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Proceedings of SPIE Volume 8431

Silicon Photonics and Photonic Integrated Circuits III
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Volume Number: 8431
Date Published: 24 May 2012
Softcover: 54 papers (424) pages
ISBN: 9780819491237

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 8431
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Silicon on sapphire and SOI photonic devices for mid-infrared and near-IR wavelengths
Author(s): Ozdal Boyraz; Yuewang Huang; Xinzhu Sang
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Efficient four-wave-mixing-based wavelength conversion in silicon nanowire rings without dispersion engineering
Author(s): N. Vermeulen; J. E. Sipe; Y. Lefevre; C. Debaes; H. Thienpont
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Energy efficient all-optical signal processing in SOI: nanowires or slow-light structures?
Author(s): Chad Husko; Benjamin J. Eggleton
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40Gbit/s germanium waveguide photodetector on silicon
Author(s): Léopold Virot; Laurent Vivien; Andreas Polzer; Delphine Marris-Morini; Johann Osmond; Jean Michel Hartmann; Paul Crozat; Eric Cassan; Charles Baudot; Christophe Kopp; Frédéric Boeuf; Horst Zimmermann; Jean Marc Fédéli
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Group IV photonic devices for the mid-infrared
Author(s): G. Z. Mashanovich; M. Nedeljkovic; M. M. Milosevic; Y. Hu; F. Y. Gardes; D. J. Thomson; T.-B. Masaud; E. Jaberansary; H. M. H. Chong; R. Soref; G. T. Reed
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Grating couplers in thick rib SOI waveguides for TE and TM polarizations
Author(s): C. Alonso-Ramos; A. Ortega-Moñux; R. Halir; L. Zavargo-Peche; I. Molina-Fernández; P. Cheben; D.-X. Xu; S. Janz
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A single-lithography SOI rib waveguide sensing circuit with apodized low back-reflection surface grating fiber coupling
Author(s): Valentin J. Dubois; Mikael Antelius; Hans Sohlström; Kristinn B. Gylfason
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Design, fabrication, and characterisation of fully etched TM grating coupler for photonic integrated system-in-package
Author(s): Oriol Gili-de-Villasante; Paul Tcheg; Bei Wang; Alpaslan Suna; Giannis Giannoulis; Ioannis Lazarou; Dimitrios Apostolopoulos; Hercules Avramopoulos; Nikos Pleros; Matthias Baus; Matthias Karl; Tolga Tekin
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Fine tunable multi-cavity Si photonic crystal filters
Author(s): Anna Baldycheva; Vladimir A. Tolmachev; Tatiana S. Perova
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Narrow band forward coupling using Bragg reflectors
Author(s): A. Lupu; K. Muhieddine; E. Cassan; J.-M. Lourtioz
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Ring resonator silicon optical modulator based on interleaved PN junctions
Author(s): Melissa Ziebell; Delphine Marris-Morini; Gilles Rasigade; Jean-Marc Fédéli; Eric Cassan; Laurent Vivien
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Slow light enhanced carrier depletion modulators with 1V drive voltage
Author(s): A. Brimont; D. J. Thomson; J. Herrera; F. Y. Gardes; J. M. Fedeli; G. T. Reed; J. Martí; P. Sanchis
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The effects of strain on indirect absorption in Ge/SiGe quantum wells
Author(s): L. Lever; Z. Ikonić; R. W. Kelsall
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Electroabsorption based on quantum-confined Stark effect from Ge/SiGe multiple quantum wells
Author(s): Papichaya Chaisakul; Delphine Marris-Morini; Giovanni Isella; Daniel Chrastina; Mohamed-Saïd Rouifed; Jacopo Frigerio; Eleonora Gatti; Xavier Le Roux; Samson Edmond; Eric Cassan; Jean-René Coudevylle; Laurent Vivien
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Real-time and low-cost biosensors based on photonic bandgap structures
Author(s): J. García-Rupérez; J. G. Castelló; V. Toccafondo; P. Pérez-Millán
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Interferometric waveguide biosensors based on Si-technology for point-of-care diagnostic
Author(s): D. Duval; A. B. González-Guerrero; S. Dante; C. Domínguez; L. M. Lechuga
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CMOS photonics for optical manipulation of particles and biosensing
Author(s): Andrew W. Poon; Hong Cai
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On-chip multiplexing concept for silicon photonic MZI biosensor array
Author(s): P. Muellner; R. Bruck; M. Baus; M. Karl; T. Wahlbrink; R. Hainberger
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CMOS-compatible electro-optical Mach-Zehnder modulator based on the amorphous silicon technology
Author(s): Sandro Rao; Giuseppe Coppola; Mariano A. Gioffrè; Francesco G. Della Corte
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High-speed silicon optical modulator based on a PIPIN diode
Author(s): Melissa Ziebell; Delphine Marris-Morini; Gilles Rasigade; Jean-Marc Fédéli; Eric Cassan; Guang-Hua Duan; Laurent Vivien
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Low-voltage high-speed Si Mach-Zehnder optical modulator with multi-cascade p/n junctions along waveguides
Author(s): Ryuichi Furutani; Yoshiteru Amemiya; Masataka Fukuyama; Shin Yokoyama
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Co-integration of Ge detectors and Si modulators in an advanced Si photonics platform
Author(s): Peter Verheyen; Guy Lepage; Joris Van Campenhout; Marianna Pantouvaki; Philippe Absil; Peter De Heyn; Wim Bogaerts; Pieter Dumon; Shankar Selvaraja
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New integration concept of PIN photodiodes in 0.35um CMOS technologies
Author(s): I. Jonak-Auer; J. Teva; J. M. Park; S. Jessenig; M. Rohrbacher; E. Wachmann
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Er- and Nd-implanted MOS light emitting devices and their use for integrated photonic applications
Author(s): L. Rebohle; R. Wutzler; S. Germer; J. Lehmann; M. Helm; W. Skorupa
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Carbon nanotube for photonics: light emission in silicon and optical gain
Author(s): Nicolas Izard; Etienne Gaufrès; Alexandre Beck; Adrien Noury; Xavier Le Roux; Laurent Vivien
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Opto-electrical characterization of erbium-doped slot waveguides
Author(s): Andrea Tengattini; Davide Gandolfi; Alessandro Marconi; Oleksiy Anopchenko; Nikola Prtljaga; Joan Manel Ramirez; Federico Ferrarese Lupi; Yonder Berencen; Daniel Navarro Urrios; Blas Garrido; Jean-Marc Fedeli; Pierrette Rivallin; Kavita Surana; Lorenzo Pavesi
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Room temperature direct-gap electroluminescence in Ge/SiGe quantum well waveguides
Author(s): Papichaya Chaisakul; Delphine Marris-Morini; Giovanni Isella; Daniel Chrastina; Jacopo Frigerio; Mohamed-Saïd Rouifed; Nicolas Izard; Xavier Le Roux; Samson Edmond; Jean-René Coudevylle; Laurent Vivien
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Optically active micro-disks resonators-based sensor for refractive index variation detection
Author(s): F. Ferrarese Lupi; D. Navarro-Urrios; J. Rubio-Garcia; J. Monserrat; C. Domínguez; B. Garrido
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Sol-gel thin films for photonic application
Author(s): Jacek J. Jasieniak; Alessandro Martucci
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Lithium niobate-on-insulator (LNOI): status and perspectives
Author(s): Hui Hu; Jin Yang; Li Gui; Wolfgang Sohler
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Erbium-activated silica-tin oxide glass ceramics for photonic integrated circuits: fabrication, characterisation, and assessment
Author(s): T. T. Van Tran; Christophe Kinowski; Odile Cristini; Bruno Capoen; Alessandro Chiasera; Davor Ristic; Maurizio Ferrari; Sylvia Turrell
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Tuning the emission wavelength of semiconductor ring lasers with on-chip filtered optical feedback
Author(s): Guy Verschaffelt; Ilya V. Ermakov; Stefano Beri; Mohamed Ashour; Jan Danckaert; Boudewijn Docter; Jeroen Bolk; Xaveer Leijtens
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High index contrast optical platform using gallium phosphide on sapphire: an alternative to SOI?
Author(s): Donagh O'Mahony; Md. Nazmul Hossain; John Justice; Emanuele Pelucchi; Alan O'Riordan; Brendan Roycroft; Brian Corbett
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Light propagation in metallic nanoparticle chains on SOI waveguide
Author(s): Mickaël Février; Philippe Gogol; Abdelhanin Aassime; Robert Megy; Alexandre Bondi; Alexei Chelnokov; Aniello Apuzzo; Sylvain Blaize; Gilles Lerondel; Jean-Michel Lourtioz; Béatrice Dagens
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Proposal of a silicon optical modulator based on surface plasmon resonance
Author(s): T. Tabei; S. Yokoyama
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Low-nonlinearity and low-loss silicon slot waveguides with ALD-grown thin films
Author(s): L. Karvonen; A. Säynätjoki; X. Tu; T. Y. Liow; M. Hiltunen; J. Hiltunen; A. Tervonen; G. Q. Lo; S. Honkanen
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Silicon-based monolithically integrated whispering-gallery mode resonators with buried waveguides
Author(s): M. Ghulinyan; F. Ramiro Manzano; R. Guider; N. Prtljaga; G. Pucker; L. Pavesi
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Whispering gallery modes in coated silica microspheres
Author(s): Davor Ristic; Alessandro Chiasera; Enrico Moser; Patrice Feron; Gilles Cibiel; Mile Ivanda; Giancarlo C. Righini; Maurizio Ferrari
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Reducing the temperature sensitivity of SOI waveguide-based biosensors
Author(s): Kristinn B. Gylfason; Albert Mola Romero; Hans Sohlström
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Low-loss single mode light waveguides in polymer
Author(s): Heinrich Sieber; Hans-Jürgen Boehm; Uwe Hollenbach; Jürgen Mohr; Ute Ostrzinski; Karl Pfeiffer; Marcin Szczurowski; Waclaw Urbanczyk
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Slot ring biosensors using silicon nitride waveguides with small temperature coefficient
Author(s): Anna Hirowatari; Tomoya Taniguchi; Takeshi Ikeda; Masataka Fukuyama; Yoshiteru Amemiya; Akio Kuroda; Shin Yokoyama
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A diode-based bolometer implemented on micromachined CMOS technology for terahertz radiation detection
Author(s): Matteo Perenzoni; Suzana Domingues
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Arrayed waveguide gratings beyond communication: utilization of entire image-plane of output star-coupler for spectroscopy and sensing
Author(s): Harendra N. J. Fernando; Andreas Stoll; Jose C. Boggio; Roger Haynes; Martin M. Roth
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Simulation of polymeric integrated Young interferometer sensor
Author(s): Mihai Kusko
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Approximate model of a DBR/F-P laser based on Raman effect in a silicon-on-insulator rib waveguide
Author(s): Anna Tyszka-Zawadzka; Pawel Szczepanski; Miroslaw Karpierz; Agnieszka Mossakowska-Wyszynska; Mateusz Bugaj
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Effect of rapid thermal annealing on Nd-SiOx thin film properties
Author(s): C.-H. Liang; J. Cardin; L. Khomenkova; F. Gourbilleau
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Quantum well intermixing in AlInGaAs QW structures through the interdiffusion of group III atoms
Author(s): Ko-Hsin Lee; Kevin Thomas; Agnieszka Gocalinska; Marina Manganaro; Hua Yang; Emanuele Pelucchi; Frank H. Peters; Brian Corbett
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A photo-sensor on thin polysilicon membrane embedded in wafer level package LED
Author(s): Jin Kwan Kim; Hee Chul Lee
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Design of rare-earth doped chalcogenide microspheres for mid-IR optical amplification
Author(s): Francesco Prudenzano; Luciano Mescia; Pietro Bia; Annalisa Di Tommaso; Marco De Sario; Maurizio Ferrari; Giancarlo C. Righini
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Direct laser writing of 3D micro/nanostructures on opaque surfaces
Author(s): Sima Rekštytė; Albertas Žukauskas; Vytautas Purlys; Yuri Gordienko; Mangirdas Malinauskas
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Improved integrated resonators in polymer technology for tunable filter
Author(s): A. Maalouf; C. Bastianelli; F. Mahé; A. Belmiloudi; M. Gadonna; D. Bosc
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A new type of sensitive semiconductor detectors of terahertz radiation
Author(s): D. E. Dolzhenko; A. V. Nicorici; L. I. Ryabova; D. R. Khokhlov
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High quality factor dielectric multilayer structures fabricated by rf-sputtering
Author(s): Alessandro Chiasera; Sreeramulu Valligatla; Stefano Varas; Nicola Bazzanella; D. Narayana Rao; Giancarlo C. Righini; Maurizio Ferrari
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Low-frequency noise and microplasma measurements as a faster tool to investigate the quality of monocrystalline-silicon solar cells
Author(s): Z. Chobola; M. Lunák; V. Juranková; J. Vanek; R. Barinka
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