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Proceedings of SPIE Volume 8140

X-ray Lasers and Coherent X-ray Sources: Development and Applications IX
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Volume Number: 8140
Date Published: 8 September 2011
Softcover: 33 papers (292) pages
ISBN: 9780819487506

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 8140
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Identification of Auger electron heating and inverse Auger effect in experiments irradiating solids with XUV free electron laser radiation at intensities larger than 1016 W/cm2
Author(s): Frank B. Rosmej; Frédérick Petitdemange; E. Galtier
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Using the X-FEL to photo-pump x-ray laser transitions in He-like Ne
Author(s): Joseph Nilsen; Nina Rohringer
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Advances in laser driven soft x-ray lasers at LOA
Author(s): S. Sebban; F. Tissandier; J. Gautier; M. Kozlova; J. P. Goddet; O. Guilbaud; P. Zeitoun; M. Ribière; S. Jacquemot; G. Lambert; G. Maynard; B. Robillard; A. Klisnick; T. Mocek; J. Nejdl
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Spectral width of seeded and ASE XUV lasers: experiment and numerical simulations
Author(s): A. Klisnick; L. M. Meng; D. Alessi; O. Guilbaud; Y. Wang; M. Berrill; B. Luther; A. Calisti; D. Benredjem; S. Ferri; C. Mossé; S. de Rossi; D. Joyeux; J. J. Rocca
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Fully coherent, wake and ASE-suppressed 15 μJ, 120 fs amplified high order harmonic pulse demonstrated with 1D time-dependant Bloch-Maxwell code
Author(s): E. Oliva; Ph. Zeitoun; M. Fajardo; P. Velarde; D. Ros; S. Sebban
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Signal build-up from noise and seeding in plasma-based x-ray lasers
Author(s): Chul Min Kim; Karol Janulewicz; Holger Stiel; Masaharu Nishikino; Noboru Hasegawa; Tetsuya Kawachi; Jongmin Lee
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Strong field amplification of XUV: phase matching aspects
Author(s): J. Seres; E. Seres; B. Ecker; B. Landgraf; D. Hochhaus; D. Zimmer; V. Bagnoud; B. Aurand; B. Zielbauer; T. Kuehl; C. Spielmann
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Coherent x-ray generation in relativistic laser/gas jet interactions
Author(s): A. S. Pirozhkov; M. Kando; T. Zh. Esirkepov; P. Gallegos; H. Ahmed; E. N. Ragozin; A. Ya. Faenov; T. A. Pikuz; J. K. Koga; H. Kiriyama; P. McKenna; M. Borghesi; K. Kondo; H. Daido; Y. Kato; D. Neely; S. V. Bulanov
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Circularly polarized high order harmonics in the EUV photon energy range: toward table-top nanometric magnetic imaging
Author(s): Boris Vodungbo; A. Barszczak Sardinha; Julien Gautier; Guillaume Lambert; Stéphane Sebban; Jan Lüning; Philippe Zeitoun
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Stable and long-time operation of a soft x-ray laser for user applications experiments
Author(s): D. Ros; O. Guilbaud; S. Kazamias; M. Pittman; K. Cassou; S. Daboussi; O. Neveu; J. Demailly; B. Cros; G. Maynard; B. Zielbauer; D. Zimmer; T. Kühl; S. Lacombe; A. Klisnick; S. Bastiani-Ceccoti; G. J. Tallents; E. Wagenaars; L.ucy Wilson; Ph. Zeitoun
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Heating of high energy density plasmas using EUV and x-ray lasers
Author(s): G. J. Tallents; D. S. Whittaker; L. A. Wilson; E. Wagenaars
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Observation of the laser-induced surface dynamics by the single-shot x-ray laser interferometer
Author(s): Noboru Hasegawa; Yoshihiro Ochi; Tetsuya Kawachi; Masaharu Nishikino; Masahiko Ishino; Takashi Imazono; Takeshi Kaihori; Akira Sasaki; Kota Terakawa; Yasuo Minami; Takuro Tomita; Minoru Yamamoto; Yoshifumi Umeda; Mitsuru Yamagiwa; Tohru Suemoto
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Coherent soft x-ray sources for users
Author(s): O. Guilbaud; D. Ros; S. Kazamias; K. Cassou; Sameh Daboussi; Moana Pitmann; Jean-Claude Lagron; B. Cros; G. Maynard
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Advances in high repetition rate table-top soft x-ray lasers
Author(s): J. J. Rocca; Y. Wang; D. Alessi; B. A. Reagan; B. M. Luther; A. H. Curtis; K. Wernsing; F. Furch; M. R. Woolston; D. H. Martz; V. N. Shlyaptsev; M. Berrill
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Towards high photon-number soft x-ray lasers
Author(s): B. Ecker; B. Aurand; D. C. Hochhaus; T. Kuehl; P. Neumayer; H. Zhao; B. Zielbauer; K. Cassou; S. Daboussi; O. Guilbaud; S. Kazamias; D. Ros; E. Oliva; T. Le; P. Zeitoun
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Bloch-Maxwell modelling of multi-mJ 100 fs fully coherent amplified high harmonic pulse
Author(s): Ph. Zeitoun; E. Oliva; M. Fajardo; T. T. T. Le; D. Ros; S. Sebban; P. Velarde
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Spectroscopic studies of hard x-ray free-electron laser-heated foils at 1016 Wcm-2 irradiances
Author(s): J. Dunn; R. Shepherd; A. Graf; A. Steel; J. Park; S. J. Moon; R. W. Lee; P. Audebert; A. Levy; M. Gauthier; J. Fuchs; D. M. Fritz; M. Cammarata; D. Milathianaki; H. J. Lee; B. Nagler; C. Fourment; F. Deneuville; G. Williams; M. Fajardo; J. Gaudin; S. Vinko; O. Ciricosta; J. Wark; H. K. Chung
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A single-shot intensity-position monitor for hard x-ray FEL sources
Author(s): Yiping Feng; Jan M Feldkamp; David M. Fritz; Marco Cammarata; Robert Aymeric; Chiara Caronna; Henrik T. Lemke; Diling Zhu; Sooheyong Lee; Sebastien Boutet; Garth Williams; Kensuke Tono; Makina Yabashi; Jerome B. Hastings
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Table top nanopatterning by de-magnified Talbot effect using a capillary discharge soft x-ray laser
Author(s): L. Urbanski; P. Wachulak; A. Isoyan; C. S. Menoni; J. J. Rocca; M. Marconi
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Theoretical study of coherent reflection imaging at grazing angles
Author(s): Igor A. Artyukov; Sergey I. Mikhailov; Nikolay L. Popov; Alexander V. Vinogradov
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Assessment of illumination characteristics of soft x-ray laser-based full-field microscopes
Author(s): Isela D. Howlett; Fernando Brizuela; Sergio Carbajo; Diana Peterson; Anne Sakdinawat; Yanwei Liu; David T. Attwood; Mario C. Marconi; Jorge J. Rocca; Carmen S. Menoni
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Sub-10-nm wavelength Ni-like-ion collisional x-ray lasers
Author(s): J. E. Balmer; F. Staub; C. Imesch; D. Bleiner
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Line width measurement of a capillary discharge soft x-ray laser
Author(s): L. Urbanski; L. M. Meng; M. C. Marconi; M. Berril; O. Guilbaud; A. Klisnick; J. J. Rocca
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Polarization measurements of plasma excited x-ray lasers
Author(s): Andrew Aquila; Davide Bleiner; Jürg Balmer; Saša Bajt
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Ne-like Ti x-ray laser driven by a single femtosecond laser
Author(s): Ying-Jun Li; Yan-Qian Sun; Aiping Teng
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Dynamics of the ultrashort laser pulse in a capillary discharge-preformed argon plasma channel
Author(s): Shohei Sakai; Jun Miyazawa; Takeshi Higashiguchi; Noboru Yugami; Nadezhda Bobrova; Pavel Sasorov
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EUV microscopy using a lab-scale x-ray laser source
Author(s): Davide Bleiner; Felix Staub; Juerg E. Balmer
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Repetitive XUV laser based on the fast capillary discharge
Author(s): Jiri Schmidt; Karel Kolacek; Oleksandr Frolov; Vaclav Prukner; Jaroslav Straus
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Time-resolved XUV radiation diagnostics from nitrogen discharge Z-pinch plasma
Author(s): Michal Nevrkla; Alexandr Jancarek; Jakub Hübner; Danny Sheftman; Ladislav Pina; Pavel Vrba; Miroslava Vrbova
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Formation mechanism of non-uniform structure in the gain distribution and its effect to the plasma x-ray lasers
Author(s): Akira Sasaki
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Characterization of the temporal duration of the XUV laser pulse at the LASERIX facility
Author(s): L. Meng; A.-C. Bourgaux; S. Bastiani-Ceccotti; O. Guilbaud; M. Pittman; S. Kazamias; K. Cassou; S. Daboussi; D. Ros; A. Klisnick
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Spectral modeling of Fe XVII pumped by a free-electron x-ray laser
Author(s): Joel Clementson
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Modeling of pressure induced phase matching in high harmonic generation
Author(s): S. Kazamias; S. Daboussi; O. Guilbaud; K. Cassou; M. Pittman; D. Ros; B. Cros; G. Maynard
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