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Integrated Modeling of Complex Optomechanical Systems
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Volume Number: 8336
Date Published: 10 November 2011

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Front Matter: Volume 8336
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
A perspective on modeling and simulation of complex dynamical systems
Author(s): K. J. Åström
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Systems modeling in the design and verification of the James Webb Space Telescope
Author(s): Danniella M. Muheim; Michael T. Menzel
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Opto-mechanical modeling of the Herschel Space Telescope at ESA/ESTEC
Author(s): S. Fransen; D. Doyle; B. Catanzaro
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Integrated modeling and systems engineering for the Thirty Meter Telescope
Author(s): George Z. Angeli; Konstantinos Vogiatzis; Doug MacMynowski; Byoung-Joon Seo; Carl Nissly; Mitchell Troy; Myung Cho
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E-ELT modeling and simulation toolkits: philosophy and progress status
Author(s): B. Sedghi; M. Muller; H. Bonnet; M. Esselborn; M. Le Louarn; R. Clare; F. Koch
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Modeling and analysis of ring telescope
Author(s): Yichun Dai; Jing Lin
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Pointing stability and image quality of the SOFIA Airborne Telescope during initial science missions
Author(s): Ulrich Lampater; Paul Keas; Rick Brewster; Terry Herter; Juergen Wolf; Enrico Pfueller; Manuel Wiedemann; Stefan Teufel; Franziska Harms; Holger Jakob; Hans-Peter Roser
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Simulation of Chinese Giant Solar Telescope
Author(s): Zhong Liu; Zhenyu Jin
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NRCIM integrated opto-mechanical analysis toolset for the Thirty Meter Telescope
Author(s): Scott Roberts
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High fidelity optical modeling for the TMT
Author(s): Carl Nissly; Byoung-Joon Seo; Mitchell Troy; George Angeli; Myung Cho; Brent Ellerbroek; Piotr Piatrou; Lewis C. Roberts; J. Chris Shelton; Lianqi Wang
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Aero-thermal modeling framework for TMT
Author(s): Konstantinos Vogiatzis
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Dynamical simulation of E-ELT segmented primary mirror
Author(s): B. Sedghi; M. Muller; B. Bauvir
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Optical integrated modeling activities for the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST)
Author(s): Joseph M. Howard
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Modeling and verification of the diffraction-limited visible light telescope aboard the solar observing satellite HINODE
Author(s): Y. Katsukawa; Y. Suematsu; S. Tsuneta; K. Ichimoto; T. Shimizu
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Performance simulations for the conceptual design of the European Solar Telescope (EST)
Author(s): L. Cavaller; M. Collados; J. Castro
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The optimization of the opto-mechanical performance of the mirror segments for the E-ELT
Author(s): Jan Nijenhuis; Roger Hamelinck
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The simulation of the local seeing in segments active alignment
Author(s): Shu Yuan; Jing Lin
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Integrated model of the Carlina Telescope
Author(s): Anita Enmark; Torben Andersen; Mette Owner-Petersen; Rijuparna Chakraborty; Antoine Labeyrie
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ATST enclosure mechanical and thermal models
Author(s): Gaizka Murga; Heather Marshall; LeEllen Phelps; Ana Hervás; Ibon Larracoechea
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Integrated modeling analysis of a novel hexapod and its application in active surface
Author(s): Dehua Yang; Lorenzo Zago; Hui Li; Gregory Lambert; Guohua Zhou; Guoping Li
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Track creep: experience, modeling efforts, and consequences of work done at the 100 meter Green Bank Telescope
Author(s): Dennis Egan
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Integrated modeling of a laboratory setup for a large deformable mirror
Author(s): Rikard Heimsten; Torben Andersen; Mette Owner-Petersen; Douglas G. MacMynowski
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Local effects on E-ELT global performance: two examples for requirement verification
Author(s): B. Sedghi; M. Muller; F. Koch; L. Pettazzi
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E-ELT active optics system modeling and performance evaluation
Author(s): H. Bonnet; M. Esselborn; M. Müller; B. Sedghi; F. Koch
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Model-based wavefront control for CCAT
Author(s): David Redding; John Z. Lou; Andy Kissil; Matt Bradford; Steve Padin; David Woody
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Control system modeling for the Thirty Meter Telescope primary mirror
Author(s): Douglas G. MacMynowski; Peter M. Thompson; J. Chris Shelton; Lewis C. Roberts; M. Mark Colavita; Mark J. Sirota
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Modeling of the SOFIA secondary mirror controller
Author(s): Andreas Reinacher; Hans-Peter Roeser
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Alignment estimation and control of the James Webb Space Telescope mirrors using decomposition of an influence matrix
Author(s): Shahram Shiri; Joseph M. Howard; David L. Aronstein
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A dynamic thermal model for design and control of an 800-element open-air radio telescope
Author(s): Michael Bremer; Albert Greve
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Thermal modeling of the TMT Telescope
Author(s): Myung Cho; Andrew Corredor; Konstantinos Vogiatzis; George Angeli
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Integration of a thermo-structural analysis with an optical model for PEPSI polarimeter
Author(s): Igor Di Varano; Klaus G. Strassmeier; Ilya Ilyin; Manfred Woche; Hans J. Kaercher
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Athermal design of the optical tube assemblies for the ESO VLT Four Laser Guidestar Facility
Author(s): R. Henselmans; D. Nijkerk; M. Lemmen; F. Kamphues
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Parallel-computing architecture for JWST wavefront-sensing and integrated modeling
Author(s): J. Scott Smith; Bruce H. Dean; Alexander Rilee; Thomas P. Zielinski
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The experience of GPU calculations at Lunarc
Author(s): Anders Sjöström; Jonas Lindemann; Ross Church
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Transitioning a message passing interface wavefront sensor model to a graphics processor environment
Author(s): Michael T. Browne; Renato Miceli
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