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Proceedings of SPIE Volume 8418

6th International Symposium on Advanced Optical Manufacturing and Testing Technologies: Design, Manufacturing, and Testing of Smart Structures, Micro- and Nano-Optical Devices, and Systems
Editor(s): Tianchun Ye; Song Hu; Yanqiu Li; Xiangang Luo; Xiaoyi Bao
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Volume Number: 8418
Date Published: 1 October 2012
Softcover: 65 papers (452) pages
ISBN: 9780819491008

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 8418
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Large aperture ratio machining of the Z-cut quartz base on MEMS technology
Author(s): Haihe Xie; Xiaogfeng Jiang; Chun Lin; Xizhao Lu; Yuanqing Huang
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A field lens design of illumination and projection optics for dynamic infrared scene generator based on DMD
Author(s): Yi Jian; Zhaoxin Pan
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Research on radii of curvature measurement for micro-accessory in precision and ultra-precision machining
Author(s): Xinli Tian; Jianquan Wang; Baoguo Zhang; Xiujian Tang; Fuqiang Li
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Laser Diode Array Beam Shaping System Based on Fly's Eye Lens
Author(s): Feng Huang; Ming Lei; Wenwu Jia; Zhiyong Yin; Bin Zhou; Yuefeng Wang
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Depth-segmented partial-wave microscopic spectroscopy for subsurface defects' micro-nano structure detection and characterization
Author(s): Qianqian Wang; Zhihua Ding
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Focal length and focal depth of metallic superlens
Author(s): Pengfei Cao; Lin Cheng; Ying Li; Xiaoping Zhang; Weijie Kong; Li Gong; Xining Zhao
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Research of image denoising based on high precision of star sensors
Author(s): Zhen-zhen Li; Rui-xian Li; Hong-gang Wei
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Real time processor based on FPGA and DSP for atmospheric parameters evaluation from closed-loop data of adaptive optical system
Author(s): Jie Mu; Wenjia Zheng; Mei Li; Changhui Rao
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Effect of chain length on nanoscratching of polystyrene: a molecular dynamics study
Author(s): Junjie Zhang; Kai Du; Fangda Xu; Tao Sun; Yongjian Tang
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Fabrication of a new type of transmission grating with holography interferometry and wet anisotropic etching
Author(s): Yong Chen; Keqiang Qiu; Xiangdong Xu; Yilin Hong; Zhenkun Liu; Ying Liu; Shaojun Fu
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Technology of focus detection for 193nm projection lithographic tool
Author(s): Chengliang Di; Wei Yan; Song Hu; Feng Xu; Jinglong Li
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Maskless lithography alignment method based on phase-shifting Moiré fringes technique
Author(s): Jiangping Zhu; Song Hu; Jungshen Yu; Yan Tang
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Properties of Photon Sieve Diffraction Based on FDTD Method
Author(s): Yu He; Lixin Zhao; Song Hu; Mingyong Chen; Yan Tang
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Study on Control Strategy for Coarse/Fine Dual-stage of Step and Scan Lithography
Author(s): Qi Liu; Ping Ma; Song Hu; Lanlan Li; Jiangping Zhu; Zhuang Sheng
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Synchronous control strategy of wafer and reticle stage of step and scan lithography
Author(s): Lanlan Li; Song Hu; Lixin Zhao; Ping Ma
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Research on Micro-Displacement Driving Technology Based on Piezoelectric Ceramic
Author(s): Bo Hu; Xiaoping Tang; Song Hu; Wei Yan; Zhicheng Hu
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Research of communication mechanism based USB in wafer stage of lithography
Author(s): Zhuang Sheng; Xiaoping Tang; Jinglong Li
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Design of Nanosecond Pulse Laser Micromachining System Based On PMAC
Author(s): Mingyan Liu; Xing Fu; Linyan Xu; Qian Lin; Shuang Gu
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Design of aspheric surfaces testing system based on computer-generated holograms
Author(s): Jie Feng; Chao Deng; Ting-wen Xing
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Analysis of pinhole vector diffraction in visible-light
Author(s): Li Wang; ChangHui Rao; XueJun Rao; JinSheng Yang
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Fast-steering Mirror with Self-aligning ball bearing Supporting Structure
Author(s): Xinhang Xu; Bing Wang; Xudong Han
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Diffractive devices fabricated on azobenezene polymer by polarization laser direct-writing
Author(s): Peng Hao; Shiyuan Duan; Zhaolou Cao; Shuo Wu; Keyi Wang; Peizheng Yan
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Effects of environment factors on imaging performance of long focal length space camera
Author(s): Quanfeng Guo; Guang Jin; Jihong Dong; Wei Li; Yanchun Li; Haiping Wang; Kejun Wang; Weiguo Zhao
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Design and analysis of diffractive optical elements for flattening of single modal Gaussian beams
Author(s): Kewei Yin; Zhiqiang Huang; Wumei Lin; Tingwen Xing
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Research on method of measuring pattern distortion of circularly symmetrical phase etched CGHs and eliminating the effect of pattern distortion
Author(s): Chao Deng; Jie Feng; Tingwen Xing
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Subwavelength patterning based on a surface plasmon resonant cavity
Author(s): Genhua Chen; Chinhua Wang; Wei Xiao; Fuyang Xu; Yiming Lou; Bing Cao; Guiju Zhang
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Verification of the numerical aperture of laser scanning confocal microscope objective
Author(s): Yushu Shi; Richard K. Leach; Claudiu L. Giusca; Sitian Gao
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Optical components damage parameters database system
Author(s): Yizheng Tao; Xinglan Li; Yuquan Jin; Dongmei Xie; Dingyong Tang
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Characteristics of the annular beam using a single axicon and a pair of lens
Author(s): Ke Ji; Ming Lei; Baoli Yao; Shaohui Yan; Yanlong Yang; Ze Li; Dan Dan; Neimule Menke
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Effect of the edge roughness of the pinhole in point diffraction interferometer on light diffraction
Author(s): Zengxiong Lu; Chunshui Jin; Dongmei Ma; Haitao Zhang
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A framework of an ultra-precision roller machining equipment for the fabrication of patterned microstructured optics
Author(s): LingBao Kong; ChiFai Cheung; WingBun Lee; Suet To; XinDu Chen
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Amplitude-modulation mechanism for designing long-focal-depth cylindrical microlenses with a uniform axial intensity profile
Author(s): Jia-Sheng Ye; Guo-Ai Mei; Yan Zhang
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Nanostructure photolithography based on surface plasmonic interference
Author(s): Wei Xiao; Chinhua Wang; Genhua Chen; Fuyang Xu; Yimin Lou; Bing Cao; Guiju Zhang
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Free-form polymeric micro lens array molded by electrostatic force deformed template
Author(s): Zhao Wu; Hongda Sun; Shusen Jiang; Miao Lu
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Precision robotic system for Hohlraum assembly of the fusion ignition targets
Author(s): Dahai Yu; Wenrong Wu; Xiaoming Lu; Lizhen Huang; Min Luo; Honglian Wang
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Finite-difference time domain method for light scattering by nano coil structure in three-dimensional space
Author(s): Hong Li; Shi Pan; Yi Zhang
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Fabrication of the microtoroidal and the biconical fiber taper
Author(s): Changlei Guo; Yantang Huang
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Constant exposure control algorithm for laser direct writing of mesh pattern in a deep concave spherical substrate
Author(s): Fengchao Liang; Jinsong Gao
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Simulation of Sub-wavelength 3D Photomask Induced Polarization Effect by RCWA
Author(s): Liang Yang; Yanqiu Li; Lihui Liu; Jianfeng Wang
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Impact of MSD and mask manufacture errors on 45nm-node lithography
Author(s): Chunying Han; Yanqiu Li; Lihui Liu; Xuejia Guo; Xuxia Wang; Jianhong Yang
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The Cross Talk of Multi-errors Impact on Lithography Performance and the Method of Its Control
Author(s): Yanqiu Li; Chunying Han; Xuejia Guo; Lihui Liu; Xuxia Wang; Jianhong Yang
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Influence of flare and NA error on lithography
Author(s): Xuxia Wang; Lihui Liu; Yanqiu Li; Xuejia Guo; Chunying Han; Jianhong Yang
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Microchannel Detection of Microfluidic Chips with Digital Holography Imaging System
Author(s): Yunxin Wang; Dayong Wang; Dengcai Yang; Liting Ouyang; Jie Zhao; Panezai Spozmai
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Manufacture of optic micro-lens generated on needing positions and its applications on biochips
Author(s): Jian Wu; Kuanxin Yu; Tao Chen; Yinghui Li; Chunyan Wang
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Curved compound eye imaging system with a large field of view based on a plano-concave substrate
Author(s): Hongxia Zhang; Chenggang Zou; Le Song; Xiaodong Zhang; Fengzhou Fang; Dagong Jia; Yimo Zhang
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Thick metal coating long- period fiber grating
Author(s): Chunfang Rao; Hua Zhang; Yan Feng; Lili Xiao; Zhiqing Ye
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Tracking control strategy for the optoelectronic system on the flexible suspended platform based on backstepping method
Author(s): Wei Yu; Jiaguang Ma; Jing Xiao
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Effect of Er doping on the electronic structure and optical properties of ZnO
Author(s): Qian Xiang; Zhihua Xiong; Lanli Chen; Ying Jiang
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Applying infrared thermal wave technology to study the bonding structure defects of steel shell/insulation
Author(s): Wei Zhang; Wenyuan Luo; Cuiqin Wu; Yuanjia Song; Guofeng Jin; Qike Li; Lu Tian
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Inverse Open loop Control of a Nano-positioner Based on Piezo-electric Actuators
Author(s): Shu Qiang; Xuejun Rao; Ningping Shi
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Thermal Induced Nonreciprocity in Fiber Optic Sensors based on Sagnac Interferometer
Author(s): Xingfan Chen; Rui Liu
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Research on the FBG strain gauge used for the safety monitoring of high temperature pressure pipes
Author(s): Qing-mu Cai; Yue-ming Liu; Zheng-yan He; Zhong-you Chen; Chang-qing Huang; Jun Lou; Wei-jian Tian
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Research on the demodulation techniques of long-period fiber gratings strain sensing with low cost
Author(s): Qingwei Wang; Yueming Liu; Weijian Tian; Guilan Feng
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Temperature control method used in Antarctic telescope
Author(s): Qing Gu; Daxing Wang; Xiangyan Yuan; Jianlin Zhao
Dither-frequency-track method based on phase sensitive detector technology in mechanically dithered ring laser gyros
Author(s): Guangfeng Lu; Hui Luo; Zhenfang Fan
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Self-compensating fiber optic flow sensor based on dual fiber Bragg gratings
Author(s): Wenjuan Yao; Wei Peng; Xinpu Zhang; Xinlei Zhou; Yun Liu
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Influence of Grating Fabrication on Radiation Sensitivity of Fiber Bragg Gratings
Author(s): Song Lin; Jing Jin; Ningfang Song; Gongliu Yang; Yuntian Jiang
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Transmission and emission characteristics of porous silicon in terahertz from 0.5T to 10T
Author(s): Su-gui Li; Xiao-min Liu; Xu Lu; Sheng Ma; Su-lan Wang; Er-jun Liang; Xin-jian Li; Ying-jiu Zhang
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Thermal stress analysis of laminated LCDs for aircraft cockpits
Author(s): Qibin Feng; Yikui Hua; Guoqiang Lv; Xiaosong Lu
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Effect of Annealing on Optical Properties and Structure of the Vanadium Dioxide Thin Films
Author(s): Huiqun Zhu; Yi Li; Yuming Li; Yize Huang; Guoxiang Tong; Baoying Fang; Qiuxin Zheng; Liu Li; Yujian Shen
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Fabrication large area photonic crystals with periodic waveguide by one-step holographic lithography based on spatial light modulator
Author(s): Yongchun Zhong; Jie Ma; Kam Sing Wong; Zhe Chen; Jianying Zhou
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A Novel Temperature-Strain Decoupling Method for Distributed Fiber Sensing System Based on Backscattered Light
Author(s): Tianying Chang; David Y. Li; Yu Zhao; Ruijuan Yang; Yongliang Wang; Jin Zhang; Hong-Liang Cui
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Effects of structural perturbation on the optical properties of waveguide grating structures
Author(s): Jingjuan Li; Xinping Zhang; Li Wang
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