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Advances in Display Technologies II
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Volume Number: 8280
Date Published: 9 February 2012

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Front Matter: Volume 8280
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
MgO:PPLN based green lasers for portable laser projectors
Author(s): Yang Lu; Qing-Yang Xu; Yi Gan; Chang-Qing Xu
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MgO:PPLN frequency doubling optical chips for green light generation: from lab research to mass production
Author(s): Chang-Qing Xu; Yi Gan; Jian Sun
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Fast switching liquid crystal display modes
Author(s): Lachezar Komitov; Gurumurthy Hegde
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Dual mode operation of fast switching liquid crystal devices
Author(s): Dong Han Song; Jung-Wook Kim; Min-Gyeong Jo; Ki-Han Kim; Ji-Hoon Lee; Tae-Hoon Yoon
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A fast-switching, contrast-enhanced liquid crystal polarization modulator for high-end, single-lens stereoscopic 3D projector applications
Author(s): Jesper Osterman; Chris Ward; Terry Scheffer
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Optical characterization of different types of 3D displays
Author(s): Pierre Boher; Thierry Leroux; Thibault Bignon; Véronique Collomb-Patton
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Three-dimensional floating display by a concave cylindrical mirror and rotational wedge prisms
Author(s): Gilbae Park; Jonghyun Kim; Keehoon Hong; Byoungho Lee
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Performance of correlated speckle patterns for speckle reduction in laser projectors
Author(s): Sigbjørn Vindenes Egge; Ulf Österberg; Astrid Aksnes
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High luminance tapered diode lasers for flying-spot display applications
Author(s): G. Blume; D. Feise; C. Kaspari; A. Sahm; K. Paschke
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Collimation of asymmetric laser diode at 450 nm using multimode fiber for speckle reduction through diffractive diffusers
Author(s): Weston Thomas; Christopher Middlebrook
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Temperature independent low voltage polymer stabilized blue phase liquid crystals
Author(s): E. Kemiklioglu; J. Y. Hwang; L.-C. Chien
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Pixel structure for higher optical efficiency in the patterned vertical alignment LC mode
Author(s): Byung Wok Park; Eun-Young Jeon; Ki-Han Kim; Dong Han Song; Ji-Hoon Lee; Gak Seok Lee; Ki-Chul Shin; Hee Seop Kim; Tae-Hoon Yoon
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Strategy for developing high efficiency backlight module for LCD
Author(s): Cheng-Huan Chen; Po-Hung Yao; Chun-Ruei Yang; Po-Chou Chen; Chi-Jui Chung; Po-Chun Lin; Chien-Li Wu; Cheng-Kuo Sung; Chien-Chung Fu; Meng-Chi Huang; Han-Ping Yang; Folcon Lin; Norio Sugiura
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Integrated optical means for micro holograms recording
Author(s): Kyungsuk P. Pyun; Andrew N. Putilin; Alexander V. Morozov
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Transfer-printing of colloidal quantum dots for full-color light-emitting displays
Author(s): Byoung Lyong Choi; Tae-Ho Kim; Kyung-Sang Cho; Eun Kyung Lee; Jung Woo Kim; Sang Yoon Lee; Jong Min Kim
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Designing low permeability, optical-grade silicone systems: guidelines for choosing a silicone based on transmission rates for barrier applications
Author(s): Michelle Velderrain
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Electrically-tunable optical zoom system by using liquid crystal lenses
Author(s): Yi-Hsin Lin; Ming-Syuan Chen; Hung-Chun Lin
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A thin porous substrate using bonded particles for reverse-emulsion electrophoretic displays
Author(s): M. Ahumada; M. Bryning; R. Cromer; M. Hartono; S. J. Lee
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Extremely simple holographic projection of color images
Author(s): Michal Makowski; Izabela Ducin; Karol Kakarenko; Jaroslaw Suszek; Andrzej Kolodziejczyk; Maciej Sypek
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Polymer waveguide technology for flexible display applications
Author(s): Yuuto Okuda; Ichiro Fujieda
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