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Proceedings of SPIE Volume 8205

2011 International Conference on Photonics, 3D-Imaging, and Visualization
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Volume Number: 8205
Date Published: 31 October 2011
Softcover: 127 papers (730) pages
ISBN: 9780819488473

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 8205
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Remote sensing data parallel processing base on cloud platform
Author(s): Haitao Wei; Yunyan Du; Chunjin Zhang; Wang Xin
A novel electronic travel aid for the blind
Author(s): Ying Jie; Tian Niu
Calculation of the vignetting distribution caused by the reflective four-sided pyramid
Author(s): Gongpu Lan; Renjie Zhao; Fuqiang Zhuang; Wenli Ma; Xiaodong Gao; Wei Liang
Adaptive multi-resolution halftone image embedding
Author(s): Shuangshuang Wen; Guangxue Chen; Zhen Liu; Qifeng Chen; Ruixin Xu
Research of the metal Cr accumulation in plant leaves using laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy
Author(s): Qiumei Peng; Muhua Liu; Mingyin Yao; Tianbing Chen
An objective visibility threshold measurement method for asymmetric stereoscopic images
Author(s): Shanbo Gu; Feng Shao; Gangyi Jiang; Fucui Li; Mei Yu
Virtual assembly of the gear reducer based on VRML
Author(s): Xiangzhong Feng
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A compact designed receiver for Molecular Doppler lidar
Author(s): Fahua Shen; Dongsong Sun
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Unstructured road segmentation based on Otsu-entropy method
Author(s): Chaoxia Shi; Yanqing Wang; Hanxiang Liu; Jingyu Yang
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Motion planning in unstructured road for intelligent vehicle with long-range perception
Author(s): Chaoxia Shi; Yanqing Wang; Jingyu Yang; Hanxiang Liu
Virtual view rendering with pre-processing of depth map
Author(s): Linwei Zhu; Mei Yu; Ting Luo; Fucui Li; Songyin Fu; Zongju Peng; Feng Shao
Nonlinear calibration with genetic optimizing RBF neural network
Author(s): Wu Wang; Li-Hui Guo; Xiao-bo Jiao
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Elements of strategic capability for software outsourcing enterprises based on the resource
Author(s): Wengeng Shi
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Analysis on land-use spatial structure in loess hilly regions based on quantitative geographic model: a case study of Tianshui City
Author(s): Pei-ji Shi; Xue-bin Zhang; Jun Luo
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GIS-based statistical analysis of population spatial distribution patterns, taking Gansu Province as an example
Author(s): Pei-ji Shi; Bao Wang; Jian-fang Kang
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An image binarization method based on dynamic gradient and global threshold
Author(s): Zhangli Lan; Jing Wang; Hong Zhang; Lina Xiang
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Comparative analysis based on factor analysis of integrate production capacity of foodstuff in main foodstuff provinces
Author(s): Dehua Zhang; Huiqiu Zhou
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Comparative analysis on influential factors of foodstuff producing in main foodstuff provinces
Author(s): Huiqiu Zhou; Dehua Zhang
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Construction of opening regional geological hazards risk assessment system
Author(s): Jixiang Zhu; Lizhong Zhang; Xiaoyuan Zhou; Qian Wang
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Coherent integration based T/4 fractionally spaced multi-modulus blind equalization algorithm
Author(s): Yingge Han; Yecai Guo; Xiuli Gong
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MLP2P: to build multilayer peer-to-peer search topology
Author(s): Zhenhua Tan; Zhiliang Zhu; Guangming Yang
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Export industry structure upgrading and China's vertical specialization
Author(s): Yinghua Meng
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Stochastic resonance in an over-damped nonlinear oscillator subject to white noise
Author(s): Yu-rong Zhou; Zheng-you He
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Design and implement of pack filter module base on embedded firewall
Author(s): Libo Tian; Chen Wang; Shunbo Yang
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A novel 6-DOF parallel robot and its pose errors compensation
Author(s): Zhixin Shi; Meiyan Ye; Yufeng Luo
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Characteristics of complementary sequence sets and proof of bridge function sequences' complementarity
Author(s): Jinshan Di; Tianlong Song; Qing Chang; Sheng Hong; Qishan Zhang
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Traffic flow collection wireless sensor network node for intersection light control
Author(s): Xu Li; Xue Li
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Design of the high-precision frequency-hopping signal source based on DDS
Author(s): Shuang Zhao; Guiying Li; Xingguang Li
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Steering wheel angle filtering based on wavelet transform
Author(s): Wei Chen; Xu Li; Xiang Song; Jiahe Yu; Weigong Zhang
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Steady-state MSE analysis of the multimodulus blind equalization algorithm in QAM communication systems
Author(s): Wei Rao
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Zoning of highway flood-triggering environment for highway in Fuling District, Chongqing
Author(s): Qing-mei Qin; Hong-mei Tang; Hong-kai Chen
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Study of the model of dynamic balance in low-speed based on Labview
Author(s): Rui Wu; Zhou Wan; Zhongguo Jing; Xin Xiong
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Experimental study on stress-magnetic effect of cable
Author(s): Jianming Yuan; Xinjun Wu
Towards ubiquitous computing in Indonesia: automated bus system
Author(s): Dewi Agushinta R.; Astie Darmayantie; Hauliza Rindhayanti; Jessica Permatasari; D. Suryadi H. S
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Longitudinal motion prediction of hybrid monohull considering three-dimensional viscous correction
Author(s): Xujie Wang; Jide Li; Chuan Qi
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A novel body motion model based personal dead-reckoning system
Author(s): Zhiyu Xiang; Baozhen Qi; Jiafeng Wang
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On conformance tests for IEEE PC 37.238 compliant devices
Author(s): Jiang Wei; Yang Fan; Jason Gao; Haisheng Zhao
Study on the E-commerce platform based on the agent
Author(s): Ruixue Fu; Lishuan Qin; Yinmin Gao
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Study on compensation algorithm of head skew in hard disk drives
Author(s): Yong Xiao; Xiaoyu Ge; Jingna Sun; Xiaoyan Wang
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A cross-domain communication resource scheduling method for grid-enabled communication networks
Author(s): Xiangquan Zheng; Xiang Wen; Yongding Zhang
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Study of controlling parameters of simulated annealing for constrained optimization problems
Author(s): Tian Li; Wenhua Chen; Lishao Zhang
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Planning and design of PGIS in Shanghai sub-civic center
Author(s): Baoyu Zhang; Yan Tao; Fei Gao
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Contribution analysis of bus pass-by noise based on dynamic transfer path method
Author(s): Haitao Liu; Sifa Zheng; Peng Hao; Xiaomin Lian
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Control and formation flying for the quadrotor UAV
Author(s): Zhiyong Tang; Longlong He; Zhongcai Pei
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Adaptive control based on neural network for uncertain space robot
Author(s): Zhiyong Tang; Shao He; Mingyi Yang; Zhongcai Pei
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Survivability analysis for continuous data protection system based on SMP
Author(s): Qi Xiong; Hui Liu; Lin Liu; Shizhong Wu
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Recommendation advertising method based on behavior retargeting
Author(s): Yao Zhao; Xin-Chun YIN; Zhi-Min CHEN
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Relevance model in information retrieval based on information science perspective
Author(s): Dan Zeng
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A simulation system of grid-enabled communication network capable of joint scheduling of cross-domain communication resources
Author(s): Xiang Wen; Xiangquan Zheng
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NetWall distributed firewall in the use of campus network
Author(s): Junhua He; Pengshuai Zhang
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Study on the optimum power allocation algorithm based on adaptive allocation technology
Author(s): Ming Yang; Zhendong Li; Weiguo Di; Xiaoping Wang
Research and design on system of asset management based on RFID
Author(s): Peng Guan; HuaiChang Du; Hua Jing; MengYue Zhang; Meng Zhang; GuiXian Xu
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Neuro-ethics: a research report from Chinese investigation
Author(s): Jianfeng Hu; Tangsheng Wang; Jinhai Yin; Yongxia Wang
A target mask matrix based moving object tracking method
Author(s): Yong Zhou; Yi Li
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Research in trust-based user cooperation model
Author(s): Wu Liu; Ping Ren; Hai-xin Duan; Jian-ping Wu
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Design of penicillin fermentation process simulation system
Author(s): Xiaoyu Qi; Zhonghu Yuan; Xiaoxuan Qi; Wenqi Zhang
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Research of China investment environment evaluation
Author(s): Xiang Fang; Zhiqian Yu
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Calculation and application of the transportation network distance supported by GIS
Author(s): Yongfu Li; Hongying Cao
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Uncertain induction of knowledge based on cloud model in complex system simulation
Author(s): Hongli Wang
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Cooperative multiple target assignment of submunitions based on Chaos-PSO algorithm
Author(s): Xuzhong Wu; Shengjing Tang; Jiao Shi
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Research and analysis on the chamber structure of large-scale navigation lock
Author(s): Qiulin Cao; Lei Chen
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The development model of software product line based AOP
Author(s): JingHai Yin
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Study on the parameters of surface potential barrier of NEA GaAs photocathode
Author(s): Jun Niu; Dayong Huang; Yijun Zhang; Benkang Chang
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Investigation for digital speckle correlation method based on improved genetic algorithm
Author(s): Ting Zhang; Haoyuan Chen; Xiankun Yang; Xitao Zheng
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The design of the wireless access bridge based on the embedded system
Author(s): He Huang; Zhifu Zhu
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Study on wind environment of Sanshui River Bridge site
Author(s): Hua Bai; Hong Bai
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New spatial diversity equalizer based on PLL
Author(s): Wei Rao
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A resource management architecture based on complex network theory in cloud computing federation
Author(s): Zehua Zhang; Xuejie Zhang
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Concurrent constant modulus algorithm and multi-modulus algorithm scheme for high-order QAM signals
Author(s): Wei Rao
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Study on development and application of platform with students' safety based on SOA
Author(s): Derong Jiang
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Design of active disturbance rejection controller for the hydraulic APC system of the rolling mill
Author(s): Ruicheng Zhang; Zhikun Chen
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Automatic flatness control strategy with a Smith predictor for steel strip rolling
Author(s): Ruicheng Zhang; Xin Zheng
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Homogeneity and internal defects detect of infrared Se-based chalcogenide glass
Author(s): Zupana Li; Ligang Wu; Changgui Lin; Bao'an Song; Xunsi Wang; Xiang Shen; Shixunb Dai
Knowledge and data engineering for analyzing the quality of education using fuzzy logic
Author(s): Bogart Yail Márquez; Sergio Valdés-Pasarón; Luis Gaxiola
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Study of PID neural network control based on phase-shifted full-bridge CPT system
Author(s): Lihong He; Yingying Guo; Guangyan Sun
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Design and modeling of XYθ H type stage using 1 rotational DOF flexure joint
Author(s): Kyoungchon Kim; Daegab Gweon; Namryoung Choi; Dongpyo Hong
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The establishment of the evaluation model for pupil's lunch suppliers
Author(s): Chih-Yao Lo; Cheng-I Hou; Rosa Ma
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Adsorption efficiency of cesium during the activation process for NEA GaAs photocathode
Author(s): Jun Niu; Ge Zhang; Yijun Zhang; Benkang Chang
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Study on corporate social responsibility evaluation system based on stakeholder theory
Author(s): J. Ma; Liming Deng
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Analysis on online word-of-mouth of customer satisfaction in cultural and creative industries of Taiwan: using crafts as an example
Author(s): Li-Fen Tsai; Jing-Chi Shaw; Pei-Wen Wang; Meng-Long Shih; Min-Chieh Yang
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The design of the elevator control based on PLC
Author(s): Yanling Zheng; Xin Ning; Zhankui Wang
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Research of liquid level control system based on internal model control
Author(s): Gaohua Chen; Jinggang Zhang; Zhicheng Zhao
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Development and application of the urban environment geological survey data inspection and acceptance system
Author(s): Zizhao Cai; Yongbo Zhang; Lizhong Zhang; Guoling Lang; Qian Wang; Xiaoyuan Zhou; Zhibin Huo; Wei Wang; Lei Shi
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On the management and operation of enterprises intangible asset
Author(s): Yu Zhu; Hong Wang
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An algorithm of spatial association rules mining used in mobile computing
Author(s): Chengsheng Tu
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Detection for steganography based on Hilbert Huang Transform
Author(s): Suyan Wu; Wenbo Li; Yanqin Shi
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HRDFS design of high-resolution red-ray optical disk authoring system
Author(s): Linyi Li; Chenxi H.; Jianpin Xiong; Cheng Ma
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Two dimension double PCA for extracting features and application based on between-class scatter matrix
Author(s): Ruiping Zhang; Dongsheng Li
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Package research based on COM+ technical of web service
Author(s): Xiaoyue Liu; Liang Du
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Design of a photonic crystal optical limiter using nonlinear Kerr effect
Author(s): Mohammad Danaie; Hassan Kaatuzian; Hossein Shokri Kojori
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Research of navigation path planning algorithm in virtual scene
Author(s): Xiaoyue Liu; Xueying Liu
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Research on distributed QOS routing algorithm based on TCP/IP
Author(s): Xiaoyue Liu; Yongqiang Chen
An investigation of digital creative of the Chih-Kan-Tower
Author(s): Hsiao-Man Lin; Fang-Chuan Lu; J. C. Tsai
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A feasibility study of an easy way to measure melamine
Author(s): Wen-hao Zhang; Bao-jin Peng; Chi-ting Li; Rui-Ting Xu
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Embodied intervention reduce depression
Author(s): Dong-Qing Song; Xin Bi; Ying Fu
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Ocean vertical sustained observations by a moored underwater energy conserving system
Author(s): Si-ren Li; Yong-hua Chen
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Prediction of wastewater treatment plants performance based on artificial fish school neural network
Author(s): Ruicheng Zhang; Chong Li
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Design and realization of an automatic weather station at island
Author(s): Yong-hua Chen; Si-ren Li
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A new cognitive radio based admission control method for wireless mesh networks
Author(s): Jing Wang; Fangfang Li
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