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Laser Technology for Defense and Security VIII
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Volume Number: 8381
Date Published: 7 May 2012
Softcover: 41 papers (358) pages
ISBN: 9780819490599

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Front Matter: Volume 8381
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Glass-clad single crystalline fiber lasers
Author(s): C. C. Lai; K. Y. Hsu; C. W. Huang; D. Y. Jheng; S. C. Wang; S. L. Lin; M. H. Yang; Y. W. Lee; D. W. Huang; S. L. Huang
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Mode-converters for rectangular-core fiber amplifiers to achieve diffraction-limited power scaling
Author(s): Arun Kumar Sridharan; Paul H. Pax; John E. Heebner; Derrek R. Drachenberg; Jay W. Dawson
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Modal properties of photonic crystal fiber for high-power two micron fiber laser systems
Author(s): C. Jollivet; T. T. Alkeskjold; L. Leick; P. Kadwani; R. A. Sims; L. Shah; M. C. Richardson; R. Amezcua Correa; A. Schülzgen
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Mode area scaling for high-power fiber lasers with all-solid photonic bandgap fibers
Author(s): Liang Dong; Kunimasa Saitoh; Fanting Kong; Paul Foy; Thomas Hawkins; Devon McClane
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Advanced smart multifunctional laser crystals for next generation solid state lasers
Author(s): D. C. Brown; K. Kowalewski; V. Envid; J. Zembek; J. W. Kolis; C. D. McMillen; H. Geisber
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Alternative wavelengths for optically pumped alkali lasers
Author(s): Glen P. Perram
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Diode pumped alkali laser kinetics: comparison of theory and experiment
Author(s): Charleton D. Lewis; David E. Weeks; Glen P. Perram
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Correlation of mid-infrared quantum-cascade laser performance with laser design parameters
Author(s): R. P. Leavitt; J. L. Bradshaw; K. M. Lascola; F. J. Towner; J. T. Pham; J. D. Bruno; C. F. Gmachl; P. Q. Liu
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Tunable mid-infrared generation using synchronized programmable fiber lasers
Author(s): F. Théberge; J.-F. Daigle; A. Villeneuve; J. Salhany; B. Burgoyne; Y. Soudagar; M. Châteauneuf; J. Dubois
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Modeling of the type-II InGaAs/GaAsSb quantum well designs for mid-infrared laser diodes by k-p method
Author(s): Baile Chen; A. L. Holmes; Viktor Khalfin; Igor Kudryashov; Bora M. Onat
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Advancements in high-power diode laser stacks for defense applications
Author(s): Rajiv Pandey; David Merchen; Dean Stapleton; Steve Patterson; Heiko Kissel; Wilhlem Fassbender; Jens Biesenbach
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High-brightness frequency-stabilized diode laser at 1530nm
Author(s): Stefan Heinemann; Benjamin Lewis; Sandy Sczepansky; Torsten Schmidt
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High-power vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers for diode pumped solid-state lasers
Author(s): Robert Van Leeuwen; Yihan Xiong; Jean-Francois Seurin; Guoyang Xu; Alexander Miglo; Qing Wang; Bing Xu; Wei-Xiong Zou; Daizong Li; James D. Wynn; Viktor Khalfin; Chuni L. Ghosh
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Low SWaP semiconductor laser transmitter modules for ASCENDS Mission applications
Author(s): Narasimha S. Prasad; Alex Rosiewicz; Steve Coleman
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Wavelength-stabilized fiber-coupled diode laser with 500 W output and 20 mm × mrad beam quality
Author(s): D. M. Grasso; N. Shou; H. Chen; R. Pathak; P. Liang; S. D. Roh; D. Lee
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Enhanced fiber coupled laser power and brightness for defense applications through tailored diode and thermal design
Author(s): Steve Patterson; Tobias Koenning; Bernd Köhler; Sandra Ahlert; Andreas Bayer; Heiko Kissel; Holger Müntz; Axel Noeske; Karsten Rotter; Armin Segref; Michael Stoiber; Andreas Unger; Paul Wolf; Jens Biesenbach
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Recent developments in passive phase locking and coherent combining of lasers
Author(s): M. Nixon; M. Fridman; E. Ronen; Z. Sacks; N. Davidson; A. A. Friesem
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Coherent coupling of spectrally broadband laser channels
Author(s): Anatoliy Khizhnyak; Vladimir Markov
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High efficiency diffractive optical elements for spectral beam combining
Author(s): S. A. Kemme; D. A. Scrymgeour; D. W. Peters
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High average power-high peak power cryogenic Yb:YAG lasers for pumping Ti:Sapphire and OPCPA ultrafast lasers
Author(s): D. C. Brown; S. Tornegård; K. Kowalewski; V. Envid; J. Zembek
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Cryogenic Yb:YAG picosecond laser with high average power visible and ultraviolet harmonic generation
Author(s): D. C. Brown; K. Kowalewski; V. Envid; J. Zembek; B. Canale; J. W. Kolis; C. D. McMillen; H. Geisber
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Recent results for the Raytheon RELI program
Author(s): David Filgas; Todd Clatterbuck; Matt Cashen; Andrew Daniele; Steve Hughes; David Mordaunt
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Laser transceivers for future NASA missions
Author(s): Michael A. Krainak; James B. Abshire; Jordan Camp; Jeffrey R. Chen; Barry Coyle; Steven X. Li; Kenji Numata; Haris Riris; Mark A. Stephen; Paul Stysley; Guangning Yang; Anthony W. Yu
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Integrated 100 W thulium fiber MOPA system
Author(s): Lawrence Shah; R. Andrew Sims; Pankaj Kadwani; Christina C. C. Willis; Joshua B. Bradford; Zachary Roth; Aaron Pung; Menelous Poutous; Eric G. Johnson; Martin Richardson
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Influence of processing variables on the properties of polycrystalline YAG fibers
Author(s): Hyun Jun Kim; Geoff E. Fair; Allison M. Hart; Santeri A. Potticary; Nicholas G. Usechak
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Initial testing of a ceramic Yb:YAG edge-pumped solid state disk laser
Author(s): John Vetrovec; Drew A. Copeland; Amardeep S. Litt; Detao Du
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Towards high-quality optical ceramic YAG fibers for high-energy laser (HEL) applications
Author(s): HeeDong Lee; Kristin Keller; Brian Sirn
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Ultra-short pulsed fiber ring laser using photonic crystal fiber
Author(s): Shaozhen Ma; Wenbo Li; Hongyu Hu; Niloy K. Dutta
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Novel fiber-MOPA-based high power blue laser
Author(s): Doruk Engin; Jean-Luc Fouron; Youming Chen; Andromeda Huffman; Fran Fitzpatrick; Ralph Burnham; Shantanu Gupta
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Waveform agile high-power fiber laser illuminators for directed-energy weapon systems
Author(s): Doruk Engin; Wei Lu; Frank Kimpel; Shantanu Gupta
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Supercontinuum: broad as a lamp, bright as a laser, now in the mid-infrared
Author(s): Peter M. Moselund; Christian Petersen; Sune Dupont; Christian Agger; Ole Bang; Søren R. Keiding
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Experimental and theoretical studies of phase modulation in Yb-doped fiber amplifiers
Author(s): Angel Flores; Chunte Lu; Craig Robin; Shadi Naderi; Christopher Vergien; Iyad Dajani
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KW monolithic PCF fiber amplifers for narrow linewidth and single mode operation
Author(s): Donald L. Sipes; Jason D. Tafoya; Daniel S. Schulz; Christina B. Olaussen; Martin Maack
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CW and pulsed performance of Tm-doped photonic crystal fiber lasers
Author(s): Pankaj Kadwani; R. Andrew Sims; Lasse Leick; Jes Broeng; Lawrence Shah; Martin Richardson
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Laser material properties of Dy:YAG
Author(s): S. O'Connor; S. R. Bowman; N. J. Condon
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Beam combining with using beam shaping
Author(s): Alexander Laskin; Derrek Drachenberg; Sergey Mokhov; George Venus; Leonid Glebov; Vadim Laskin
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High-energy laser tactical decision aid (HELTDA) for mission planning and predictive avoidance
Author(s): Jarred L. Burley; Steven T. Fiorino; Robb M. Randall; Richard J. Bartell; Salvatore J. Cusumano
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Laser photography system: hardware configuration
Author(s): Marek Piszczek; Krzysztof Rutyna; Marcin Kowalski; Marek Zyczkowski
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Enhancement of electromagnetic pulse emission from ultrashort laser pulse irradiated solid targets
Author(s): Joseph Miragliotta; Jane Spicer; Benjamin Brawley; Sanjay Varma
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Novel silicon/aluminum (Si/Al) alloys for use as cold plate materials in cryogenically cooled solid state lasers
Author(s): John F. Schill; Andrew J. W. Ogilvy
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Large-area high-power VCSEL pump arrays optimized for high-energy lasers
Author(s): Chad Wang; Jonathan Geske; Henry Garrett; Terri Cardellino; Fedor Talantov; Glen Berdin; David Millenheft; Daniel Renner; Daniel Klemer
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