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High Power Laser Materials Processing: Lasers, Beam Delivery, Diagnostics, and Applications
Editor(s): Eckhard Beyer; Timothy Morris
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Volume Number: 8239
Date Published: 15 February 2012
Softcover: 34 papers (324) pages
ISBN: 9780819488824

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 8239
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
The story of laser brazing technology
Author(s): Peter Hoffmann; Roland Dierken
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Innovations in laser cladding and direct metal deposition
Author(s): Frank Brückner; Steffen Nowotny; Christoph Leyens
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Structural strengthening of rocket nozzle extension by means of laser metal deposition
Author(s): M. Honoré; L. Brox; M. Hallberg
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Frequency doubled high-power disk lasers in pulsed and continuous-wave operation
Author(s): Sascha Weiler; Alexander Hangst; Christian Stolzenburg; Ivo Zawischa; Dirk Sutter; Alexander Killi; Steffen Kalfhues; Uwe Kriegshaeuser; Marco Holzer; David Havrilla
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Lasers for industrial production processing: tailored tools with increasing flexibility
Author(s): Wolfram Rath
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High-power transmission characterization of Chalcogenide glasses using a Tm:fiber laser system
Author(s): Pankaj Kadwani; Joshua Bradford; R. Andrew Sims; David Musgraves; Kathleen Richardson; Lawrence Shah; Martin C. Richardson
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Advantages of fibre lasers in 3D metal cutting and welding applications supported by a 'beam in motion (BIM)' beam delivery system
Author(s): Torsten Scheller; André Bastick; Martin Griebel
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T-joints of Ti alloys with hybrid laser-MIG welding: macro-graphic and micro-hardness analyses
Author(s): R. Spina; D. Sorgente; G. Palumbo; L. D. Scintilla; M. Brandizzi; A. A. Satriano; L. Tricarico
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Improvements of the welding performance of plasma arcs by a superimposed fibre laser beam
Author(s): Achim Mahrle; Sascha Rose; Michael Schnick; Thomas Pinder; Eckhard Beyer; Uwe Füssel
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Bead characterization of disk-laser butt welding of thin AA 2024 sheets
Author(s): Fabrizia Caiazzo; Vittorio Alfieri; Francesco Cardaropoli; Vincenzo Sergi
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Through the optical combiner monitoring in remote fiber laser welding of zinc coated steels
Author(s): Daniele Colombo; Bianca Maria Colosimo; Barbara Previtali; Daniele Bassan; Manuel Lai; Giovanni Masotti
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Identification of phase transformation using optical emission spectroscopy for direct metal deposition process
Author(s): Lijun Song; Cunshan Wang; Jyoti Mazumder
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The use of novel, direct diode lasers for large area hard-facing and high deposition rate cladding to enhance surface wear and corrosion resistance
Author(s): Stephen Brookshier; John Washko; Keith Parker; Frank Gaebler; Wolfgang Juchmann
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Laser heat treatment with latest system components
Author(s): Steffen Bonss; Jan Hannweber; Udo Karsunke; Stefan Kuehn; Marko Seifert; Eckhard Beyer
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Local heat treatment of high strength steels with zoom-optics and 10kW-diode laser
Author(s): Markus Baumann; Volker Krause; Georg Bergweiler; Martin Flaischerowitz; Janko Banik
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Multi-kW laser cladding using cylindrical collimators and square-formed fibers
Author(s): Mats Blomqvist; Stuart Campbell; Jyrki Latokartano; Jari Tuominen
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Wavelength dependency in high power laser cutting and welding
Author(s): David Havrilla; Stephan Ziermann; Marco Holzer
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Energy balance in disk and CO2 laser beam inert gas fusion cutting
Author(s): Leonardo Daniele Scintilla; Luigi Tricarico; Andreas Wetzig; Eckhard Beyer
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Applicability of various beam sources for high power laser cutting of non-oriented electrical steel
Author(s): René Siebert; Harry Thonig; Andreas Wetzig; Eckhard Beyer
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Tailor cutting of crystalline solar cells by laser micro jet
Author(s): F. Bruckert; E. Pilat; P. Piron; P. Torres; B. Carron; B. Richerzhagen; M. Pirot; R. Monna
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Combining remote ablation cutting and remote welding: opportunities and application areas
Author(s): Jan Musiol; Matthias Luetke; Markus Schweier; Jens Hatwig; Andreas Wetzig; Eckhard Beyer; Michael F. Zaeh
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Mid-infrared imaging Fourier transform spectrometry for high power fiber laser irradiated fiberglass composites
Author(s): R. I. Acosta; K. C. Gross; G. P. Perram
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Spectroscopic closed loop control of penetration depth in laser beam welding process
Author(s): Teresa Sibillano; Antonio Ancona; Domenico Rizzi; Francesco Mezzapesa; Ali Riza Konuk; Ronald Aarts; Bert Huis in 't Veld; Pietro Mario Lugarà
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NIR-camera-based online diagnostics of laser beam welding processes
Author(s): Friedhelm Dorsch; Holger Braun; Steffen Keßler; Dieter Pfitzner; Volker Rominger
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High-power fiber optic cable with integrated active sensors for live process monitoring
Author(s): Ola Blomster; Mats Blomqvist; Hans Bergstrand; Magnus Pålsson
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Beam delivery systems and processing heads for 1µm high brightness laser cutting systems
Author(s): H. Zimer; R. Niedrig; B. Wedel
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Unique beam delivery and processing tools for high power solid state laser processing
Author(s): Tracey Ryba; David Havrilla; Marco Holzer; Martin Bea
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Maximum uptime and minimum focus shift in high-power 1µm laser beam delivery
Author(s): T. Kugler
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Ultra low absorption glasses and optical coatings for reduced thermal focus shift in high power optics
Author(s): D. T. Carpenter; C. S. Wood; O. Lyngnes; N. G. Traggis
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Self-compensation of thermal lensing in optics for high-brightness solid-state lasers
Author(s): Stefan Piehler; Christiane Thiel; Andreas Voss; Marwan Abdou Ahmed; Thomas Graf
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Fabrication and characteristic of a multicore fiber for high power laser delivery
Author(s): Huifeng Wei; Su Chen; Jiang Li; Changwei Tang; Peiguang Yan
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Controlling the thermally induced focal shift in laser processing heads
Author(s): Jan-Philipp Negel; Felix Abt; David Blázquez-Sánchez; Armin Austerschulte; Margit Hafner; Thomas Liebig; Philipp von Strobl-Albeg; Rudolf Weber; Marwan Abdou Ahmed; Andreas Voss; Thomas Graf
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Study of a fiber laser assisted friction stir welding process
Author(s): G. Casalino; S. Campanelli; A. D. Ludovico; N. Contuzzi; A. Angelastro
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Parameters in selective laser melting for processing metallic powders
Author(s): Tomasz Kurzynowski; Edward Chlebus; Bogumiła Kuźnicka; Jacek Reiner
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