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Atmospheric Optics IV: Turbulence and Propagation
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Volume Number: 8161
Date Published: 9 September 2011

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Front Matter: Volume 8161
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Atmospheric scintillations and laser safety
Author(s): Arkadi Zilberman; Ephim Golbraikh; Norman S. Kopeika
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Arago spot and turbulent distortions
Author(s): Mikhail Charnotskii
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Adaptive optics solutions for turbulence mitigation in different scenarios
Author(s): G. Marchi; C. Scheifling
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The effect of free parameter estimates on the reconstruction of turbulence corrupted images using the bispectrum
Author(s): Jeremy P. Bos; Michael C. Roggeman
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Simulation of extended scenes imaged through turbulence over horizontal paths
Author(s): Jeremy P. Bos; Michael C. Roggeman
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Anisoplanatic wavefront error estimation using coherent imaging
Author(s): R. L. Kendrick; J. C. Marron; R. Benson
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The Advanced Navy Aerosol Model (ANAM): validation of small-particle modes
Author(s): Alexander M. J. van Eijk; Jolanta T. Kusmierczyk-Michulec; Jacques J. Piazzola
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Generating accurate vertical aerosol and turbulence profiles
Author(s): Brooke A. Bachmann; Stephen Hammel
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Application of year-round atmospheric transmission data, collected with the MSRT multiband transmissometer during the FATMOSE trial in the False Bay area
Author(s): Arie N. de Jong; Alexander M. J. van Eijk; Leo H. Cohen; Peter J. Fritz; Willem H. Gunter; George Vrahimis; Faith J. October
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Scintillation measurements over False Bay, South Africa
Author(s): M. van Iersel; A. M. J. van Eijk
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Long-range beam propagation for single-photon communications
Author(s): Ivan Capraro; Andrea Tomaello; Alberto Dall'Arche; Paolo Villoresi
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Design of a differential image motion monitor for measurement of optical turbulence in support of dynamic range tests
Author(s): Kevin R. Johnson; Randle Dewees
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Measurement and modeling of beam wander
Author(s): Steve Hammel; Kevin McBryde; Colin Reinhardt
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Experimental generation of non-Kolmogorov turbulence using a liquid crystal spatial light modulator
Author(s): Italo Toselli; Brij N. Agrawal; Christopher C. Wilcox; Sergio Restaino
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Atmospheric channel transfer function estimation from experimental free-space optical communications data
Author(s): Colin N. Reinhardt; Yasuo Kuga; James A. Ritcey; Akira Ishimaru; Stephen Hammel; Dimitris Tsintikidis
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An investigation into the Paulding Mystery Lights
Author(s): Jeremy P. Bos; William Norkus; Michael Maurer; Douglas Sims; Christopher Middlebrook; Michael C. Roggeman
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