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Nano-Opto-Mechanical Systems (NOMS)
Editor(s): Jaume Esteve; Eugene M. Terentjev; Eva M. Campo
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Volume Number: 8107
Date Published: 31 August 2011

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Front Matter: Volume 8107
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Light-induced disorder in liquid-crystalline elastomers for actuation
Author(s): Antoni Sánchez-Ferrer
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Opto-mechanical parameters of liquid crystals elastomers with carbon nanotubes
Author(s): N. Torras; K. Zinoviev; C. J. Camargo; H. Campanella; J. Esteve; E. M. Campo; J. E. Marshall; E. M. Terentjev
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Light-responsive actuation materials based on the photodeformable liquid crystal polymers
Author(s): Jianqiang Zhao; Futao Cheng; Yanlei Yu
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Photoactuators on the base of polymeric elastomers and multiwall carbon nanotubes
Author(s): Kl. Czaníková; I. Krupa; M. Ilcíková; J. Mosnáček; P. Kasák; M. Mičušík; D. Chorvát Jr.; M. Omastová
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Carbon based micro- and nano-opto-mechanical systems (C-MOMS/NOMS)
Author(s): Balaji Panchapakesan; Peng Xu; James Loomis
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Microstamped opto-mechanical actuator for tactile displays
Author(s): Carlos J. Camargo; Núria Torras; Humberto Campanella; Jean E. Marshall; Kirill Zinoviev; Eva M. Campo; Eugene M. Terentjev; Jaume Esteve
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Opto-thermal actuation in double layer polymer microcantilevers
Author(s): C. Martin-Olmos; L. G. Villanueva; A. Llobera; A. Voigt; G. Gruetzner; G. Abadal; F. Perez-Murano
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Materials science: the key to revolutionary breakthroughs in micro-fluidic devices
Author(s): M. Czugala; B. Ziolkowski; R. Byrne; D. Diamond; F. Benito-Lopez
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Synthesis and characterization of poly lactic acid and multiwall carbon nano-tubes mixtures
Author(s): Santhosh Kumar LG; Rocío del A. Cardona; Melvin Berríos-Soto; Jorge J. Santiago-Avilés
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The continuing quest for the 'Holy Braille' of tactile displays
Author(s): Noel H. Runyan; Deane B. Blazie
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Nano opto-mechanical systems (NOMS) as a proposal for tactile displays
Author(s): E. M. Campo; J. Roig; B. Roeder; D. Wenn; B. Mamojka; M. Omastova; E. M. Terentjev; J. Esteve
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A nonlinear model an actuator
Author(s): Pablo V. Negrón-Marrero; Eva Campo
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Mechanical modeling of thermally actuated LCE-CNT composite
Author(s): Carlos J. Camargo; Humberto Campanella; Kirill Zinoviev; Núria Torras; Eva M. Campo; Jean E. Marshall; Eugene M. Terentjev; Jaume Esteve
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Education and dissemination strategies of photoactuation as a novel phenomenon
Author(s): E. M. Campo; D. Wenn; I. Ramos; J. Esteve; B. Mamojka; E. M. Terentjev
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CNT dispersion and precursor synthesis for electrospinning of polymer-CNT composites
Author(s): S. M. Rosa; J. P. Crespo; A. Meléndez; J. J. Santiago-Avilés; I. Ramos; E. M. Campo
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Electrospun polymer-CNT actuators
Author(s): J. P. Crespo; S. Rosa; A. Meléndez; J. J. Santiago-Avilés; I. Ramos; E. M. Campo
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