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UV/Optical/IR Space Telescopes and Instruments: Innovative Technologies and Concepts V
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Volume Number: 8146
Date Published: 8 September 2011
Softcover: 39 papers (476) pages
ISBN: 9780819487568

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 8146
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
The little photometer that could: technical challenges and science results from the Kepler Mission
Author(s): Jon M. Jenkins; Jeb Dunnuck
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Commissioning and in-flight calibration results of the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter's Lyman Alpha Mapping Project (LRO/LAMP) UV imaging spectrograph
Author(s): Michael W. Davis; G. Randall Gladstone; Maarten H. Versteeg; Thomas K. Greathouse; S. Alan Stern; Joel Wm. Parker; Andrew J. Steffl; Kurt D. Retherford; David C. Slater
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Radiometric performance results of the Juno ultraviolet spectrograph (Juno-UVS)
Author(s): Michael W. Davis; G. Randall Gladstone; Thomas K. Greathouse; David C. Slater; Maarten H. Versteeg; Kristian B. Persson; Gregory S. Winters; Steven C. Persyn; John S. Eterno
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Overview of the James Webb Space Telescope observatory
Author(s): Mark Clampin
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Status of the James Webb Space Telescope integrated science instrument module system
Author(s): Matthew A. Greenhouse; Vicki Balzano; Pamela Davila; Michael P. Drury; Jamie L. Dunn; Stuart D. Glazer; Ed Greville; Gregory Henegar; Eric L. Johnson; Ray Lundquist; John C. McCloskey; Raymond G. Ohl; Robert A. Rashford; Mark F. Voyton
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JWST mirror production status
Author(s): Benjamin Gallagher; Mark Bergeland; Bob Brown; David Chaney; Tracy Copp; Jake Lewis; Brad Shogrin; Koby Smith; Jeff Sokol; James Hadaway; Holger Glatzel; Patrick Johnson; Allen Lee; Dan Patriarca; Ian Stevenson; Jason Cluney; Tom Parsonage; Jeff Calvert; Brady Rodgers; Andy McKay; Scott Texter; Lester Cohen; Lee Feinberg
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James Webb Space Telescope primary mirror integration: testing the multiwavelength interferometer on the test bed telescope
Author(s): Gene Olczak; David J. Fischer; Mark Connelly; Conrad Wells
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Measuring the cryogenic optical alignment between the telescope element and the instruments module of the James Webb Space Telescope
Author(s): Tony Whitman; Eugene Olczak
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In-process testing for cryo-figuring 1.5 meter diameter auto-collimating flats
Author(s): David J. Fischer; Joseph Hayden; James K. Lawton; Brandon Olson; Chris Brophy; Scott Kennard
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NIRSpec optics development: the final report
Author(s): R. Geyl; E. Ruch; H. Vayssade; H. Leplan; J. Rodolfo
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Summary of the NASA science instrument, observatory, and sensor system (SIOSS) technology assessment
Author(s): H. Philip Stahl; Richard Barney; Jill Bauman; Lee Feinberg; Daniel Mccleese; Upendra Singh
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Key enabling technologies for future space telescopes
Author(s): Charles F. Lillie; Ronald S. Polidan
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Metamaterials for optical and photonic applications for space: preliminary results
Author(s): L. M. Gaspar Venancio; S. Hannemann; G. Lubkowski; M. Suhrke; H. Schweizer; L. Fu; H. Giessen; P. Schau; K. Frenner; W. Osten
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Update on parametric cost models for space telescopes
Author(s): H. Philip Stahl; Todd Henrichs; Alexander Luedtke; Miranda West
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Optical performance of the 100-sq deg field-of-view telescope for NASA's Kepler exoplanet mission
Author(s): D. Ebbets; P. Atcheson; C. Stewart; P. Spuhler; J. Van Cleve; S. Bryson
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In-flight photometric performance of the 96Mpx focal plane array assembly for NASA's Kepler exoplanet mission
Author(s): D. Ebbets; V. Argabright; J. Stober; J. VanCleve; D. Caldwell; J. Kolodziejczak
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Fiber-based interferometry and imaging
Author(s): E. Serabyn; K. Liewer; S. R. Martin; D. Mawet; A. Ksendzov
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An optical fiber-based high contrast imager
Author(s): Stefan R. Martin; Kurt M. Liewer; Alexander Ksendzov; Eugene Serabyn
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On improving the performance of an adaptive optics system
Author(s): D. Mozurkewich
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Recent progress in vector vortex coronagraphy
Author(s): E. Serabyn; D. Mawet; J. K. Wallace; K. Liewer; J. Trauger; D. Moody; B. Kern
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Ten-fold spectral resolution boosting using TEDI at the Mt. Palomar NIR Triplespec spectrograph
Author(s): David J. Erskine; J. Edelstein; P. Muirhead; M. Muterspaugh; K. Covey; D. Mondo; A. Vanderburg; P. Andelson; D. Kimber; M. Sirk; J. Lloyd
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A low cost, high performance, 1.2m off-axis telescope built with NG-Xinetics silicon carbide
Author(s): Justin J. Rey; John A. Wellman; Richard G. Egan; Richard J. Wollensak
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Polarization compensation of Fresnel aberrations in telescopes
Author(s): Natalie Clark; James B. Breckinridge
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ZERODUR: new results on bending strength and stress corrosion
Author(s): Peter Hartmann
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A high dynamic-range instrument for SPICA for coronagraphic observation of exoplanets and monitoring of transiting exoplanets
Author(s): K. Enya; L. Abe; S. Takeuchi; T. Kotani; T. Yamamuro
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The Euclid-NISP instrument optics and tolerancing approach
Author(s): Frank Grupp; Eric Prieto; Paolo Spano; Filippo M. Zerbi; Norbert Geis; Andreas Bode; Veronika Junk; Ralf Bender
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Enhancing undergraduate education in aerospace engineering and planetary sciences at MIT through the development of a CubeSat mission
Author(s): Matthew W. Smith; David W. Miller; Sara Seager
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The Primordial Inflation Explorer (PIXIE)
Author(s): Alan Kogut; David T. Chuss; Jessie Dotson; Dale J. Fixsen; Mark Halpern; Gary F. Hinshaw; Stephan Meyer; S. Harvey Moseley; Michael D. Seiffert; David N. Spergel; Edward J. Wollack
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Compact CMOS Camera Demonstrator (C3D) for Ukube-1
Author(s): R. D. Harriss; A. D. Holland; S. J. Barber; S. Karout; R. Burgon; B. J. Dryer; N. J. Murray; D. J. Hall; P. H. Smith; T. Grieg; J. H. Tutt; J. Endicott; P. Jerram; D. Morris; M. Robbins; V. Prevost; K. Holland
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ESA M3 mission candidate EChO
Author(s): L. Puig; K. G. Isaak; I. Escudero; D. Martin; P.-E. Crouzet; N. Rando
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Real scale ray-tracing simulation of space earthshine measurement with improved BRDF model of lunar surface
Author(s): Jinhee Yu; Dong-Ok Ryu; Sung-Ho Ahn; Sug-Whan Kim
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Optical design trade study for the Wide Field Infrared Survey Telescope [WFIRST]
Author(s): D. A. Content; R. Goullioud; J. P. Lehan; J. E. Mentzell
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The space instrument SODISM, a telescope to measure the solar diameter
Author(s): M. Meftah; A. Irbah
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Measured aspheric surface irregularities as input to the Euclid-NISP tolerancing
Author(s): Ulrike Fuchs; Frank Grupp; Sven Kiontke; Ralf Bender
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A filter mount for the Euclid mission
Author(s): Rory Holmes; Ulrich Grözinger; Peter Bizenberger; Oliver Krause
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Laboratory prototype camera for the Whipple Mission: a mission to detect and categorize small objects in our solar system
Author(s): A. T. Kenter; R. Kraft; S. S. Murray; C. Alcock; T. Gauron
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The space instrument SOVAP of the PICARD mission
Author(s): C. Conscience; M. Meftah; A. Chevalier; S. Dewitte; D, Crommelynck
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Astronomical telescope with holographic primary objective
Author(s): Thomas D. Ditto; Jeffrey F. Friedman; David A. Content
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Khayyam: a second generation tunable spatial heterodyne spectrometer for broadband observation of diffuse emission line targets
Author(s): Sona Hosseini; Walter Harris
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