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Medical Applications of Radiation Detectors
Editor(s): H. Bradford Barber; Hans Roehrig; Douglas J. Wagenaar
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Volume Number: 8143
Date Published: 8 September 2011

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Front Matter: Volume 8143
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Biomedical spectral x-ray imaging: promises and challenges
Author(s): Steven M. Jorgensen; Diane R. Eaker; Erik L. Ritman
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A novel SPECT camera for molecular imaging of the prostate
Author(s): Alan Cebula; David Gilland; Li-Ming Su; Douglas Wagenaar; Amir Bahadori
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Dose reduction in molecular breast imaging
Author(s): Douglas J. Wagenaar; Samir Chowdhury; James W. Hugg; Rex A. Moats; Bradley E. Patt
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Computer simulations to demonstrate new inversion methods for Compton camera data
Author(s): Bruce Smith
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Properties and spectroscopic performance of semiconductor detectors under high-flux irradiation
Author(s): M. L. Rodrigues; Z. He
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High-performance imaging of stem cells using single-photon emissions
Author(s): Douglas J. Wagenaar; Rex A. Moats; Neal E. Hartsough; Dirk Meier; James W. Hugg; Tang Yang; Dan Gazit; Gadi Pelled; Bradley E. Patt
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High-resolution, anamorphic, adaptive small-animal SPECT imaging with silicon double-sided strip detectors
Author(s): Heather L. Durko; Todd E. Peterson; Harrison H. Barrett; Lars R. Furenlid
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Optimizing CdTe detectors and ASIC readouts for high-flux x-ray imaging
Author(s): William C. Barber; Einar Nygard; Jan C. Wessel; Nail Malakhov; Neal E. Hartsough; Thulasi Ghandi; Gregor Wawrzyniak; Jan S. Iwanczyk
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Mcps-range photon-counting x-ray computed tomography system
Author(s): Eiichi Sato; Yasuyuki Oda; Abulajiang Abudurexiti; Osahiko Hagiwara; Toshiyuki Enomoto; Shigeaki Sugimura; Haruyuki Endo; Shigehiro Sato; Akira Ogawa; Jun Onagawa
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Cancer diagnosis using a conventional x-ray fluorescence camera with a cadmium-telluride detector
Author(s): Eiichi Sato; Toshiyuki Enomoto; Osahiko Hagiwara; Abulajiang Abudurexiti; Koetsu Sato; Shigehiro Sato; Akira Ogawa; Jun Onagawa
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Color management and calibration techniques at the University of Arizona
Author(s): Syed F. Hashmi; Hans Roehrig; Elizabeth A. Krupinski
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Calibration and verification of DICOM software at the U-of-A
Author(s): Syed F. Hashmi; Hans Roehrig; Marvin Arthur
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An x-ray tube based room-temperature Compton spectrometer, with application to material characterization
Author(s): S. Olesinski; G. Harding
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Test apparatus to monitor time-domain signals from semiconductor-detector pixel arrays
Author(s): Kyle Haston; H. Bradford Barber; Lars R. Furenlid; Esen Salçin; Vaibhav Bora
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Design considerations for the next-generation MAPMT-based monolithic scintillation camera
Author(s): Esen Salçin; H. Bradford Barber; Lars R. Furenlid
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