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Optical Micro- and Nanometrology IV
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Volume Number: 8430
Date Published: 22 May 2012
Softcover: 47 papers (432) pages
ISBN: 9780819491220

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 8430
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Novel interferometric technique for the measurement of vibration and displacement of rotating components
Author(s): J. Czarske; P. Günther
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Influence of Fresnel diffraction on numerical propagation and correction of tilted image planes in digital holographic microscopy
Author(s): Frank Schlichthaber; Gert von Bally; Björn Kemper
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Multilevel optical sectioning based on digital holography with a femtosecond frequency comb laser
Author(s): Klaus Körner; Giancarlo Pedrini; Igor Alexeenko; Wolfram Lyda; Tilo Steinmetz; Ronald Holzwarth; Wolfgang Osten
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An alternative reconstructing method in color holography based on digital holograms stretching
Author(s): P. Memmolo; A. Finizio; M. Paturzo; P. Ferraro
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Computer-generated hologram tailored for dielectrophoretic PDMS patterning
Author(s): L. Miccio; S. Grilli; P. Memmolo; A. Finizio; P. Ferraro
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Optical measurement of the layer thickness of transparent materials
Author(s): H. Dierke; R. Tutsch
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Full wafer metrology for chemically graded thin films
Author(s): Marc Jobin; Stéphane Jotterand; Cédric Pellodi; Sergio dos Santos; Cosmin Silviu Sandu; Estelle Wagner; Giacomo Benvenuti
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Electron spin resonance characterization of defects in sensor materials based on nanocrystalline tin dioxide
Author(s): D. A. Grishina; A. A. Mironov; I. S. Pentegov; A. V. Marikutsa; E. A. Konstantinova
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Failure of thin organic films by a combination of shearography and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy: the new concept of resistivity
Author(s): Khaled Habib
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Real-time 3D vibration measurements in microstructures
Author(s): Robert Kowarsch; Wanja Ochs; Moritz Giesen; Alexander Dräbenstedt; Marcus Winter; Christian Rembe
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Interferometry of AlN-based microcantilevers to determine the material properties and failure mechanisms
Author(s): Christophe Gorecki; Katarzyna Krupa; Michał Józwik
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Advanced optical characterization of micro solid immersion lens
Author(s): Myun-Sik Kim; Toralf Scharf; Mickael Brun; Segolene Olivier; Sergio Nicoletti; Hans Peter Herzig
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Wafer-scale nondestructive metrology on subwavelength diffraction gratings by means of Wood's anomaly
Author(s): W. Vandermeiren; J. Stiens; C. De Tandt; W. Ranson; G. Shkerdin; R. Vounckx
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On topography characterization of micro-optical elements with large numerical aperture using digital holographic microscopy
Author(s): K. Liżewski; T. Kozacki; M. Józwik; J. Kostencka
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Advances in calibration methods for micro- and nanoscale surfaces
Author(s): R. K. Leach; C. L. Giusca; J. M. Coupland
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Quality assessment of aerospace materials with optical coherence tomography
Author(s): Ping Liu; Roger M. Groves; Rinze Benedictus
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Extrinsic calibration of a fringe projection sensor based on a zoom stereo microscope in an automatic multiscale measurement system
Author(s): Marc Gronle; Wolfram Lyda; Avinash Burla; Wolfgang Osten
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Sub-micron resolution high-speed spectral domain optical coherence tomography in quality inspection for printed electronics
Author(s): J. Czajkowski; J. Lauri; R. Sliz; P. Fält; T. Fabritius; R. Myllylä; B. Cense
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Spectroscopic identification of materials with calibrated full-field optical coherence tomography in the visible range
Author(s): Antoine Morin; Jean-Marc Frigerio
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Evaluation of nano-level 3D shape extraction system using RGB color interference fringes
Author(s): S. Hata; S. Morimoto; H. Kobayashi
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The elimination of the errors in the calibration image of 3D measurement with structured light
Author(s): Qi Xue; Zhao Wang; Junhui Huang; Jianmin Gao
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Carrier and aberrations removal in interferometric fringe projection profilometry
Author(s): P. Blain; F. Michel; Y. Renotte; S. Habraken
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Optical analysis of orange peel on metallic surfaces
Author(s): M. L. Miranda-Medina; T. Wagner; J. A. Böhm; A. Vernes; K. Hingerl
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Determination of the metrological characteristics of optical surface topography measuring instruments
Author(s): R. K. Leach; C. L. Giusca
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Improvement of least squares integration method with iterative compensation for shape reconstruction from gradient
Author(s): Lei Huang; Anand Asundi
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Application of linear systems theory to characterize coherence scanning interferometry
Author(s): Rahul Mandal; Kanik Palodhi; Jeremy Coupland; Richard Leach; Daniel Mansfield
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Measurement of rectangular edge and grating structures using extended low-coherence interferometry
Author(s): Peter Lehmann; Jan Niehues; Weichang Xie; Jörg Riebeling
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SLM-based microscopy
Author(s): Malte Hasler; Tobias Haist; Wolfgang Osten
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Combining digital holographic microscopy and optical tweezers: a new route in microfluidic
Author(s): L. Miccio; P. Memmolo; F. Merola; M. Paturzo; A. Finizio; S. Grilli; P. Ferraro
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Ellipsometrical detection of optical trapped nanoparticles by periodically localized light
Author(s): Naoya Taki; Yasuhiro Mizutani; Tetsuo Iwata; Takao Kojima; Hiroki Yamamoto; Takahiro Kozawa
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Fiber-top and ferrule-top cantilevers for atomic force microscopy and scanning near field optical microscopy
Author(s): Dhwajal Chavan; Grzegorz Gruca; Tomek van de Watering; Kier Heeck; Jan Rector; Martin Slaman; Dieter Andres; Bruno Tiribilli; Giancarlo Margheri; Davide Iannuzzi
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Real-time characterization of non-metallic inclusions by optical scanning and milling of steel samples
Author(s): Johannes Herwig; Christoph Buck; Matthias Thurau; Josef Pauli; Wolfram Luther
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Plasma surface figuring of large optical components
Author(s): R. Jourdain; M. Castelli; P. Morantz; P. Shore
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Nanoscale patterns made by using a 13.5-nm Schwarzschild objective and a laser produced plasma source
Author(s): Zhanshan Wang; Xin Wang; Baozhong Mu; Yuhong Bai
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Tomographic analysis of medium thickness transparent layers using white light scanning interferometry and XZ fringe image processing
Author(s): P. C. Montgomery; D. Montaner; F. Salzenstein
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Scatter method for measuring roughness of very smooth surfaces: an analysis and preliminary results
Author(s): Romuald Synak
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Optical characterization of a glass fibre with the use of low-coherent light (LED)
Author(s): Grzegorz Świrniak; Grzegorz Głomb
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IR-SWLI for subsurface imaging of large MEMS structures
Author(s): A. Nolvi; V. Heikkinen; I. Kassamakov; J. Aaltonen; T. Ylitalo; O. Saresoja; M. Berdova; S. Franssila; E. Hæggström
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Broadband phosphor conversion LED source for stroboscopic white light interferometry
Author(s): B. Wälchli; V. Heikkinen; T. Paulin; I. Kassamakov; E. Hæggström
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LED driver for stroboscopic interferometry
Author(s): T. Paulin; V. Heikkinen; I. Kassamakov; E. Hæggström
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Theoretical model of volumetric objects imaging in a microscope
Author(s): Anton A. Grebenyuk; Vladimir P. Ryabukho
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Simple method for measuring bilayer system optical parameters
Author(s): E. Nitiss; R. Usans; M. Rutkis
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Uncertainties of displacement measurement of nanometrology coordinate measurement machines caused by laser source fluctuations
Author(s): Jan Hrabina; Josef Lazar; Ondrej Cip
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A micro-SPM head array with exchangeable cantilevers
Author(s): S. Gao; H. Wolff; K. Herrmann; U. Brand; K. Hiller; S. Hahn; A. Sorger; J. Mehner
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High-speed phenomena visualization using digital holographic microscopy
Author(s): Mona Mihailescu; Alina Georgiana Ilie; Julia Costescu; Oana Tatiana Nedelcu
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Low-cost pulsed solid state illumination for microPIV measurements
Author(s): Ertan Balaban; Adalat Nasibov; Alisher Kholmatov; Humbat Nasibov; Fikret Hacizade
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Interferometric-displacement readout of cantilever sensors
Author(s): M. Ghaderi; I. Sabri; M. Taghavi; F. Beygi Azar Aghbolagh; H. Latifi
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