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Lidar Technologies, Techniques, and Measurements for Atmospheric Remote Sensing VII
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Volume Number: 8182
Date Published: 30 September 2011

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Front Matter: Volume 8182
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Active optical technology: recent developments
Author(s): George J. Komar
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Spaceflight laser development for future remote sensing applications
Author(s): Anthony W. Yu; Michael A. Krainak; Mark A. Stephen; James B. Abshire; David J. Harding; Haris Riris; Steven X. Li; Jeffrey R. Chen; Graham R. Allan; Kenji Numata; Stewart T. Wu; Jordan B. Camp
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Optical parametric oscillators and amplifiers for airborne and spaceborne active remote sensing of CO2 and CH4
Author(s): Andreas Fix; Christian Büdenbender; Martin Wirth; Mathieu Quatrevalet; Axel Amediek; Christoph Kiemle; Gerhard Ehret
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Development effort of the airborne lidar simulator for the lidar surface topography (LIST) mission
Author(s): Anthony W. Yu; Michael A. Krainak; David J. Harding; James B. Abshire; Xiaoli Sun; John Cavanaugh; Susan Valett; Luis Ramos-Izquierdo; Tom Winkert; Cynthia Kirchner; Michael Plants; Timothy Filemyr; Brian Kamamia; William Hasselbrack; Pete Dogoda
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In space performance of the lunar orbiter laser altimeter (LOLA) laser transmitter
Author(s): Anthony W. Yu; George B Shaw; Ann Marie Novo-Gradac; Steven X. Li; John Cavanaugh
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Examination of possible synergy between lidar and ceilometer for the monitoring of atmospheric aerosols
Author(s): Ioannis Binietoglou; Aldo Amodeo; Giuseppe D'Amico; Aldo Giunta; Fabio Madonna; Lucia Mona; Gelsomina Pappalardo
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Preliminary measurements of tropospheric water vapor using Raman lidar system in the Great Lakes area
Author(s): Watheq Al-Basheer; Kevin B. Strawbridge; Bernard J. Firanski
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Validation of COSMIC water vapor profiles using Raman lidar measurements performed at CIAO
Author(s): F. Madonna; P. Burlizzi; A. Giunta; I. Binietoglou; M. R. Perrone; G. Pappalardo
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One year of regular aerosol observations with a multi-wavelength Raman lidar in Portugal
Author(s): Jana Preissler; Frank Wagner; Juan Luis Guerrero-Rascado; Ana Maria Silva
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Improvement of the 1.57-micron laser absorption sensor with chirp modulation to evaluate spatial averaging carbon dioxide density
Author(s): Daisuke Sakaizawa; Shuji Kawakami; Tomoaki Tanaka; Masakatsu Nakajima
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Direct detection 1.6μm DIAL for measurements of CO2 concentration profiles in the troposphere
Author(s): Chikao Nagasawa; Makoto Abo; Yasukuni Shibata; Tomohiro Nagai; Makoto Tsukamoto
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New broadband lidar for greenhouse carbon dioxide gas sensing in the Earth's atmosphere
Author(s): Elena Georgieva; William S. Heaps; Wen Huang
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Airborne direct-detection and coherent wind lidar measurements along the east coast of Greenland in 2009 supporting ESA's Aeolus mission
Author(s): Uwe Marksteiner; Oliver Reitebuch; Stephan Rahm; Ines Nikolaus; Christian Lemmerz; Benjamin Witschas
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Field programmable gate array processing of eye-safe all-fiber coherent wind Doppler lidar return signals
Author(s): S. Abdelazim; D. Santoro; M. Arend; F. Moshary; S. Ahmed
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Long term observation of low altitude atmosphere by high precision polarization lidar
Author(s): Tatsuo Shiina; Kazuo Noguchi; Tetsuo Fukuchi
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Application of active optical sensors to probe the vertical structure of the urban boundary layer and assess anomalies in air quality model PM2.5 forecasts
Author(s): Chuen-Meei Gan; Yonghua Wu; L. M. Bomidi; Barry Gross; Fred Moshary
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Planetary boundary layer height retrieval at UMBC in the frame of NOAA/ARL campaign
Author(s): S. Lolli; R. Delgado; J. Compton; R. Hoff
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Vertical resolved separation of aerosol types using CALIPSO level-2 product
Author(s): Elina Giannakaki; Dimitris Balis; Vassilis Amiridis
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Indirect aerosol hygroscopic growth observations with a backscattering lidar, part II: five day breeze onset data analyses
Author(s): Patricia Ferrini Rodrigues; Eduardo Landulfo; Adilson Wagner Gandu; Fabio Juliano da Silva Lopes; Renata Facundes da Costa; Walter Nakaema
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Supercontinuum laser absorption spectroscopy in the mid-infrared range for identification and concentration estimation of a multi-component atmospheric gas mixture
Author(s): Nicolas Cezard; Alexandre Dobroc; Guillaume Canat; Mathieu Duhant; William Renard; Claire Alhenc-Gelas; Sidonie Lefebvre; Julien Fade
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Six-channel polychromator design and implementation for the UPC elastic/Raman lidar
Author(s): Dhiraj Kumar; Francesc Rocadenbosch; Michaël Sicard; Adolfo Comeron; Constantino Muñoz; Diego Lange; Sergio Tomás; Eduard Gregorio
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Development of white light polarization lidar system
Author(s): Toshihiro Somekawa; Kazuhiko Oka; Masayuki Fujita
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Real-time mapping of an industrial flare using lidar
Author(s): Renata F. da Costa; Juliana Steffens; E. Landulfo; Roberto Guardani; W. M Nakaema; Paulo F. Moreira Jr.; Fabio J. S. da Silva Lopes; Patricia Ferrini
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Remote sensing detection of atmospheric pollutants using lidar, sodar and correlation with air quality data in an industrial area
Author(s): Juliana Steffens; Renata F. da Costa; Eduardo Landulfo; Roberto Guardani; Paulo F. Moreira Jr.; Gerhard Held
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Experimental evaluation of a model for the influence of coherent wind lidars on their remote measurements of atmospheric boundary-layer turbulence
Author(s): Mikael Sjöholm; Stefan Kapp; Leif Kristensen; Torben Mikkelsen
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First open field measurements with a portable CO2 lidar/dial system for early forest fires detection
Author(s): Pasquale Gaudio; Michela Gelfusa; Ivan Lupelli; Andrea Malizia; Alessandro Moretti; Maria Richetta; Camilla Serafini; Carlo Bellecci
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Initial analysis from a lidar observation campaign of sugar cane fires in the central and western portion of the São Paulo State, Brazil
Author(s): Fábio Juliano da Silva Lopes; Gerhard Held; Walter Morinobu Nakaema; Patricia Ferrini Rodrigues; Jose Marcio Bassan; Eduardo Landulfo
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Validation of CALIPSO level-2 products using a ground based lidar in Thessaloniki, Greece
Author(s): Elina Giannakaki; Eleni Vraimaki; Dimitris Balis
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Multiwavelength micropulse lidar in atmospheric aerosol study: signal processing
Author(s): Michal Posyniak; Szymon P. Malinowski; Tadeusz Stacewicz; Krzysztof M. Markowicz; Tymon Zielinski; Tomasz Petelski; Przemyslaw Makuch
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Estimating the relationship between aerosol optical thickness and PM10 using lidar and meteorological data in Limassol, Cyprus
Author(s): Nisantzi Argyro; Hadjimitsis G. Diofantos; Alexakis Dimitrios
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