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Pacific Rim Laser Damage 2011: Optical Materials for High Power Lasers
Editor(s): Jianda Shao
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Volume Number: 8206
Date Published: 12 January 2012
Softcover: 43 papers (408) pages
ISBN: 9780819488480

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 8206
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
3D microstructuring inside glass by ultrafast laser
Author(s): Koji Sugioka; Yasutaka Hanada; Katsumi Midorikawa; Hiroyuki Kawano; Ikuko S. Ishikawa; Atsushi Miyawaki
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Progress on the optical materials and components for the high power laser system in China
Author(s): Jian-da Shao; Ya-ping Dai; Qiao Xu
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Laser-induced fluorescence of fused silica irradiated by ArF excimer laser
Author(s): Qihong Lou; Haibo Zhang; Zhijun Yuan; Jun Zhou
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Surface and interface study of SiO2-x coated InP/InGaAs/InGaAsP semiconductor laser microstructures processed in the soft KrF laser irradiation regime
Author(s): Neng Liu; Sonia Blais; Jan J. Dubowski
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Subpicosecond laser breakdown in optical thin films
Author(s): W. Rudolph; L. A. Emmert; D. Nguyen; C. Karras; Z. Sun; R. Weber
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The laser induced damage of multilayer optical films
Author(s): Qiang Xu; Wei Zhang; Yang Liu
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Heat conductivity of particle stacking structured SiO2 porous film
Author(s): Zhilin Xia; Yuting Wu
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Investigation of laser-induced damage threshold of hafnia/silica high reflectors at 1064 nm
Author(s): Wanjun Ai; Shengming Xiong
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Coupling effect of multi-wavelength lasers in damage performance of multilayer mirrors at 355 nm and 1064 nm
Author(s): Lei Yan; Chaoyang Wei; Dawei Li; Guohang Hu; Zhengxiu Fan
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Properties of niobium oxide films deposited by pulsed DC reactive magnetron sputtering
Author(s): Yuchuan Shao; Kui Yi; Ming Fang; Junchao Zhang
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Effect of the deposition processes on the micro-defects and laser-induced damage threshold of thin films
Author(s): Dongping Zhang; Ping Fan; Guangxing Liang; Ting Zhang; Xingmin Cai; Rengui Huang
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Laser-induced damage of multilayer dielectric for broadband pulse compression grating
Author(s): Fanyu Kong; Shunli Chen; Shijie Liu; Yunxia Jin; Heyuan Guan; Ying Du; Chaoyang Wei; Hongbo He; Kui Yi
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Laser-induced damage properties of antireflective porous glasses
Author(s): Ying Du; Hongbo He; Yunxia Jin; Meiping Zhu; Fanyu Kong; Heyuan Guan
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Comparative investigation of damage performance on K9 and SiO2 under 1064-nm nanosecond laser irradiation
Author(s): Hongjie Liu; Fengrui Wang; Zhen Zhang; Jin Huang; Xinda Zhou; Xiaodong Jiang; Weidong Wu; Wanguo Zheng
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Research for ultra-short pulse ablation of dielectric film mirror
Author(s): Zhimin Xiong; Panzheng Zhang; Youen Jiang; Xiaochao Wang; Dajie Huang; Wei Fan; Xuechun Li
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Incubation effect of laser-induced surface damage of HfO2/SiO2 HR coating in the femto-nanosecond region
Author(s): Shunli Chen; Yuanan Zhao; Fanyu Kong; Dawei Li; Hongbo He; Jianda Shao
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Mechanical polishing to improve uniformity of beam sampling grating and its effects on laser-induced damage
Author(s): Huanle Rao; Zhengkun Liu; Ying Liu; Shaojun Fu
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Multiple-defect coupling effect of nanosecond-pulsed laser-induced damage in fused silica
Author(s): Z. Yu; H. Qi; Y. Zhao; H. He
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Analysis of subsurface damage during fabrication process and its removal
Author(s): Kun Xiao; Lei Bao; Wei Wang; Jianqiang Zhu
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Laser plasma effects on surface damage characteristics of silicon
Author(s): Jinghua Han; Weixing Fan; Yaguo Li; Liming Yang; Guoying Feng; Xiang Gao; Yanyan Liu; Lingdong Bao; Yongzhong Huang
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Study of dust-pollution-induced laser damage on fused silica surface
Author(s): Xinda Zhou; Jin Huang; Fengrui Wang; Hongjie Liu; Xiaodong Jiang
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Reduction of the 355-nm laser-induced damage initiators by removing the subsurface cracks in fused silica
Author(s): Minghong Yang; Hongji Qi; Yuanan Zhao; Kui Yi
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Silica ablation process induced by focused laser plasma soft x-rays
Author(s): Tetsuya Makimura; Shuichi Torii; Hiroyuki Niino; Kouichi Murakami
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Progress in advanced laser processing for manufacturing of high efficiency silicon solar cells
Author(s): Jian Chen; Li Chen; Zhouling Wu; Junhong Yang; Yunfeng Ma
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Efficient surface processing by ultrafast XUV/NIR dual action
Author(s): T. Mocek; K. Jakubczak; J. Chalupsky; S. B. Park; G. H. Lee; T. K. Kim; C. H. Nam; V. Hajkova; M. Toufarova; L. Gemini; D. Margarone; L. Juha; B. Rus
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Direct and absolute absorption measurements in optical materials and coatings by laser-induced deflection (LID) technique
Author(s): Ch. Mühlig
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Relevance of the choice of diagnostic methods to investigate laser damage resistance in optical material
Author(s): Jean-Yves Natoli; Frank Wagner; Laurent Gallais; Mireille Commandré
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Image denoising based on wavelet transform algorithm
Author(s): Yan Ha; Xiaofei Wang; Miao Wang; Qian Su; Yue Shi
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Measurement of losses in optical components using filtered optical feedback cavity ring down technique
Author(s): Zhechao Qu; Bincheng Li; Yanling Han
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Investigation of optical surface damage detection with laser-induced fluorescence microscopy
Author(s): Zhixing Gao; Xiuzhang Tang
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Extrapolation of small area test of laser induced damage to large area test
Author(s): Wei Wang; Dean Liu; Jie Miao; Junyong Zhang; Pingping Sun; Yanli Zhang; Kun Xiao; Jianqiang Zhu
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Micro-domain controlled anisotropic laser ceramics assisted by rare-earth trivalent
Author(s): Yoichi Sato; Jun Akiyama; Takunori Taira
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Investigation on the visible emission properties of Tm: Y2O3 transparent ceramic
Author(s): Qing Yi; Shengming Zhou; Taiju Tsuboi; Hui Lin; Hao Teng
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Study on the relation between optical scattering and porosity in transparent Nd/Yb:YAG ceramics
Author(s): Guoxi Jin; Benxue Jiang; Yanping Zeng; Jiang Li; Wenbing Liu; Jing Liu; Yubai Pan; Dazhi Sun
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Composite YAG/Nd:YAG transparent ceramics for high-power lasers
Author(s): Jiang Li; Wenbin Liu; Jing Liu; Yanping Zeng; Xuewei Ba; Benxue Jiang; Yiqiang Shen; Liang Wang; Guoxi Jin; Qiang Liu; Yubai Pan; Jingkun Guo
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Selection of different sintering aids and morphology modification of the Y2O3 powders for Yb3+:Y3Al5O12 transparent ceramics
Author(s): Chong Chen; Shengming Zhou; Hui Lin; Qing Yi
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Structural and spectral investigations on heavily Er3+ doped RETaO4 (RE = Sc, Y, Gd, Lu) polycrystalline powders
Author(s): Pengyu Zhou; Qingli Zhang; Kaijie Ning; Huajun Yang; Dunlu Sun; Jianqiao Luo; Shaotang Yin
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Czochralski growth and optical investigations of Er3+:GdTaO4 laser crystal
Author(s): Huajun Yang; Qingli Zhang; Pengyu Zhou; Kaijie Ning; Jinyun Gao; Ye He; Jianqiao Luo; Dunlu Sun; Shaotang Yin
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Preparation, crystal structure, spectra and energy levels of the trivalent ytterbium ion doped into rare earth stannates
Author(s): Kaijie Ning; Qingli Zhang; Dunlu Sun; Shaotang Yin; Haihe Jiang
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Study on the properties of the DKDP crystal with different deuterium content
Author(s): Mingxia Xu; Zhengping Wang; Baoan Liu; Shaohua Ji; Xun Sun; Xinguang Xu
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Study on fourth harmonic generation of DKDP crystal
Author(s): Shaohua Ji; Shaojun Zhang; Mingxia Xu; Baoan Liu; Lili Zhu; Lisong Zhang; Xinguang Xu; Zhengping Wang; Xun Sun
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Laser damage threshold and nonlinear optical properties of large aperture elements of YCOB crystal
Author(s): Yanqing Zheng; Anhua Wu; Pan Gao; Xiaoniu Tu; Xiaoyan Liang; Jing Hou; Liming Yang; Tao Wang; Liejia Qian; Erwei Shi
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Study of the laser-induced damage in DKDP crystal
Author(s): Baoan Liu; Lailin Ji; Guohang Hu; Yuanan Zhao; Mingxia Xu; Shaohua Ji; Lili Zhu; Lisong Zhang; Zhengping Wang; Xun Sun; Xinguang Xu
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