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Proceedings of SPIE Volume 8285

International Conference on Graphic and Image Processing (ICGIP 2011)
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Volume Number: 8285
Date Published: 3 October 2011
Softcover: 282 papers (1990) pages
ISBN: 9780819489326

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 8285
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Using of support vector machines for link spam detection
Author(s): Ruslan V. Sharapov; Ekaterina V. Sharapova
Importance of relationship quality in the success of data warehouse systems
Author(s): Alaaeddin Almabhouh; Abdul Saleh; Azizah Ahmad
A novel FFT/IFFT based peak-to-average power reduction method for OFDM communication systems using tone reservation
Author(s): Samuel Oru Besong; Xiaoyou Yu; Bin Li; Weibing Hou; Xiaochun Wang
Pupil detection in video images
Author(s): Amir Liaghatdar; Kaveh Kangarloo; Fardad Farokhi
Efficient transmission of 1D and 2D chaotic map encrypted images with orthogonal frequency division multiplexing
Author(s): Hossam M. Kasem; Mohamed E. Nasr; Elsayed A. Sallam; F. E. Abd El-Samie
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Knowledge portal: a tool to capture university requirements
Author(s): Marjan Mansourvar; Norizan Binti Mohd Yasin
A unified framework for building high performance DVEs
Author(s): Kaibin Lei; Zhixia Ma; Hua Xiong
A time-frequency algorithm for noisy BSS model
Author(s): Jing Guo; Xiao-Ping Zeng
Pomegranate MR images analysis using ACM and FCM algorithms
Author(s): Ghobad Morad; Mousa Shamsi; M. H. Sedaaghi; M. R. Alsharif
Construction of sequences with three-valued zero correlation zone for multi-carrier CDMA systems
Author(s): Zhenyu Zhang; Fanxin Zeng; Hongmei Pu; Guixin Xuan
An efficient and effective video similarity search method
Author(s): Liuzhang Zhu; Zimian Li; Zheng Cao
Improved demodulator for deep space communication
Author(s): Xi Pan; Xiaoliang Li
Cosmic movement detection using image processing
Author(s): Sudhir N. Dhage; Akassh A. Mishra; Rajesh Patil
Monocular depth perception using image processing and machine learning
Author(s): Apoorv Hombali; Vaibhav Gorde; Abhishek Deshpande
An affine projection algorithm using grouping selection of input vectors
Author(s): JaeWook Shin; NamWoong Kong; PooGyeon Park
A hybrid table look-up method for H.264/AVC coeff_token decoding
Author(s): Suhua Liu; Yixiong Zhang; Min Lu; Biyu Tang
A note on mixture bivariate model
Author(s): Hanwen Cao; Wei Tian; Chengzhi Deng
Simple and efficient remote sensing image transformation for lossless compression
Author(s): Farshid Sepehrband; Pedram Ghamisi; Mohammad Mortazavi; Jeiran Choupan
Quality of Arabic utterances transformed using different residual prediction techniques
Author(s): Rania Elmanfaloty; N. Korany; El-Sayed A. Youssef
Static hand gesture recognition from a video
Author(s): Rajeshree S. Rokade; Dharmpal Doye
Melancholia EEG classification based on CSSD and SVM
Author(s): Jian-Jun Shi; Qing-Wu Yuan; La-Wu Zhou
A novel method for host risk assessment based on predecessor attack
Author(s): Xiao-song Zhang; Lei Huang; Chun-xiang Xu; Ting Chen
Non-invasive monitoring method for thermal ablation therapy based on UBE
Author(s): Jian-Jun Shi; Qing-Wu Yuan; La-Wu Zhou
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Realization of the imaging-auto-focus on the APRC using splicing- CCD
Author(s): Zhenhua Lu; Yongfei Guo; Xucheng Xue; Tianbo Ma; Hengyi Lv
Image resolution enhancement using dual-tree complex wavelet transform and neural networks
Author(s): Shirin Salehi; Homayoun Mahdavi-Nasab; Hossein Pourghassem
The portable smog analyzed instrument based on the arm
Author(s): Xiao-Hui Su; Chao Li; Shu-Ping Xu
Time-domain compact range measurement system for radar targets
Author(s): Gaosheng Li; Jibin Liu; Peiguo Liu; Jianguo He
Design and optimization of an X-band waveguide aperture antenna
Author(s): Gaosheng Li; Zhonghao Lu; Hui Wang; Jianguo He
Image inpainting using cubic hermit spline
Author(s): M. Shahid Farid; Hassan Khan; Arif Mahmood
Content-based image retrieval using color features of partitioned images
Author(s): Mohsen Fathian; Fardin Akhlaghian Tab
An easy approach to recognize Tibetan script by geometric features
Author(s): Wei Zhou; Liangyu Chen; Zhenbing Zeng
Performance analysis of conventional CMA and RLS in single carrier LTE uplink systems
Author(s): Jaswini Reddy P; Swathi Kotte; Geetha Chowdary Gannamaneni; Kalyan Chakravarthy Talluri
Pilot-aided channel estimation in cooperative SFBC-OFDM networks
Author(s): M. Abou Bakr Othman; Mahmoud H. Ismail; Magdy S. El-Soudani
Algorithm for symbol rate estimation of MFSK
Author(s): Jian-fei Xu; Fu-ping Wang; Zanji Wang
Texture compilation for example-based synthesis
Author(s): Amjath Ali J; Janet J
A new method of comb spectrum signal generating based on Morlet wavelet
Author(s): Mingyue Wang; Binfeng Bai; Xianwei Zeng
A study of speech emotion recognition based on hybrid algorithm
Author(s): Ju-xia Zhu; Chao Zhang; Zhao Lv; Yao-quan Rao; Xiao-pei Wu
An improved method of monopulse estimation in PD radar
Author(s): Jun Wang; Peng Guo; Peng Lei; Shaoming Wei
Using OSL-SVM for the concentration prediction of 4-CBA
Author(s): Yugang Fan; Hua Wang; Jiande Wu
Structural damage detection in pipeline using Lamb waves and wavelet transform
Author(s): Fatemeh Shoeibi; Afshin Ebrahimi; Habib Badri Ghavifekr
Research of SoPC-based improved genetic algorithm on shortest path
Author(s): Hang Ruan; Aifeng Ren; Ming Meng; Wei Zhao; Ming Luo
ISAR range alignment methods based on statistical property of range profile
Author(s): YuChuan Lin; WeiDong Chen; ZhiPing Yin; YuHao Yang
Realization complexity of a Viterbi decoder for a partial response equalized magnetic channel
Author(s): Jen-Shu Hsiao; Hao-Hsiang Ku; Chiu-Hsiung Chen; Tsai-Sheng Kao
Genetic algorithm for feature selection of MR brain images using wavelet co-occurence
Author(s): Ahmed Kharrat; Nacéra Benamrane; Mohamed Ben Messaoud; Mohamed Abid
Analysis of orthogonal waveform for spaceborne MIMO-GMTI radar
Author(s): Bo Zou; Zhen Dong; Xiang-yu Du
Color based properties query for CBIR: HSV global color histogram
Author(s): Danial Md Nor; Jean-Marc Ogier; Faizal Manani; Muhammad Zarar Mohamed Jenu
A modify SSB full-duplex millimeter-wave radio-over-fiber system based on multiplication technology
Author(s): Lingfan Zhang; Xinqiao Chen; Ruitao Li; Mingming Bai
Optimal exposure sets for high dynamic range scenes
Author(s): V. Valli Kumari; B. RaviKiran; K. V. S. V. N. Raju; S. A. Shajahan Basha
2D image compression using concurrent wavelet transform
Author(s): Kamrul Hasan Talukder; Koichi Harada
3D fabric feature extraction and defect classification using low-cost USB camera
Author(s): Fikri Akbar; Habibullah Akbar; Nanna Suryana; Muhammad Husni
Study on air backflow in the goaf of working face with downward ventilation
Author(s): Jianliang Gao; Ming Yang; Feipeng Guo
A selective-update affine projection algorithm with selective input vectors
Author(s): NamWoong Kong; JaeWook Shin; PooGyeon Park
Finger tips detection for two handed gesture recognition
Author(s): M. K. Bhuyan; Mithun Kumar Kar; Debanga Raj Neog
Adaptive impulsive noise suppression for ISDB-T receivers
Author(s): Ziji Ma; Ryusuke Miyamoto; Minoru Okada
A novel speech watermarking algorithm by line spectrum pair modification
Author(s): Qian Zhang; Senbin Yang; Guang Chen; Jun Zhou
A robust MVDR beamforming based on covariance matrix reconstruction
Author(s): Pengcheng Mu; Dan Li; Qinye Yin
Comparison study between dyadic wavelet transform and modified higher order moment
Author(s): Jeiran Choupan; Seyed Ghorshi; Mohammad Mortazavi; Farshid Sepehrband
Wavelet analysis and high quality JPEG2000 compression using Daubechies wavelet
Author(s): Azra Khalid; Uzma Afsheen; Saad Umer Baig
Detection and analysis of solar eclipse
Author(s): S. S. Sarrvesh; S. Pradeep Sundar; I. Kenny Jackson; P. Kannan
Strategy for incumbent wireline operator: customers' provision of broadband wireless access
Author(s): Naveed Ahmed Khan; Kaili Kan; Abdul Wahid Tareen
Lip reading using neural networks
Author(s): Dhananjay Kalbande; Sanjivani Patil
A selective review on target tracking algorithms
Author(s): Kyanda Swaib Kaawaase; Feng Chi
Cognitive routing system for mobile ad hoc networks
Author(s): Amjad Ali; Huiqiang Wang; Guangsheng Feng
InSAR DEM error modeling and calibration
Author(s): Yong-jun Zhang; Hai-feng Huang; Yong-sheng Zhang; Dian-nong Liang
Boundary emphasis transfer function generation based on HSL color space
Author(s): Xiao Li; Jianhuang Wu; Shengzhou Luo; Xin Ma
Partial image watermarking based on variance of neighbor pixels
Author(s): Siravich Sritapanu; Thumrongrat Amornraksa
Vision enhancement of line following robot using Wiener filter and morphology
Author(s): Walaa E. Elhady; Heba A. Elnemr; Gamal Selim
Adaptive bilateral filtering for image denoising
Author(s): E. Farzana; M. Tanzid; K. M. Mohsin; M. I. H. Bhuiyan
A VLSI architecture for real-time signal FFT based on pipelined processing element
Author(s): Xu Wang; Yan Zhang; Jiannan Wang
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Fire flame detection using color segmentation and space-time analysis
Author(s): Miti Ruchanurucks; Praphin Saengngoen; Theeraphat Sajjawiso
B-spline based free form deformation thoracic non-rigid registration of CT and PET images
Author(s): Davood Khodadad; Alireza Ahmadian; Mohammadreza Ay; Armaghan Fard Esfahani; Hossein Yousefi Banaem; Habib Zaidi
Research on improvement strategies of elite culture, mass culture and the comprehensive quality of undergraduates
Author(s): Hongling Wang
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Estimation of base station position using timing advance measurements
Author(s): Matti Raitoharju; Simo Ali-Löytty; Lauri Wirola
Cover song identification by sequence alignment algorithms
Author(s): Chih-Li Wang; Qian Zhong; Szu-Ying Wang; Vwani Roychowdhury
SCOPES: steganography with compression using permutation search
Author(s): Sahar Boorboor; Behrouz Zolfaghari; Saadat Pour Mozafari
Brain tumor modeling: glioma growth and interaction with chemotherapy
Author(s): Hossein Yousefi Banaem; Alireza Ahmadian; Hooshangh Saberi; Alireza Daneshmehr; Davood Khodadad
A fast InSAR raw signal simulation based on GPGPU
Author(s): Zhihua He; Anxi Yu; Feng He; Diannong Liang
A robust hierarchical video shot detection method
Author(s): Jyoti Dhillon; Krishna Kakkirala; Srinivasa Rao Chalamala
Image watermarking on Gaussian low pass components ignoring edges and its neighbor pixels
Author(s): A. B. M. Mahboob Morshed; Thumrongrat Amornraksa
Scheduling schemes for two-user two-way wireless relay networks
Author(s): Zhaoxi Fang; GuoSheng Li; Xiaolin Zhou
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A low-complexity method to generate delay power profile in wideband high frequency channel simulator
Author(s): Yu-juan Liu; Jin Chen; Yu-ming Zhang
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Locally optimum detector for MIMO radar in non-Gaussian clutter
Author(s): Xiaobo Zhu; Shouyong Wang
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An efficient iris segmentation approach
Author(s): Abdu Gomai; A. El-Zaart; H. Mathkour
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Reconstruction of the plenacoustic function using compressive sampling
Author(s): Haiying Xia; Rendong Ying; Lingling Zhou
Sgraffito simulation through image processing
Author(s): Roberto A. Guerrero; Francisco J. Serón Arbeloa
Algorithm development with the integrated vision system to get the 3D location data
Author(s): Ji-hyeon Lee; Moo-hyun Kim; Yeong-kyeong Kim; Mu-hun Park
A humming retrieval system based on music fingerprint
Author(s): Xingkai Han; Baiyu Cao
Intelligent card processing terminal of urban rail transit in Nanjing
Author(s): Dechuan Xia; Xiaojun Zhang; Yana Song; Tiejun He
Decryption-decompression of AES protected ZIP files on GPUs
Author(s): Tan Nhat Duong; Phong Hong Pham; Duc Huu Nguyen; Thuy Thanh Nguyen; Hung Duc Le
Synchronization of chaotic signals using sliding mode control method
Author(s): Xiuchun Li; Jianhua Gu; Yunlan Wang; Tianhai Zhao
A methodology for modelling and retrieving satellite images basing on spatial knowledge: application to natural risks
Author(s): Wassim Messaoudi; Imed Riadh Farah; Henda Ben Ghezala; Basel Solaiman
Extraction of words from the national ID cards for automated recognition
Author(s): Md. Rezwan Akhter; Md. Hasanuzzaman Bhuiyan; Mohammad Shorif Uddin
Howling canceling for high gain speakerphone systems exploiting the loudspeaker redundancy
Author(s): Jingjing Zhang; Qinye Yin; Pengcheng Mu; Tianheng Song; Wei Wang; Junchao Wu
Image segmentation using kernel fuzzy c-means clustering on level set method
Author(s): G. Raghotham Reddy; Tara Saikumar; R. Rameshwar Rao
Image compression using hybrid vector quantization with DCT
Author(s): A. Amaar; E. M. Saad; I. Ashour; M. Elzorkany
E-field probe based on fiber transmission
Author(s): Chao Fang; Jincai Lin; Guangchao Zhu
Enhance cognitive radar security by designing optimal waveform
Author(s): Songbai Wang; Jian Wang; Jianshu Chen; Xiuming Shan
Energy conservation using face detection
Author(s): Nilesh T. Deotale; Dhananjay R. Kalbande; Akassh A. Mishra
A segmentation algorithm of intracranial hemorrhage CT image
Author(s): Haibo Wang; Zhiguo Chen; Jianzhi Wang
Improved DUET for underdetermined blind source separation
Author(s): Feng Gao; Gongxian Sun; Ming Xiao
Comparison of IK, SISIM and SNESIM in reconstructing 2D porous media
Author(s): Yanlong Wang; Jinhua Liu; Ting Zhang
Underdetermined blind source separation based on fuzzy C-means clustering and sparse representation
Author(s): Chaozhu Zhang; Cui Zheng
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An improved method of video text detection
Author(s): Hua-ying Liu; Wei Yuan
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Variable step-size multi-modulus algorithm with quantized error method
Author(s): Jun Zhou; Peng Liu; Suzhi Cao; Shancong Zhang
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Rapid testing and identification of actuator using dSPACE real-time emulator
Author(s): Daocheng Xie; Zhongwei Wang; Qinghua Zeng
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Several small-scale vector array performance analysis and simulation of DOA estimation
Author(s): Yinzhen Mei
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Automatic video mosaicing using hierarchical compositing
Author(s): S. A. Hoseini; S. Jafari
Show Abstract
Image denoising using Bayesian shrink threshold based on weighted adaptive directional lifting wavelet transform
Author(s): Quan Liu; Lin Ni
Show Abstract
A fingerprint inpainting technique using improved partial differential equation methods
Author(s): Xiukun Yang; Dan Wang; Zhigang Yang
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Edge detection based on genetic algorithm and sobel operator in image
Author(s): Xin Tong; Aifeng Ren; Haifeng Zhang; Hang Ruan; Ming Luo
Show Abstract
A multiple channel assignment algorithm and routing protocol base on wireless mesh networks
Author(s): Xiaochuan Shi; Nan Li
Show Abstract
L-shaped 2D DOA estimation using blind source separation
Author(s): Zeng Hui Hu; Feng He; Ju Bo Zhu
Show Abstract
Image super-resolution based on compressive sensing
Author(s): Ying Gu; Xiuchang Zhu
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The assessment of SDH optical transmission equipment based on analytic hierarchy process
Author(s): Shuying Hu; Feng Qi
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Denoising ECG signal based on ensemble empirical mode decomposition
Author(s): Zhao Zhi-dong; Juan Liu; Sheng-tao Wang
Show Abstract
Differential evolution based on hybrid crossover operators
Author(s): Lei Yang; Long Zhou; Min Yu
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A novel BP neural network for forecasting agriculture water consumption
Author(s): Lei Yang; Long Zhou
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Study on the rail-broken state of centre-fed boundless track circuits
Author(s): Yanpeng Zhang; Jianwu Dang
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An improved channel estimation for OFDM transmit systems
Author(s): Zhongbao Ji
Show Abstract
Prominent point InSAR phase filter
Author(s): HaiJun Wei; Haifeng Huang; Zhen Dong; Jubo Zhu
Show Abstract
A modified time-frequency filtering method based on generalized S transform
Author(s): Chaozhu Zhang; Yang Yang
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The application of wavelet analysis in the signal processing
Author(s): Ruibin Li; Baozhen Cui
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On stereo correspondence estimation: a spiral search algorithm
Author(s): Md. Abdul Mannan Mondal; Md. Haider Ali
Facial classification using artificial neural network techniques
Author(s): A. J. Nor'aini; Z. Fatimah; R. Norzilah
H_/H fault detection observer for linear parameter varying systems
Author(s): Lihua Liu; Xiukun Wei
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An improved image fusion approach
Author(s): Zheng Kou; Kai Liu
Show Abstract
Disparity estimation by reverse fuzzyfication
Author(s): Md. Abdul Mannan Mondal; Md. Haider Ali
Research on synchronization technique of the DRM system
Author(s): Wen-fei Guo; Jian-sheng Zheng; Wen Cheng; Fan Su
Characterization of Codon usage bias in the newly identified DEV UL18 gene
Author(s): Xiwen Chen; Anchun Cheng; Mingshu Wang; Jun Xiang
Range alignment methods for ISAR imaging
Author(s): Zheng Su; Yunneng Yuan
Time-domain effects on error rates of multilevel digital pulse interval modulation systems
Author(s): Wei Wei; Xiaohui Zhang; Jionghui Rao; Chen Pan
Fuzzy control of hydraulic servo system based on DSP
Author(s): Juan He; Song-Yue Yuan
Adaptive VFH
Author(s): Iñigo Odriozola; Elena Lazkano; Basi Sierra
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Image retargeting using non-uniform scaling with adaptive local search window
Author(s): Shanshan Wang; Amr Abdel-Dayem
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A study of the key technology of IEEE802.11p-2010
Author(s): Lin Hu; Thomas Kaiser; Claus Kupferschmidt; Hieu Nguyen; Huang Jing
Show Abstract
A novel surveillance system for rescue and military operations
Author(s): Yin Thu Win; Muhammad Waseem Ashraf; Nitin Afzulpurkar; Shahzadi Tayyaba; Hla Thar Htun; Chumnarm Punyasai
Interference of urban spatial evolution to wetland ecosystem
Author(s): Juan Dai; Beilin Fan; Jiasheng Wang; Yue Wang
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A hybrid de-noising method based on wavelet and median filter for aero-engines gas path electrostatic monitoring
Author(s): Zhenhua Wen; Xincan Zhao
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A new video codec based on 3D-DTCWT and vector SPIHT
Author(s): Ruiping Xu; Huifang Li; Sunyun Xie
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The motion detection of video using active surface and particle swarm optimization
Author(s): Ruiping Xu; Huifang Li; Qiong Wen
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Detecting unintended gesture in real-time video for mental state prediction
Author(s): Akhtar Hussain; Nitin Afzulpur; Muhammad Waseem Ashraf; Shahzadi Tayyaba; Abdul Rehman Abbasi
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Realization of ActiveX control based on ATL in VC 2008
Author(s): Shuhua Li; Yong Tie
Show Abstract
A traffic accident scene swift reconnaissance system of vision
Author(s): Zhihua Xu; Xingliang Xu; Zhijing Yu
Show Abstract
The fault diagnosis of large-scale wind turbine based on expert system
Author(s): Changzheng Chen; Yun Li
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Research on fuzzy robust adaptive unscented particle filtering
Author(s): Yi Gao; Shesheng Gao
Show Abstract
Risk evaluation of highway engineering project based on the fuzzy-AHP
Author(s): Qian Yang; Yajun Wei
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Study on project schedule management based on comprehensive comparison methods
Author(s): Jun-ying Ge
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Research on the frequency hopping bistatic sonar system
Author(s): Guo-long Liang; Yao Zhang; Guang-pu Zhang; Kai Liu
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Photoplethysmogram reflection index and aging
Author(s): Yousef K. Qawqzeh; M. B. I. Reaz; O. Maskon; Kalaivani Chellappan; M. A. M. Ali
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Hardware accelerator design for tracking in smart camera
Author(s): Sanjay Singh; Srinivasa Murali Dunga; Ravi Saini; A. S. Mandal; Chandra Shekhar; Anil Vohra
Show Abstract
Hardware accelerator design for change detection in smart camera
Author(s): Sanjay Singh; Srinivasa Murali Dunga; Ravi Saini; A. S. Mandal; Chandra Shekhar; Santanu Chaudhury; Anil Vohra
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Large-scale MOSFET and interconnect circuit simulation using iterated timing analysis and transmission line time step control
Author(s): Chun-Jung Chen
Show Abstract
Incremental circuit simulation for MOSFET circuits by using iterated timing analysis algorithm
Author(s): Chun-Jung Chen
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Duplication-remove algorithm of image based on EZW-based matrix bloom filter
Author(s): Yujing Che; Xiangdong Fei; Bo Hu
Show Abstract
Null broadening for multistage nested Wiener filter on the joint space-time GPS receiver
Author(s): Duo Xu; Siliang Wu; G. Yu
Show Abstract
Study on the mobile-internet-oriented streaming media technology
Author(s): Songyin Fu; Songchun Gong; Zheng Chen
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The study of the developing model of the rural timeshare tourism
Author(s): Zhe Xu; Beibei Tang
Show Abstract
Objective quality assessment of HD video based on compressed domain
Author(s): Rui Song; Xiahua Jiang; Hui Shi
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Brain tumor segmentation in 3D MRIs using an improved Markov random field model
Author(s): Sahar Yousefi; Reza Azmi; Morteza Zahedi
Show Abstract
A real-time receive method of wideband radar based on subband pulse compression
Author(s): Ming Li; Wei Fu; Peng Zhang; Yan Wu
Show Abstract
A high efficient range ambiguity resolution algorithm for PD radar base on one-dimensional set
Author(s): Ming Li; Menghui Li; Lei Zuo
Show Abstract
The research of .NET framework based on delegate of the LCE
Author(s): Yi-peng Chen
Show Abstract
A new chirp scaling algorithm of bistatic SAR with parallel flight paths
Author(s): Ning Li; Luping Wang
Show Abstract
A hybrid propagation model using the detailed irregularities terrain profile data
Author(s): Xiaoqin Wang; Jinping Hao
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Study on information strategic planning for large and medium-sized enterprise
Author(s): Min Chen; Shaosheng Tan
Show Abstract
Two novel methods for juxta-pleural nodule segmentation based on CT images
Author(s): Shou-liang Qi; Guanglei Si; Han van Triest; Yong Yue
Show Abstract
Simulation optimization as a method for lot size determination
Author(s): P. Vazan; O. Moravčík; D. Jurovatá; A. Juráková
Show Abstract
Survey of business process simulation tools: a comparative approach
Author(s): Ibrahim Imam; Nihal Nounou; Alaa Hamouda; Hebat Allah Abdul Khalek
Show Abstract
An optimal setup planning selection approach in a complex product machining process
Author(s): Fang Zhu
Show Abstract
Integrating analytic hierarchy process with integer programming to efficiently model spectrum demands
Author(s): Razamin Ramli; Faathirah Jamaluddin; Engku Muhammad Nazri E. A. Bakar; Mohamad Yusoff Alias; Nor Idayu Mahat; Mohd Zaini Abdul Karim
Evaluation on color spaces and distance measures for color histogram-based image retrieval
Author(s): Xin Zhao; Youbin Chen
Show Abstract
Operations dashboard: comparative study
Author(s): Noor Nashriq Ramly; Ahmad Zuhairi Ismail; Mohd Haris Aziz; Nurul Haszeli Ahmad
Show Abstract
Modeling and analysis of web portals performance
Author(s): Rahela Abdul Rahim; Haslinda Ibrahim; Sharipah Soaad Syed Yahaya; Khairini Khalid
Enhancing the (MSLDIP) image steganographic method (ESLDIP method)
Author(s): Al-hussien Seddik Saad
Show Abstract
Output-feedback MRAC of networked control systems with network-induced delay
Author(s): A. H. Tahoun
Show Abstract
Application of Choquet integral in solving multi-attribute decision making problems
Author(s): Anath Rau Krishnan; Maznah Mat Kasim; Engku Muhammad Nazri Engku Abu Bakar
Show Abstract
Modeling and optimization of an elastic arthroplastic disc for a degenerated disc
Author(s): Azadeh Ghouchani; Mohammad Ravari; Farid Mahmoudi
Show Abstract
Identifying faces based on three-dimensional geometrical properties from a single 2D line drawing
Author(s): Xuedong Du; Li-na Yi
Show Abstract
Stereo vision-based obstacle detection using dense disparity map
Author(s): Chung-Hee Lee; Young-Chul Lim; Soon Kwon; Jonghwan Kim
Show Abstract
A new method of cardiographic image segmentation based on grammar
Author(s): Salah Hamdi; Asma Ben Abdallah; Mohamed Hedi Bedoui; Adel M. Alimi
Show Abstract
Oil fuel delivery optimization for multi product and multi depot: the case of petrol station replenishment problem (PSRP)
Author(s): Isti Surjandari; Amar Rachman; Fauzia Dianawati; R. Pramono Wibowo
Show Abstract
A new color space to discriminate skin regions using fuzzy quadratic programming
Author(s): Amir Mazaherie; Saeed Mirghasemi; Mojtaba Lotfizad
Show Abstract
Automatic image registration algorithm based on improved Harris corner detection
Author(s): Tengyuan Zhang; Yuesong Mei
Show Abstract
Region grow approach to detect anomalous shapes of spread of cell transformations from radiological images
Author(s): T. R. Gopalakrishnan Nair; Richa Sharma
Show Abstract
Strategic network design of Java Island fuel supply with production-transportation solution
Author(s): Fauzia Dianawati; - Farizal; Isti Surjandari; Rully Marzuli
Show Abstract
Modeling and optimization of cylindrical wire electro discharge machining of AISI D3 tool steel using non-dominated sorting genetic algorithm
Author(s): Abolfazl Golshan; Soheil Gohari; Amran Ayob
Show Abstract
Human age estimation using extended Gabor like-features
Author(s): Mohamed Y. El Dib; Bassam Sherif Abou Zaid
Show Abstract
Blurriness measurement in frequency domain for image quality assessment
Author(s): Qadri Muhammad Tahir; Mehmood Syed Noman; Aisha Tahir
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