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Imaging, Manipulation, and Analysis of Biomolecules, Cells, and Tissues X
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Volume Number: 8225
Date Published: 14 March 2012
Softcover: 45 papers (374) pages
ISBN: 9780819488688

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Front Matter: Volume 8225
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Heavy metal stress detection and monitoring via LED-induced chlorophyll fluorescence analysis of Zea mays L. seedlings aimed at polluted soil phytoremediation
Author(s): Artur S. Gouveia-Neto; Elias A. Silva; Airon José da Silva; Clístenes W. A. do Nascimento
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Long-term measurement of spontaneous membrane fluctuations over a wide dynamic range in the living cell by low-coherent quantitative phase microscopy
Author(s): Toyohiko Yamauchi; Takashi Sakurai; Hidenao Iwai; Yutaka Yamashita
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Rotation of microscopic objects in fiber optic trap
Author(s): Bryan J. Black; Samarendra K. Mohanty
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Multispectral optical tweezers for molecular diagnostics of single biological cells
Author(s): Corey Butler; Shima Fardad; Alex Sincore; Marie Vangheluwe; Matthieu Baudelet; Martin Richardson
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Phase resolved and coherence gated en face reflection imaging of multilayered embryonal carcinoma cells
Author(s): Toyohiko Yamauchi; Tadashi Fukami; Hidenao Iwai; Yutaka Yamashita
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Label-free multiphoton fluorescence imaging monitors metabolism in living primary human cells used for tissue engineering
Author(s): Leng-Chun Chen; William R. Lloyd; Shiuhyang Kuo; Cynthia L. Marcelo; Stephen E. Feinberg; Mary-Ann Mycek
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Investigation for the differentiation process of mouse ES cells by Raman spectroscopy
Author(s): Yoshinori Yamaguchi; Maha A. El-Hagrasy; Eiichi Shimizu; Masato Saito; Eiichi Tamiya
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A new diagnostic tool based on diffusion reflection measurements of gold nanoparticles
Author(s): Rinat Ankri; Hamootal Duadi; Dror Fixler
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mb-FLIM: model-based fluorescence lifetime imaging
Author(s): Qiaole Zhao; Ian Ted Young; Raymond Schouten; Sjoerd Stallinga; Kees Jalink; Sander de Jong
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MEM-FLIM: all-solid-state camera for fluorescence lifetime imaging
Author(s): Qiaole Zhao; Ian Ted Young; Ben Schelen; Raymond Schouten; Rein van den Oever; René Leenen; Harry van Kuijk; Inge Peters; Frank Polderdijk; Jan Bosiers; Kees Jalink; Sander de Jong; Bert van Geest; Karel Stoop
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Quality testing of an innovative cascade separation system for multiple cell separation
Author(s): Arkadiusz Pierzchalski; Aleksandra Moszczynska; Bernd Albrecht; Jan-Michael Heinrich; Attila Tarnok
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In vivo cell tracking and quantification method in adult zebrafish
Author(s): Li Zhang; Clemens Alt; Pulin Li; Richard M. White; Leonard I. Zon; Xunbin Wei; Charles P. Lin
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A cost-effective analog method to produce time-gated luminescence images
Author(s): Robert C. Leif; Sean Yang; Yiqing Lu; Dayong Jin; Stephen Chambers
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Towards a colony counting system using hyperspectral imaging
Author(s): B. Masschelein; A. Robles-Kelly; C. Blanch; N. Tack; B. Simpson-Young; A. Lambrechts
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The effects of different gold standards on the accuracy of optical coherence tomography
Author(s): Christopher N. Copeland; Audrey K. Ellerbee
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Comparison of quantitative flow cytometric data provided by panels with lower and increased color number
Author(s): József Bocsi; Anja Mittag; Arkadiusz Pierzchalski; Adolf Baumgartner; Ingo Dähnert; Attila Tárnok
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Diffusion properties of single FoF1-ATP synthases in a living bacterium unraveled by localization microscopy
Author(s): Marc Renz; Torsten Rendler; Michael Börsch
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Sparsity reconstruction for bioluminescence tomography based on an augmented Lagrangian method
Author(s): Wei Guo; Kebin Jia; Jie Tian; Dong Han; Xueyan Liu; Kai Liu; Qian Zhang; Jinchao Feng; Chenghu Qin
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Raman imaging of alkyne as a small tag for biological molecules
Author(s): Katsumasa Fujita; Hiroyuki Yamakoshi; Kosuke Dodo; Almar Palonpon; Masaya Okada; Jun Ando; Satoshi Kawata; Mikiko Sodeoka
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Two-photon cryomicroscope
Author(s): H. G. Breunig; C. Köhler; K. König
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Extraction of masked fluorescence peaks through synchronous fluorescence spectroscopy
Author(s): Seema Devi; Meghdoot Mozumder; Nirmalya Ghosh; Asima Pradhan
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Water's contribution and enzyme's work: a KITA study
Author(s): Benjamin Born; Irit Sagi; Martina Havenith
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Inhomogeneous Monte Carlo simulations of dermoscopic spectroscopy
Author(s): Daniel S. Gareau; Ting Li; Steven Jacques; James Krueger
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Raman spectroscopic study of keratin 8 knockdown oral squamous cell carcinoma derived cells
Author(s): S. P. Singh; Hunain Alam; Crismita Dmello; Milind M. Vaidya; C. Murali Krishna
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Multiphoton spectroscopy of human skin in vivo
Author(s): Hans G. Breunig; Martin Weinigel; Karsten König
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Multimodal in vivo MRI and NIRF imaging of bladder tumor using peptide conjugated glycol chitosan nanoparticles
Author(s): Jaehong Key; Deepika Dhawan; Deborah W.. Knapp; Kwangmeyung Kim; Ick Chan Kwon; Kuiwon Choi; James F. Leary
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Multimodal optical setup for nonlinear and fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopies: improvement on a commercial confocal inverted microscope
Author(s): V. B. Pelegati; J. Adur; A. A. de Thomaz; D. B. Almeida; M. O. Baratti; H. F. Carvalho; C. L. Cesar
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Realization of an endoscope equipped with microprojection system for optogenetics
Author(s): Ryan Baumgartner; Ryan Falk; Ramin Pashaie
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LED induced chlorophyll fluorescence signatures from leaves of Saccharum officinarum seedlings under water deficit stress
Author(s): Artur S. Gouveia-Neto; Elias A. Silva; Ronaldo A. Oliveira; Patrícia C. Cunha; Ernande B. Costa; Terezinha J. R. Câmara; Lilia G. Willadino
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Hydrogen peroxide induces apoptosis via a mitochondrial pathway in chondrocytes
Author(s): Cai-ping Zhuang; Qian Liang; Xiao-ping Wang; Tong-sheng Chen
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Combining nanoscale optical phenomena with atomic force microscopy for cellular studies
Author(s): Sina Amini; Zhe Sun; Gerald A. Meininger; Kenith E. Meissner
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Milk phospholipid's protective effects against UV damage in skin equivalent models
Author(s): Carl Dargitz; Ashley Russell; Michael Bingham; Zyra Achay; Rafael Jimenez-Flores; Lily H. Laiho
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Biological imaging with high dynamic range using compressive imaging technique
Author(s): Mehrdad Abolbashari; Gelareh Babaie; Filipe Magalhães; Miguel V. Correia; Francisco M. Araújo; Awad S. Gerges; Faramarz Farahi
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Single optical fiber probe for optogenetics
Author(s): Ryan Falk; Mohammad Habibi; Ramin Pashaie
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Dual coupled radiative transfer equation and diffusion approximation for the solution of the forward problem in fluorescence molecular imaging
Author(s): Dimitris Gorpas; Stefan Andersson-Engels
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Spectrally resolved visualization of fluorescent dyes permeating into skin
Author(s): Ulf Maeder; Thorsten Bergmann; Sebastian Beer; Jan Michael Burg; Thomas Schmidts; Frank Runkel; Martin Fiebich
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Live cardiomyocyte imaging via hybrid TPEF-SHG microscopy
Author(s): Honghai Liu; Wan Qin; Yonghong Shao; Qiuying Liu; Zhen Ma; Thomas K. Borg; Bruce Z. Gao
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Classification of retinopathic injury using image cytometry and vasculature complexity
Author(s): K. Staniszewski; R. Sepehr; C. M. Sorenson; N. Sheibani; M. Ranji
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Threshold-free method for three-dimensional segmentation of organelles
Author(s): Yee-Hung M. Chan; Wallace F. Marshall
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Optical cryo-imaging of kidney mitochondrial redox state in diabetic mice models
Author(s): S. Maleki; R. Sepehr; K. Staniszewski; N. Sheibani; C. M. Sorenson; M. Ranji
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Investigation of shape memory of red blood cells using optical tweezers and quantitative phase microscopy
Author(s): Nelson Cardenas; Samarendra K. Mohanty
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Multispectral angular domain imaging with a tunable pulsed laser
Author(s): Eldon Ng; Fartash Vasefi; Jeffrey J. L. Carson
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Tissue imaging with a stigmatic mass microscope using laser desorption/ionization
Author(s): Kunio Awazu; Hisanao Hazama; Tomonori Hamanaka; Jun Aoki; Michisato Toyoda; Yasuhide Naito
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Dynamic focus optical coherence tomography: feasibility for improved basal cell carcinoma investigation
Author(s): M. R. Nasiri-Avanaki; Ahmed Aber; S. A. Hojjatoleslami; Mano Sira; John B. Schofield; Carole Jones; A. Gh. Podoleanu
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Kynetic resazurin assay (KRA) for bacterial quantification of foodborne pathogens
Author(s): Yaxal Arenas; Arkady Mandel; Lothar Lilge
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