author(s): Julien Bezine; Mathieu Thevenin; Renaud Schmit; Marc Duranton; Michel Paindavoine
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Multiple-target tracking implementation in the ebCMOS camera system: the LUSIPHER prototype
Author(s): Quang Tuyen Doan; Remi Barbier; Agnes Dominjon; Thomas Cajgfinger; Cyrille Guerin
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Composed filter for attenuating bi-frequential noise on LCD-generated ronchigrams
Author(s): Miguel Mora-González; Roger Chiu-Zarate; Jesús Muñoz-Maciel; Julio C. Martinez-Romo; Javier Salinas-Luna; Juan Campos Colma; Francisco J. Luna-Rosas
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Visual attention: low-level and high-level viewpoints
Author(s): Fred W. M. Stentiford
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Motion statistics at the saccade landing point: attentional capture by spatiotemporal features in a gaze-contingent reference
Author(s): Anna Belardinelli; Andrea Carbone
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Data-driven approach to dynamic visual attention modelling
Author(s): Dubravko Culibrk; Srdjan Sladojevic; Nicolas Riche; Matei Mancas; Vladimir Crnojevic
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Real-time computational attention model for dynamic scenes analysis: from implementation to evaluation
Author(s): Vincent Courboulay; Matthieu Perreira Da Silva
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Use of subpixel techniques in pocket cameras to measure vibrations and displacements
Author(s): David Mas; Julián Espinosa; Ana B. Roig; Belén Ferrer; Jorge Pérez
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Subjectively optimised multi-exposure and multi-focus image fusion with compensation for camera shake
Author(s): A. Lluis-Gomez; S. Saravi; E. A. Edirisinghe
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Data driven identification and aberration correction for model-based sensorless adaptive optics
Author(s): J. Antonello; R. Fraanje; H. Song; M. Verhaegen; H. Gerritsen; C. U. Keller; T. van Werkhoven
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Video surveillance for monitoring driver's fatigue and distraction
Author(s): R. Jiménez-Moreno; S. A. Orjuela; P. Van Hese; F. A. Prieto; V. H. Grisales; W. Philips
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A first proposal for a general description model of forensic traces
Author(s): Ina Lindauer; Martin Schäler; Claus Vielhauer; Gunter Saake; Mario Hildebrandt
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Advanced techniques for latent fingerprint detection and validation using a CWL device
Author(s): Andrey Makrushin; Mario Hildebrandt; Robert Fischer; Tobias Kiertscher; Jana Dittmann; Claus Vielhauer
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Gait recognition under carrying condition: a static dynamic fusion method
Author(s): Guan Yu; Chang-Tsun Li; Yongjian Hu
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Performance analysis of digital cameras versus chromatic white light (CWL) sensors for the localization of latent fingerprints in crime scenes
Author(s): Mathias Jankow; Mario Hildebrandt; Jennifer Sturm; Stefan Kiltz; Claus Vielhauer
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Environmental impact to multimedia systems on the example of fingerprint aging behavior at crime scenes
Author(s): Ronny Merkel; Andy Breuhan; Mario Hildebrandt; Claus Vielhauer; Anja Bräutigam
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Legally compatible design of digital dactyloscopy in future surveillance scenarios
Author(s): Matthias Pocs; Maik Schott; Mario Hildebrandt
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The design of equipment for optical power measurement in FSO link beam cross-section
Author(s): Jan Latal; Tomas David; Otakar Wilfert; Zdenek Kolka; Petr Koudelka; Frantisek Hanacek; Jan Vitasek; Petr Siska; Jan Skapa; Vladimir Vasinek
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Improvement method of the optical MTF by using Bayes' theorem and application results to a rod lens optical system
Author(s): Kotaro Okada; Shuma Horiuchi; Shuhei Yoshida; Zenta Ushiyama; Manabu Yamamoto
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Development of large capacity holographic memory using blue laser
Author(s): Kaito Okubo; Yuta Nagao; Akihito Nakajima; Shouhei Ozawa; Manabu Yamamoto
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Optical correlator optimized for medical applications
Author(s): K. Moriyama; H. Kuboyama; S. Arai; M. Fukuda; M. Kato; T. Kawaguchi; S. Yamamoto; M. Inoue
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Spectral characteristics of fiber couplers for FTTx networks
Author(s): Jan Vitasek; Jan Latal; Petr Koudelka; Vladimir Vasinek; Jiri Bocheza; Stanislav Hejduk
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Change image detection under unknown affine transformations of intensity
Author(s): Pascuala García-Martínez; Henri H. Arsenault
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View-through characterization of translucent fabrics based on opto-digital image analysis
Author(s): Jaume Escofet; Carles Mitjà; Miquel Ralló; Maria S. Millán
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Measuring image quality performance on image versions saved with different file format and compression ratio
Author(s): Carles Mitjà; Jaume Escofet; Toni Bover
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Process simulation in digital camera system
Author(s): Florin Toadere
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Texture analysis based on the Hermite transform for image classification and segmentation
Author(s): Alfonso Estudillo-Romero; Boris Escalante-Ramirez; Jesus Savage-Carmona
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Separation of high-resolution samples of overlapping latent fingerprints using relaxation labeling
Author(s): Kun Qian; Maik Schott; Werner Schöne; Mario Hildebrandt
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High speed image techniques for construction safety net monitoring in outdoor conditions
Author(s): Belen Ferrer; Juan C. Pomares; Ramón Irles; Julian Espinosa; David Mas
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Surface classification and detection of latent fingerprints based on 3D surface texture parameters
Author(s): Stefan Gruhn; Robert Fischer; Claus Vielhauer
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High dynamic range video transmission and display using standard dynamic range technologies
Author(s): A. Léonce; Tao-i Hsu; D. S. Wickramanayake; E. A. Edirisinghe
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Segmentation of 4D cardiac computer tomography images using active shape models
Author(s): Barba-J. Leiner; Jimena Olveres; Boris Escalante-Ramírez; Fernando Arámbula; Enrique Vallejo
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Filtering and detection of low contrast structures on ultrasound images
Author(s): Lorena Vargas-Quintero; Boris Escalante-Ramírez; Fernando Arámbula
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Arbitrary micro phase-step digital holographic microscopy
Author(s): Chi-Ching Chang; Min-Tzung Shiu
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Real-time portable system for fabric defect detection using an ARM processor
Author(s): J. A. Fernandez-Gallego; J. P. Yañez-Puentes; B. Ortiz-Jaramillo; J. Alvarez; S. A. Orjuela-Vargas; W. Philips
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Can state-of-the-art HVS-based objective image quality criteria be used for image reconstruction techniques based on ROI analysis?
Author(s): P. Dostal; L. Krasula; M. Klima
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