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Organic Field-Effect Transistors X
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Volume Number: 8117
Date Published: 6 September 2011

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Front Matter: Volume 8117
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Synthesis and characterizations of linear- and angular-shaped naphthodithiophenes for organic semiconductors
Author(s): K. Takimiya; I. Osaka; S. Shinamura; E. Miyazaki
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Charge transport properties of carbazole dendrimers in organic field-effect transistors
Author(s): Karyn Mutkins; Simon S. Y. Chen; Muhsen Aljada; Ben J. Powell; Seth Olsen; Paul L. Burn; Paul Meredith
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Conductors and semiconductors for advanced organic electronics
Author(s): Timo Meyer-Friedrichsen; Wilfried Lövenich; Ron Lubianez
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Phthalocyanine derivatives for solution-processed organic thin-film transistors
Author(s): Yanhou Geng; Shaoqiang Dong; Hongkun Tian; Donghang Yan; Fosong Wang
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Organic single-crystal transistors: development of solution processes and charge transport mechanisms
Author(s): Takafumi Uemura; Jun Takeya
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Fast behavioral modeling of organic CMOS devices for digital and analog circuit applications
Author(s): Stephanie Jacob; Anis Daami; Romain Gwoziecki; Romain Coppard; Rachid Hamani; Mathieu Guerin; Emmanuel Bergeret; Philippe Pannier
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Printed thin film transistor: materials and applications
Author(s): Ana Claudia Arias; Tse Nga Ng; Gregory L. Whiting; Jürgen Daniel
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Patterned electrode vertical OFET: analytical description, switching mechanisms, and optimization rules
Author(s): Ariel J. Ben-Sasson; Nir Tessler
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A high performance solution processable organic semiconductor material for OTFT devices
Author(s): Christopher J. Newsome; Julian C. Carter; Richard J. Wilson; Jeremy H. Burroughes
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Morphology of cleaved rubrene and its evolution in an ambient environment
Author(s): R. J. Thompson; B. Yadin; Z. J Grout; S. Hudziak; C. L. Kloc; N. J. Curson; O. Mitrofanov
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Impedance spectroscopy for pentacene field-effect transistor: channel formation process in transistor operation
Author(s): Yuya Tanaka; Yutaka Noguchi; Michael Kraus; Wolfgang Brütting; Hisao Ishii
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