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Solar Hydrogen and Nanotechnology VI
Editor(s): Yasuhiro Tachibana
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Volume Number: 8109
Date Published: 2 September 2011
Softcover: 18 papers (182) pages
ISBN: 9780819487193

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 8109
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Interfacial charge transfer dynamics in TiO2-sensitizer-Ru4POM photocatalytic systems for water oxidation
Author(s): Zhuangqun Huang; Yurii V. Geletii; David Wu; Chantelle L. Anfuso; Djamaladdin G. Musaev; Craig L. Hill; Tianquan Lian
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Transient absorption study on photogenerated carrier dynamics in visible light responsive photocatalysts GaN:ZnO
Author(s): Akihiro Furube; Kazuhiko Maeda; Kazunari Domen
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First principle calculation of stability and effects of doping on sulfur-doped TiO[sub]2[/sub]
Author(s): Shermin Arab; Roger Lake
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Theoretical study of the origin of the large difference in the visible absorption spectra of organic dyes containing a thienylmethine unit and differing by the methine unit position
Author(s): Sergei Manzhos; Makoto Komatsu; Jotaro Nakazaki; Hiroshi Segawa; Koichi Yamashita
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Structural and mechanistic studies of tunable, stable, fast multi-cobalt water oxidation catalysts
Author(s): Guibo Zhu; Hongjin Lv; James W. Vickers; Yurii V. Geletii; Zhen Luo; Jie Song; Zhuangqun Huang; Djamaladdin G. Musaev; Craig L. Hill
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A two-step photoexcitation system for photocatalytic water splitting into hydrogen and oxygen under visible light irradiation
Author(s): Ryu Abe
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Polyoxometalate-based solar cells for water splitting
Author(s): Leroy Cronin; Pedro I. Molina; Haralampos N. Miras
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Binding sites of water molecules on GaN (100) surface: DFT calculations
Author(s): Dongping Liu; Yu Zhu; Hong Guo; Hakima Abou-Rachid; Mounir Jaidann; Zetian Mi
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Hydrogen photo-production from ethanol on TiO2: a surface science and catalysis study
Author(s): A. M. Nadeem; J. M. R. Muir; G. W. N. Waterhouse; H. Idriss
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Ultrafast charge carrier dynamics and photoelectrochemical properties of ZnO nanowires decorated with Au nanoparticles
Author(s): Jason K. Cooper; Yichuan Ling; Yat Li; Jin Z. Zhang
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Photo-induced electron transfer reactions at semiconductor quantum dot interfaces
Author(s): Aisea Veamatahau; Jiang Bo; Satoshi Makuta; Khor Chong Yaw; Masayuki Kanehara; Toshiharu Teranishi; Yasuhiro Tachibana
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Primary photocatalytic reactions in TiO2 nanoparticles studied by time-resolved laser spectroscopy
Author(s): Ryuzi Katoh; Yoshiaki Tamaki; Akihiro Furube
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Bio-inspired co-catalysts bonded to a silicon photocathode for solar hydrogen evolution
Author(s): Yidong Hou; Billie L. Abrams; Peter C. K. Vesborg; Mårten E. Bjørketun; Konrad Herbst; Lone Bech; Brian Seger; Thomas Pedersen; Ole Hansen; Jan Rossmeisl; Søren Dahl; Jens K. Nørskov; Ib Chorkendorff
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New layered semiconductors for efficient photoelectrochemical hydrogen and oxygen generation
Author(s): Xu Zong; Aniruddh Mukherji; Gao Qing Lu; Lianzhou Wang
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One-dimensional plasmonic nano-photocatalysts: synthesis, characterization and photocatalytic activity
Author(s): Simona E. Hunyadi Murph
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Efficient high surface area vertically aligned metal oxide nanostructures for dye-sensitized photoanodes by pulsed laser deposition
Author(s): Rudresh Ghosh; M. Kyle Brennaman; Javier J. Concepcion; Kenneth Hanson; Amar S. Kumbhar; Thomas J. Meyer; René Lopez
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Synthesis and characterization of titanium doped hematite for photoelectrochemical water splitting
Author(s): Houwen Tang; M. Matin; Heli Wang; Mowafak Al-Jassim; John Turner; Yanfa Yan
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Nanostructured phosphides as photoelectrode materials for artificial photosynthesis
Author(s): Wen Wen; Sean M. Collins; Stephen Maldonado
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