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Visual Information Processing XXI
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Volume Number: 8399
Date Published: 4 June 2012
Softcover: 26 papers (302) pages
ISBN: 9780819490773

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 8399
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Toward automatic subpixel registration of unmanned airborne vehicle images
Author(s): Amr Hussein Yousef; Jiang Li; Mohammad Karim
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Confidence measures of optical flow estimation suitable for multiframe superresolution
Author(s): A. V. Kanaev
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Precise local blur estimation based on the first-order derivative
Author(s): Henri Bouma; Judith Dijk; Adam W. M. van Eekeren
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Compressive imaging measurement design from an image patch manifold prior
Author(s): Robert Muise; Dave Bottisti
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Fast stochastic Wiener filter for superresolution image restoration with information theoretic visual quality assessment
Author(s): Amr Hussein Yousef; Jiang Li; Mohammad Karim
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Adaptive segmentation technique for automatic object region and boundary extraction for activity recognition
Author(s): Fatema A. Albalooshi; Vijayan K. Asari
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A modified shifted means-based segmentation approach to detect active regions and coronal holes in the solar dynamics observatory images
Author(s): Santosh Suresh; Roger Dube; Chance Glenn
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Tracking individuals in surveillance video of a high-density crowd
Author(s): Ninghang Hu; Henri Bouma; Marcel Worring
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Sparse coding for hyperspectral images using random dictionary and soft thresholding
Author(s): Ender Oguslu; Khan Iftekharuddin; Jiang Li
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Multiplatform GPGPU implementation of the active contours without edges algorithm
Author(s): Olmo Zavala-Romero; Anke Meyer-Baese; Uwe Meyer-Baese
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Edge detection and localization with edge pattern analysis and inflection characterization
Author(s): Bo Jiang
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Automatic road extraction from remote sensing images based on a Hessian matrix
Author(s): Yoonsung Bae; Jae Ho Jang; Jong Beom Ra
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Ghost-free high-dynamic range imaging using layered exposed images based on local histogram equalization
Author(s): Jaehyun Im; Hyuncheol Kim; Taekyung Kim; Sanghoon Lee; Jongsue Bae; Joonki Paik
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Scene-based nonuniformity correction in infrared videos
Author(s): Yoonsung Bae; Jongho Lee; Jong Ho Lee; Jong Beom Ra
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Infrared image denoising by nonlocal means filtering
Author(s): Barak Dee-Noor; Adrian Stern; Yitzhak Yitzhaky; Natan Kopeika
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Adaptive smoothing in real-time image stabilization
Author(s): Shunguang Wu; David C. Zhang; Yuzheng Zhang; James Basso; Michael Melle
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Surface reconstruction for 3D remote sensing
Author(s): Matthew S. Baran; Richard L. Tutwiler; Donald J. Natale
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Dense point-cloud creation using superresolution for a monocular 3D reconstruction system
Author(s): Yakov Diskin; Vijayan K. Asari
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A study of the sensitivity of long-range passive ranging techniques to atmospheric scintillation
Author(s): Jason de Villiers; Fintan Wilson; Fred Nicolls
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A method for 3D scene recognition using shadow information and a single fixed viewpoint
Author(s): David C. Bamber; Jeremy D. Rogers; Scott F. Page
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Mean squared error performance of MFBD nonlinear scene reconstruction using speckle imaging in horizontal imaging applications
Author(s): Glen E. Archer; Jeremy P. Bos; Michael C. Roggemann
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MTF compensation algorithm based on blind deconvolution for high-resolution remote sensing satellite
Author(s): Jihye Lee; Joohwan Chun; Donghwan Lee
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A comparison of some predictors of stereoscopic match correctness
Author(s): Val Petran; Frank Merat
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End-to-end image quality assessment
Author(s): Joaquin Raventos
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Novel multiplexed coaxial holographic storage technique
Author(s): Zhongyu Chen; Wei Jia; Tsing Chung; Fung Jacky Wen; Yuk Tak Chow; Po Sheun Chung
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Quantifying focus criterion function comparison for two-stage autofocusing system
Author(s): Qian Liang; Yufu Qu
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Spatially adaptive defogging for enhancement of color and visibility of UAV image
Author(s): Inhye Yoon; Hyuncheol Kim; Jaehyun Im; Jongsoo Bae; Sanghoon Lee; Joonki Paik
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