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Terahertz Technology and Applications V
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Volume Number: 8261
Date Published: 13 March 2012

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Front Matter: Volume 8261
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Critical comparison of GaAs and InGaAs THz photoconductors
Author(s): M. Martin; E. R. Brown
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Portable terahertz spectrometer with InP related semiconductor photonic devices
Author(s): Kyung Hyun Park; Namje Kim; Hyunsung Ko; Han-Cheol Ryu; Jung-Woo Park; Sang-Pil Han; Min Yong Jeon
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Terahertz dynamic scanning reflectometry of soldier personal protective material
Author(s): Anis Rahman; Mark Mentzer
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Towards monolithically integrated CMOS cameras for active imaging with 600 GHz radiation
Author(s): Sebastian Boppel; Alvydas Lisauskas; Viktor Krozer; Hartmut G. Roskos
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Liquid crystals for terahertz technology
Author(s): Hongkyu Park; Fan Fan; Edward P. J. Parrot; Haewook Han; Vladimir G. Chigrinov; Emma MacPherson
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Miniature self-aligned external cavity tunable single frequency laser for THz generation
Author(s): Frank Havermeyer; Christophe Moser; Ronald T. Logan; Lawrence Ho; Joseph R. Demers
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Application of graphene membrane in micro-Golay cell array
Author(s): Elizabeth Ledwosinska; Thomas Szkopek; Abdeladim Guermoune; Mohamed Siaj
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THz lasing in InAs/GaSb broken-gap heterostructure devices and quantum-dot pillar arrays
Author(s): Dwight Woolard; Weidong Zhang
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Energy conversion efficiency calculation model for direct-bonding planar-waveguide THz emitters based on optical rectification effects in GaAs
Author(s): Tianxin Yang; Xuehui Niu; Junlong Wang; Mei Sang
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Long-term frequency and amplitude stability of a solid-nitrogen-cooled, continuous wave THz quantum cascade laser
Author(s): Andriy A. Danylov; Jerry Waldman; Alexander R. Light; Thomas M. Goyette; Robert H. Giles; Xifeng Qian; Neelima Chandrayan; William D. Goodhue; William E. Nixon
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Plasmon absorption in grating-coupled InP HEMT and graphene sheet for tunable THz detection
Author(s): Nima Nader Esfahani; R. E. Peale; Christopher J. Fredricksen; Justin W. Cleary; Joshua Hendrickson; Walter R. Buchwald; Ben D. Dawson; M. Ishigami
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New developments in waveguide mode-matching techniques for far- infrared astronomy
Author(s): J. Anthony Murphy; Stephen Doherty; Neil Trappe; Colm Bracken; Tully Peacocke; Creidhe O'Sullivan
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Doubly-corrugated spoof-insulator-spoof waveguides
Author(s): Mikhail A. Kats; David Woolf; Romain Blanchard; Nanfang Yu; Federico Capasso
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Wide-range broadband terahertz emission from high χ(2) dendrimer
Author(s): Anis Rahman; Aunik Rahman
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Thin-film platinum nanowires as sub-wavelength bolometers
Author(s): Pauline Renoux; Alice Beauny; Levente J. Klein; Hendrik F. Hamann; Snorri Ingvarsson
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One-half milliwatt 2.31 THz continuous-wave QCL operating at 77K
Author(s): Xifeng Qian; Neelima Chandrayan; Shivashankar R. Vangala; William D. Goodhue; Andriy A. Danylov; Jerry Waldman; Christopher Baird; Robert H. Giles; William E. Nixon
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Extending spectral coverage of BWOs combined with frequency multipliers to 2.6 THz
Author(s): Dylan Fast; Walter Hurlbut; Vladimir G. Kozlov
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Upper band operation of active photonic crystal terahertz lasers
Author(s): A. Benz; M. Brandstetter; C. Deutsch; H. Detz; A. M. Andrews; W. Schrenk; G. Strasser; K. Unterrainer
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Portable real-time THz imaging setup based on QC lasers
Author(s): Christopher Bonzon; Giacomo Scalari; Maria I. Amanti; Fabrizio Castellano; Dana Turcinkova; Mattias Beck; Jerome Faist
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Propagation loss optimization in metal/dielectric coated hollow flexible terahertz waveguides
Author(s): Pallavi Doradla; Cecil S. Joseph; Jayant Kumar; Robert H. Giles
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Thin Film Lithium Tantalate (TFLT) pyroelectric detectors
Author(s): Vincent Stenger; Michael Shnider; Sri Sriram; Donald Dooley; Mark Stout
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Metamaterial-based tunable absorber in the infrared regime
Author(s): Iftekhar O. Mirza; Shouyuan Shi; Ahmed Sharkawy; Dennis W. Prather
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Changing growth of neurites of sensory ganglion by terahertz radiation
Author(s): M. V. Tsurkan; O. A. Smolyanskaya; V. G. Bespalov; V. A. Penniyainen; A. V. Kipenko; E. V. Lopatina; B. V. Krylov
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Advances in biomedical imaging using THz technology with applications to burn-wound assessment
Author(s): Priyamvada Tewari; Colin Kealey; Shijun Sung; Ashkan Maccabi; Neha Bajwa; Rahul Singh; Martin Culjat; Alexander Stojadinovic; Warren Grundfest; Zachary D. Taylor
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Terahertz generation from quasi-phase matched gallium arsenide using a type II ring cavity optical parametric oscillator
Author(s): Patrick F. Tekavec; Walter C. Hurlbut; Vladimir G. Kozlov; Konstantin Vodopyanov
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Continuous-wave terahertz reflection imaging of ex vivo nonmelanoma skin cancers
Author(s): Cecil S. Joseph; Anna N. Yaroslavsky; Victor A. Neel; Thomas M. Goyette; Robert H. Giles
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THz time-domain spectroscopy in different carbon nanotube thin films
Author(s): Ehsan Dadrasnia; Horacio Lamela; Mohan-Babu Kuppam; Frédéric Garet; Jean-Louis Coutaz
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Laser-driven generation of intense single-cycle THz field
Author(s): Carlo Vicario; Clemens Ruchert; Fernando L. Ardana; Christoph P. Hauri
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Aberrations of the large aperture attenuating THz lenses
Author(s): Maciej Sypek; Jean-Louis Coutaz; Andrzej Kolodziejczyk; Michal Makowski; Jaroslaw Suszek
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THz transmission modulated by a dc-bias through GaN quantum well structure
Author(s): A. Penot; J. Torres; T. Laurent; R. Sharma; P. Nouvel; S. Blin; L. Varani; W. Knap; Y. Codier; M. Chmielowska; S. Chenot; J.-P. Faurie; B. Beaumont; P. Shiktorov; E. Starikov; V. Gruzinskis; V. V. Korotyeyev; V. A. Kochelap
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