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Advances in Computational Methods for X-Ray Optics II
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Volume Number: 8141
Date Published: 8 September 2011
Softcover: 36 papers (386) pages
ISBN: 9780819487513

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 8141
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Hard x-ray nano-beam characterization by ptychographic imaging
Author(s): Christian G. Schroer; Susanne Hönig; Andy Goldschmidt; Robert Hoppe; Jens Patommel; Dirk Samberg; Andreas Schropp; Frank Seiboth; Sandra Stephan; Sebastian Schöder; Manfred Burghammer; Melissa Denecke; Gerd Wellenreuther; Gerald Falkenberg
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Modelling of partially coherent radiation based on the coherent mode decomposition
Author(s): Andrej Singer; Ivan A. Vartanyants
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Development of partially-coherent wavefront propagation simulation methods for 3rd and 4th generation synchrotron radiation sources
Author(s): Oleg Chubar; Lonny Berman; Yong S. Chu; Andrei Fluerasu; Steve Hulbert; Mourad Idir; Konstantine Kaznatcheev; David Shapiro; Qun Shen; Jana Baltser
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A Monte Carlo approach for simulating the propagation of partially coherent x-ray beams
Author(s): A. Prodi; E. Knudsen; P. Willendrup; S. Schmitt; C. Ferrero; R. Feidenhans'l; Kim Lefmann
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Simulations of diagnostic spectrometers for the European XFEL using the ray-trace tool RAY
Author(s): Jens Rehanek; Franz Schäfers; Alexei Erko; Michael Scheer; Wolfgang Freund; Jan Grünert; Cigdem Ozkan; Serguei Molodtsov
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Cross-platform wave optics software for XFEL applications
Author(s): Liubov Samoylova; Alexey Buzmakov; Gianluca Geloni; Oleg Chubar; Harald Sinn
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Toolbox for advanced x-ray image processing
Author(s): Timur E. Gureyev; Yakov Nesterets; Dimitri Ternovski; Darren Thompson; Stephen W. Wilkins; Andrew W. Stevenson; Arthur Sakellariou; John A. Taylor
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Partially coherent x-ray beam simulations: mirrors and more
Author(s): Markus Osterhoff; Tim Salditt
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Polycapillary optics: comparison of computational modeling and experimental results
Author(s): R. Schmitz; C. A. MacDonald
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PHASE: a universal software package for the propagation of time-dependent coherent light pulses along grazing incidence optics
Author(s): J. Bahrdt; U. Flechsig; S. Gerhardt; I. Schneider
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McXtrace: a modern ray-tracing package for x-ray instrumentation
Author(s): Erik B. Knudsen; Andrea Prodi; Peter Willendrup; Kim Lefmann; Jana Baltser; Carsten Gundlach; Manuel Sanchez del Rio; Claudio Ferrero; Robert Feidenhans'l
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Undulator emission analysis: comparison between measurements and simulations
Author(s): Thierry Moreno; Edwige Otero; Xiaohao Dong; Philippe Ohresser
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Optimization of a coherent soft x-ray beamline for coherent scattering experiments at NSLS-II
Author(s): David A. Shapiro; Oleg Chubar; Konstantine Kaznatcheev; Ruben Reininger; Cecilia Sanchez-Hanke; Shengyu Wang
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Analysis of the optical design of the NSLS-II coherent hard x-ray beamline
Author(s): Andrei Fluerasu; Oleg Chubar; Konstantine Kaznatcheev; Jana Baltser; Lutz Wiegart; Kenneth Evans-Lutterodt; Mary Carlucci-Dayton; Lonny Berman
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Design optimization of bendable x-ray mirrors
Author(s): Wayne R. McKinney; Valeriy V. Yashchuk; Kenneth A. Goldberg; Malcolm Howells; Nikolay A. Artemiev; Daniel J. Merthe; Sheng Yuan
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Simulation and optimization of the NSLS-II SRX beamline combining ray-tracing and wavefront propagation
Author(s): Vincent De Andrade; Juergen Thieme; Oleg Chubar; Mourad Idir
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Cost-effective design and simulations for a prototypal x-ray optical unit for the IXO telescope
Author(s): M. M. Civitani; P. Conconi; G. Pareschi
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Reliable before-fabrication forecasting of expected surface slope distributions for x-ray optics
Author(s): Yekaterina V. Yashchuk; Valeriy V. Yashchuk
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Automated suppression of errors in LTP-II slope measurements with x-ray optics
Author(s): Zulfiqar Ali; Nikolay A. Artemiev; Curtis L. Cummings; Edward E. Domning; Nicholas Kelez; Wayne R. McKinney; Daniel J. Merthe; Gregory Y. Morrison; Brian V. Smith; Valeriy V. Yashchuk
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X-ray optics shape error evaluation: synergy between innovative shape metrology and the TraceIT 3D ray-tracing
Author(s): G. Sironi; O. Citterio; G. Pareschi
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Using MapleSim to model a six-strut kinematic mount for aligning optical components
Author(s): Alan Duffy; Brian Yates; Yongfeng Hu
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Dynamical modeling of high-energy-resolution x-ray optics
Author(s): Yuri P. Stetsko; Jeffrey W. Keister; Alexey Suvorov; D. Scott Coburn; Chaminda N. Kodituwakku; Alessandro Cunsolo; Yong Q. Cai
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Theory and numerical simulations of x-ray nanofocusing by bent crystal in back diffraction geometry
Author(s): Alexey Suvorov; Haruhiko Ohashi; Shunji Goto; Tetsuya Ishikawa
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Temporal and coherence properties of hard x-ray FEL radiation following Bragg diffraction by crystals
Author(s): Vladimir Bushuev; Liubov Samoylova; Harald Sinn; Thomas Tschentscher
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X-ray imaging diagnostics for magnetically confined and laser-produced fusion plasmas
Author(s): N. A. Pablant; M. Bitter; L. F. Delgado-Aparicio; K. W. Hill; M. Sanchez del Rio
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X-ray wavefront modeling of Bragg diffraction from crystals
Author(s): John P. Sutter
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Simulation of diffraction profiles for sagittally bent Laue crystals
Author(s): Xianbo Shi
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Combined charged-particle and X-ray simulations using the Bmad open source software library
Author(s): D. Sagan; J. Y. Chee; K. Finkelstein; G. Hoffstaetter
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Monte Carlo simulations of scattered power from irradiated optical elements
Author(s): Eleonora Secco; Manuel Sánchez del Río
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The xraylib library for x-ray-matter interaction cross sections: new developments and applications
Author(s): Tom Schoonjans; Antonio Brunetti; Bruno Golosio; Manuel Sanchez del Rio; Vicente Armando Solé; Claudio Ferrero; Laszlo Vincze
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Advanced simulations of x-ray beam propagation through CRL transfocators using ray-tracing and wavefront propagation methods
Author(s): Jana Baltser; Erik Knudsen; Anette Vickery; Oleg Chubar; Anatoly Snigirev; Gavin Vaughan; Robert Feidenhans'l; Kim Lefmann
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SHADOW3-API: the application programming interface for the ray tracing code SHADOW
Author(s): Niccolò Canestrari; Dimitris Karkoulis; Manuel Sánchez del Río
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Ray tracing application in hard x-ray optical development: Soleil first wiggler beamline (PSICHÉ) case
Author(s): Xiaohao Dong; Thierry Moreno; Nicolas Guignot; Jean-Paul Itié
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A toolkit for the X-ray optics simulation software package XOP/ShadowVui
Author(s): Bernd C. Meyer
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XOP v2.4: recent developments of the x-ray optics software toolkit
Author(s): Manuel Sánchez del Río; Roger J. Dejus
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Conceptual design for a dispersive XAFS beamline in the compact storage ring MIRRORCLE
Author(s): N. Canestrari; V. Roger; P. Jeantet; O. Leynaud; L. Ortega; H. Yamada; T. Hanashima; J. E. Lorenzo; M. Sanchez del Rio
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