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Nanobiosystems: Processing, Characterization, and Applications IV
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Volume Number: 8103
Date Published: 2 September 2011

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Front Matter: Volume 8103
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Developments of highly sensitive DNA sensors
Author(s): Naoya Ogata
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Photophysical properties of lanthanide(III) chelates-doped DNA-CTMA complex
Author(s): Kazuki Nakamura; Amika Sagara; Norihisa Kobayashi
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Metal incorporated M-DNA: structure, magnetism, optical absorption
Author(s): Kenji Mizoguchi
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Optical properties of DNA-CTMA biopolymers and applications in metal-biopolymer-metal photodetectors
Author(s): Bin Zhou; Sung Jin Kim; Carrie M. Bartsch; Emily M. Heckman; Fahima Ouchen; Alexander N. Cartwright
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Towards modelling of stochastic kinetics for process related to photochromic dye semi-intercalation in DNA-based polymer matrix
Author(s): Antoni C. Mitus; Grzegorz Pawlik; Wojciech Kordas; Jaroslaw Mysliwiec; Andrzej Miniewicz; Francois Kajzar; Ileana Rau; James G. Grote
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Fabrication of natural DNA-containing organic light emitting diodes
Author(s): Eliot F. Gomez; Hans D. Spaeth; Andrew J. Steckl; James G. Grote
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DNA architectures for templated material growth
Author(s): Amethist S. Finch; Christina M. Jacob; James J. Sumner
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Influence of DNA on J-aggregate formation of cyanine dyes
Author(s): Yutaka Kawabe; Sho Kato
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Evanescent field excitation of Cy5-conjugated lipid bilayers using optical microcavities
Author(s): Lindsay M. Freeman; Yasaman Dayani; Su Li; Hong-Seok Choi; Noah Malmstadt; Andrea M. Armani
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Photodegradation of melanin thin films by UV lithography
Author(s): C. W. Farley; A. Kassu; A. Sharma
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Studies of charge transport in DNA films using the time-of-flight (TOF) technique
Author(s): Perry P. Yaney; Timothy Gorman; Fahima Ouchen; James G. Grote
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Bio-dielectrics based on DNA-Ceramic hybrid films for potential energy storage applications
Author(s): Narayanan Venkat; Fahima Ouchen; Kristi M. Singh; Steven R. Smith; Donna M. Joyce; Trisha Miller; Perry P. Yaney; James G. Grote; Rajesh R. Naik
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Origin of dielectric tunability in DNA-CTMA film at microwave frequencies
Author(s): Roberto S. Aga Jr.; Carrie M. Bartsch; Brian A. Telek; Guru Subramanyam; Emily M. Heckman; James G. Grote
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Two-photon absorbing chromophores for photodynamic therapy: molecular engineering and in vivo applications
Author(s): Cyrille Monnereau; Thibault Gallavardin; Chloé Armagnat; Pierre-Henri Lanoé; Olivier Maury; Sophie Marotte; Yann Leverrier; Patrice L. Baldeck; Chantal Andraud
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All optical switching in a photochromic dye-doped biopolymeric matrix
Author(s): Jaroslaw Mysliwiec; Anna Malak; Joanna Sikora; Andrzej Miniewicz; Bouchta Sahraoui; Ileana Rau; François Kajzar
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Tunable dye lasers based on DNA-surfactant-dye complexes
Author(s): Toshifumi Chida; Yutaka Kawabe
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