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Frontiers in Biological Detection: From Nanosensors to Systems IV
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Volume Number: 8212
Date Published: 24 February 2012

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Front Matter: Volume 8212
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Polymer-coated surface enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) gold nanoparticles for multiplexed labeling of chronic lymphocytic leukemia cells
Author(s): Christina M. MacLaughlin; Edward P. K. Parker; Gilbert C. Walker; Chen Wang
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Lipid-encapsulation of surface enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) nanoparticles and targeting to chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) cells
Author(s): Shell Y. Ip; Christina M. MacLaughlin; Nisa Mullaithilaga; Michelle Joseph; Samantha Wala; Chen Wang; Gilbert C. Walker
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Highly-sensitive anisotropic porous silicon based optical sensors
Author(s): Jesús Álvarez; Paolo Bettotti; Neeraj Kumar; Isaac Suárez; Daniel Hill; Juan Martínez-Pastor
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Photonic crystal microcavity engineering and high-density bio-patterning for chip-integrated microarray applications
Author(s): Swapnajit Chakravarty; Wei-Cheng Lai; Yi Zou; Ray T. Chen
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Experimental demonstration of application of ring down measurement approach to microcavities for biosensing
Author(s): M. Imran Cheema; Simin Mehrabani; Ahmad A. Hayat; Francis Vanier; Yves-Alain Peter; Andrea M. Armani; Andrew G. Kirk
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Optofluidics in bio-chemical analysis
Author(s): Yunbo Guo; Xudong Fan
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Optoelectronic tweezers for medical diagnostics
Author(s): Clemens Kremer; Steven Neale; Anoop Menachery; Mike Barrett; Jonathan M. Cooper
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Optofluidic surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy with nanoparticle-functionalized flow-through multihole capillary
Author(s): Yunbo Guo; Maung Kyaw Khaing Oo; Karthik Reddy; Xudong Fan
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A microflow cytometer for optical analysis of phytoplankton
Author(s): Joel P. Golden; Nastaran Hashemi; Jeffrey S. Erickson; Frances S. Ligler
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Micro flow cytometer with 3D hydrodynamic focusing
Author(s): Genni Testa; Romeo Bernini
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Integrated optical sensor array for biochemical multiparameter analysis
Author(s): Daniel Pergande; Peter Lützow; Sophie Huscher; Dominik Gausa; Helmut Heidrich
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Xerogel-nanocrystallite hybrids for optical sensing
Author(s): Ian J. Horner; Nadine D. Kraut; Randi E. Deuro; Justin M. Reynard; Caley A. Caras; Frank V. Bright
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Computer-based classification of bacteria species by analysis of their colonies Fresnel diffraction patterns
Author(s): Agnieszka Suchwalko; Igor Buzalewicz; Halina Podbielska
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Impedance spectroscopy of food mycotoxins
Author(s): Oleksandr I. Bilyy; Roman Ya. Yaremyk; Ihor Ya. Kotsyumbas; Halyna I. Kotsyumbas
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