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Remote Sensing of the Ocean, Sea Ice, Coastal Waters, and Large Water Regions 2011
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Volume Number: 8175
Date Published: 4 October 2011
Softcover: 48 papers (472) pages
ISBN: 9780819488022

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Front Matter: Volume 8175
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Sea surface temperature and ocean colour (MODIS/AQUA) space and time variability in Indonesian Sea coral reef systems from 2002 to 2011
Author(s): A. R. Polónia; M. Figueiredo; D. F. R. Cleary; N. J. de Voogd; A. Martins
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Bathymetry mapping and sea floor classification using multispectral satellite data and standardized physics-based data processing
Author(s): Sabine Ohlendorf; Andreas Müller; Thomas Heege; Sergio Cerdeira-Estrada; Halina T. Kobryn
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Development of a remote sensing algorithm for cyanobacterial phycocyanin pigment in the Baltic Sea using neural network approach
Author(s): Stefan Riha; Harald Krawczyk
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Uncertainties assessment and satellite validation over 2 years time series of multispectral and hyperspectral measurements in coastal waters at Long Island Sound Coastal Observatory
Author(s): S. A. Ahmed; T. Harmel; A. Gilerson; A. Tonizzo; S. Hlaing; A. Weidemann; R. A. Arnone
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Estimating uncertainties in bio-optical products derived from satellite ocean color imagery using an ensemble approach
Author(s): Richard W Gould; Sean C. McCarthy; Igor Shulman; Emanuel Coelho; James Richman
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Estimating errors in satellite retrievals of bio-optical properties due to incorrect aerosol model selection
Author(s): Sean C. McCarthy; Richard W. Gould; James Richman; Courtney Kearney; Adam Lawson
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Some insights of spectral optimization in ocean color inversion
Author(s): Zhongping Lee; Bryan Franz; Shaoling Shang; Qiang Dong; Robert Arnone
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Measuring underwater polarization field from above-water hyperspectral instrumentation for water composition retrieval
Author(s): T. Harmel; A. Tonizzo; A. Ibrahim; A. Gilerson; J. Chowdhary; S. Ahmed
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Remote sensing as input and validation tool for oil spill drift modeling
Author(s): Björn Baschek; Stephan Dick; Frank Janssen; Carina Kübert; Silvia Massmann; Marlon Pape; Michael Roers
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Airborne imaging sensors for environmental monitoring and surveillance in support of oil spills and recovery efforts
Author(s): Charles R. Bostater; James Jones; Heather Frystacky; Gaelle Coppin; Florian Leavaux; Xavier Neyt
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SETHI and SYSIPHE: the two new-generation airborne remote sensing systems
Author(s): Jean-Paul Bruyant; Philippe Dreuillet; Patrick Chervet; Laurent Rousset-Rouvière
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Short gravity-capillary waves modulation due to long surface and internal wave: laboratory and field experiment
Author(s): I. A. Sergievskaya; S. A. Ermakov
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Potential impacts of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill on large pelagic fishes
Author(s): Sarrah Frias-Torres; Charles R. Bostater
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High spectral resolution imager for solar induced fluorescence observation
Author(s): A. Barducci; D. Guzzi; C. Lastri; P. Marcoionni; V. Nardino; I. Pippi; V. Raimondi; P. Sandri
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A first attempt at testing correlation between MODIS ocean colour data and in situ chlorophyll-a measurements within Maltese coastal waters
Author(s): A. Deidun; A. Drago; A. Gauci; A. Galea; J. Azzopardi; F. Mélin
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Estimation of the seasonal sea level variations in the Gulf of Cadiz (SW Iberian Peninsula) from in-situ measurements, satellite altimetry and numerical models
Author(s): I. Laiz; J. Gómez-Enri; B. Tejedor; A. Aboitiz; P. Villares
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Full-scale investigations of the action of internal waves and inhomogeneous currents on the wind waves in the White Sea
Author(s): Victor V. Bakhanov; Nikolai A. Bogatov; Aleksei V. Ermoshkin; Andrei Yu. Ivanov; Vadim N. Lobanov; Olga N. Kemarskaja; Victor I. Titov
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Sea surface wind measurement over offshore wind farm using TerraSAR-X data
Author(s): Xiao-Ming Li; Susanne Lehner; Stephan Brusch; Yong-Zheng Ren
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Bidirectional reflectance function in coastal waters: modeling and validation
Author(s): Alex Gilerson; Soe Hlaing; Tristan Harmel; Alberto Tonizzo; Robert Arnone; Alan Weidemann; Samir Ahmed
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Oceanic response around the Yucatan Peninsula to the 2005 hurricanes from remote sensing
Author(s): Eurico J. D'Sa; Nazanin C. Tehrani; Victor H. Rivera-Monroy
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Generalized satellite image processing: eight years of ocean colour data for any region on earth
Author(s): Quinten Vanhellemont; Kevin Ruddick
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Remote sensing and in situ observations of marine slicks associated with inhomogeneous coastal currents
Author(s): S. Ermakov; I. Kapustin; I. Sergievskaya
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Preparatory works for the altimeter calibration of the Sentinel-3 mission using the dedicated calibration site in Crete and Gavdos
Author(s): Stelios P. Mertikas; A. Daskalakis; Ef. Koutroulis; A. Tripolitsiotis; P. Partsinevelos
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Directional ocean wave spectrum estimation based on the joint measurement from synthetic aperture radar and wave spectrometer
Author(s): Lin Ren; Delu Pan; Zengzhou Hao; Zhihua Mao; Xianqiang He
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Multi-frequency and multi-polarization measurements of water surface radar cross section and brightness temperature angular dependences
Author(s): Artashes K. Arakelyan; Astghik K. Hambaryan; Arsen A. Arakelyan; Melanya L. Grigoryan
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In-orbit radiometric performance variations of geostationary ocean color imager
Author(s): Sun-Ju Lee; Seongick Cho; Hee-Jeong Han; Eunsong Oh; Joo-Hyung Ryu; Yu-Hwan Ahn
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UAV remote sensing hazard assessment in Zhouqu debris flow disaster
Author(s): Qi Wen; Haixia He; Xufeng Wang; Wei Wu; Lei Wang; Feng Xu; Ping Wang; Tong Tang; Yu Lei
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Is the katabatic wind the forcing factor of Terra Nova Bay polynya events?
Author(s): Flavio Parmiggiani
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Analysis of submarine sand wave imaging by SAR in Taiwan shoal
Author(s): Kaiguo Fan; Weigen Huang; Peng Chen; Bin Fu; Xingxiu Yu; Junfang Chang
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Automatic detection of ocean internal wave from SAR image
Author(s): Kaiguo Fan; Weigen Huang; Peng Chen; Xingxiu Yu; Bin Fu; Junfang Chang; Tingbiao Pang
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Development of clarity model for Caspian Sea using MERIS data
Author(s): Hamid Taheri Shahraini; Hosein Sharifi; Melika Sanaeifar
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Ocean processes revealing by seasonal dynamics of surface chlorophyll concentration by satellite data
Author(s): A. Shevyrnogov; G. Vysotskaya
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Is it possible to add total SWH to the Globwave SAR dataset
Author(s): Jingsong Yang; Qingmei Xiao; Yufang Pan; Guangjun Xu; Huaguo Zhang
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Phytoplankton bloom and sea surface cooling induced by Category 5 Typhoon Megi in the South China Sea: direct multi-satellite observations
Author(s): Xiaoyan Chen; Delu Pan; Xianqiang He; Yan Bai; Difeng Wang
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Relationship between the colored dissolved organic matter and dissolved organic carbon and the application on remote sensing in East China Sea
Author(s): Liu Qiong; Delu Pan; Haiqing Huang; Jianxin Lu; Qiankun Zhu
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Study on long-term characteristics of suspended sediments in Minjiang Estuary based on MODIS data
Author(s): Xiaohui Xu; Jian Chen; Delu Pan; Zhihua Mao; Xiaoyan Chen
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Optical absorption and scattering properties in the East China Sea
Author(s): Xuan Zhang; Xian-qiang He; Xiao-yan Chen; Zeng-zhou Hao; Haiqing Huang; Qiankun Zhu
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Remote sensing of water basins using optical range - time images of water surface
Author(s): V. Titov; V. Bakhanov; E. Zuikova; A. Luchinin
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Research on upwelling region wind speed correction method for wind retrieval from SAR imagery along the Zhejiang Coast
Author(s): Junfang Chang; Weigen Huang; Xiulin Lou; Kaiguo Fan; Aiqin Shi
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HAB detection based on absorption and backscattering properties of phytoplankton
Author(s): Hui Lei; Delu Pan; Yan Bai; Xiaoyan Chen; Yan Zhou; Qiankun Zhu
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The internal waves' distribution of whole South China Sea extracted from ENVISAT and ERS-2 SAR images
Author(s): Juan Wang; Weigen Huang; Jingsong Yang; Huaguo Zhang
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In-orbit image performance simulation for GOCI from integrated ray tracing computation
Author(s): Eunsong Oh; Sug-Whan Kim; Yukyeong Jeong; Soomin Jeong; Dongok Ryu; Seongick Cho; Joo-Hyung Ryu; Yu-Hwan Ahn
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An extracting process of the retrieval coefficients for three frequency channel microwave radiometer
Author(s): Gang Zheng; Jingsong Yang; Xiulin Lou; Guangjun Xu; Yufang Pan; Biao Gong
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Sea ice remote sensing using AMSR-E data: surface roughness and refractive index
Author(s): Inchul Shin; Jongseo Park; Aesook Suh; Sungwook Hong
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The use of MERIS fluorescence bands for red tides monitoring in the East China Sea
Author(s): Bangyi Tao; Zhihua Mao; Difeng Wang; Jianxin Lu; Haiqing Huang
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The impact of Asian dust events on the chlorophyll a in the Yellow Sea: a preliminary analysis based on remote sensing
Author(s): Qianguang Tu; Zengzhou Hao; Fang Gong; Delu Pan; Zhihua Mao; Qiankun Zhu
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Satellite observation of the Zhejiang Coastal upwelling in the East China Sea during 2007-2009
Author(s): Xiulin Lou; Aiqin Shi; Qingmei Xiao; Huaguo Zhang
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The buoy-based reversion of regional thermocline integrated with satellite observed SST in the margins off the Changjiang Estuary
Author(s): Lijin Liang; Jianyu Chen; Xiaoyan Chen; Difeng Wang; Haiqing Huang; Fang Gong
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