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Image and Signal Processing for Remote Sensing XVII
Editor(s): Lorenzo Bruzzone
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Volume Number: 8180
Date Published: 25 October 2011
Softcover: 35 papers (344) pages
ISBN: 9780819488077

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 8180
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Multispectral pansharpening based on pixel modulation: state of the art and new results
Author(s): Bruno Aiazzi; Luciano Alparone; Stefano Baronti; Andrea Garzelli; Massimo Selva
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A new geometric invariant to match regions within remote sensing images of different modalities
Author(s): Christophe Palmann; Sébastien Mavromatis; Jean Sequeira
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An automated procedure for detection of IDP's dwellings using VHR satellite imagery
Author(s): Malgorzata Jenerowicz; Thomas Kemper; Pierre Soille
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Application of modulation transfer function in high-resolution image fusion
Author(s): Xiaoping Zhang; Yonghong Jia; Xiaoyan Chen; Delu Pan; Jianyu Chen; Zengzhou Hao
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Application of multispectral color enhancement for remote sensing
Author(s): Noriaki Hashimoto; Yuri Murakami; Masahiro Yamaguchi; Nagaaki Ohyama; Kuniaki Uto; Yukio Kosugi
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Automated texture registration on 3D models
Author(s): A. Pelagotti; F. Uccheddu; F. Picchioni
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Radiometric correction of RapidEye imagery using the on-orbit side-slither method
Author(s): Cody Anderson; Denis Naughton; Andreas Brunn; Michael Thiele
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Support vector machines in remote sensing: the tricks of the trade
Author(s): Gustavo Camps-Valls
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Active versus semi-supervised learning paradigm for the classification of remote sensing images
Author(s): Claudio Persello; Lorenzo Bruzzone
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Selection of samples for active labeling in semi-supervised hyperspectral pixel classification
Author(s): Olga Rajadell; Pedro García-Sevilla; Cuong V. Dinh; R. P. W. Duin
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A change-detection-driven approach to active transfer learning for classification of image time series
Author(s): Begüm Demir; Francesca Bovolo; Lorenzo Bruzzone
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Transfer component analysis for domain adaptation in image classification
Author(s): Giona Matasci; Michele Volpi; Devis Tuia; Mikhail Kanevski
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Evaluation of textural features for multispectral images
Author(s): Ulya Bayram; Gulcan Can; Sebnem Duzgun; Nese Yalabik
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An efficient approach for multi-temporal hyperspectral images interpretation based on high-order tensor
Author(s): S. Hemissi; I.R. Farah; K. Saheb Ettabaa; B. Solaiman
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Spectral-spatial classification of polarimetric SAR data using morphological attribute profiles
Author(s): Prashanth Reddy Marpu; Kun-Shan Chen; Jon Alti Benediktsson
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An endmember extraction strategy for geometrical methods based on spectral-spatial information
Author(s): M. Beauchemin
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Content-based hyperspectral image retrieval using spectral unmixing
Author(s): Antonio J. Plaza
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Endmember detection in marine environment with oil spill event
Author(s): Charoula Andreou; Vassilia Karathanassi
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Illumination and shadow compensation of hyperspectral images using a digital surface model and non-linear least squares estimation
Author(s): Ola Friman; Gustav Tolt; Jörgen Ahlberg
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Spatial/spectral area-wise analysis for the classification of hyperspectral data
Author(s): Guillaume Roussel; Véronique Achard; Alexandre Alakian; Jean-Claude Fort
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Sparse principal component analysis in hyperspectral change detection
Author(s): Allan A. Nielsen; Rasmus Larsen; Jacob S. Vestergaard
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Change detection over Sokolov open-pit mining area, Czech Republic, using multi-temporal HyMAP data (2009-2010)
Author(s): S. Adar; G. Notesco; A. Brook; I. Livne; P. Rojik; V. Kopacková; K. Zelenkova; J. Misurec; A. Bourguignon; S. Chevrel; C. Ehrler; C. Fisher; J. Hanus; Y. Shkolnisky; E. Ben Dor
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Lidar-based measurement of surface roughness features of single tree crowns
Author(s): Melanie Kolditz; Petra M. Krahwinkler; Jürgen Roßmann
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Dynamic and data-driven classification for polarimetric SAR images
Author(s): S. Uhlmann; S. Kiranyaz; T. Ince; M. Gabbouj
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Performance evaluation for blind methods of noise characteristic estimation for TerraSAR-X images
Author(s): Vladimir V. Lukin; Sergey K. Abramov; Dmitriy V. Fevralev; Nikolay N. Ponomarenko; Karen O. Egiazarian; Jaakko T. Astola; Benoit Vozel; Kacem Chehdi
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An experimental study on ship detection based on the fixed-point polarimetric whitening filter
Author(s): Ding Tao; Camilla Brekke; Stian Normann Anfinsen
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A radar target DB construction method using 3D scattering centers
Author(s): Ji Hee Yoo; Chan Hong Kim; Dae Young Chae; Kyung-Il Kwon
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Comparison of using single- or multi-polarimetric TerraSAR-X images for segmentation and classification of man-made maritime objects
Author(s): Michael Teutsch; Günter Saur
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Characteristic analyses of the reflected components of IR signals due to multiple reflection on object surfaces
Author(s): Dong-Geon Kim; Jun-Hyuk Choi; Tae-Kuk Kim
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Lossless compression of images from China-Brazil Earth Resources Satellite
Author(s): Marcelo S. Pinho
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Impact of informative band selection on target detection performance
Author(s): Hamed Gholizadeh; Mohammad Javad Valadan Zoej; Barat Mojaradi
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Comparison of supervised classification methods applied on high-resolution satellite images
Author(s): Ayse Ozturk
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Joint high dynamic range imaging and color demosaicing
Author(s): Johannes Herwig; Josef Pauli
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Fusion of hyperspectral and lidar data using morphological attribute profiles
Author(s): Mattia Pedergnana; Prashanth R. Marpu; Mauro Dalla Mura; Jon Atli Benediktsson; Lorenzo Bruzzone
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Spectral dimensionality reduction based on intergrated bispectrum phase for hyperspectral image analysis
Author(s): Khairul Muzzammil Saipullah; Deok-Hwan Kim
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