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Modeling Aspects in Optical Metrology III
Editor(s): Bernd Bodermann
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Volume Number: 8083
Date Published: 23 May 2011

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Front Matter: Volume 8083
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
The promise of metamaterials for new applications in optics
Author(s): H. Schweizer; L. Fu; N. Liu; T. Weiss; P. Schau; K. Frenner; W. Osten; H. Giessen
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Rigorous modeling of meander-type metamaterials for sub-lambda imaging
Author(s): P. Schau; K. Frenner; L. Fu; H. Schweizer; H. Giessen; W. Osten
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Simulating photonic structures in layered geometries by the Multiple Multipole Program
Author(s): Aytac Alparslan; Christian Hafner
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Near-field introscopy of 2D nonhomogeneous left-handed material slab
Author(s): Mikhail Yu. Barabanenkov; Yuri N. Barabanenkov
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Geometry reconstruction for scatterometry on a MoSi photo mask based on maximum likelihood estimation
Author(s): M.-A. Henn; H. Gross; M. Bär; M. Wurm; B. Bodermann
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A Bayesian statistical model for hybrid metrology to improve measurement accuracy
Author(s): R. M. Silver; N. F. Zhang; B. M. Barnes; J. Qin; H. Zhou; R. Dixson
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Reduced basis method for real-time inverse scatterometry
Author(s): Jan Pomplun; Sven Burger; Lin Zschiedrich; Frank Schmidt
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Fast online inverse scattering with Reduced Basis Method (RBM) for a 3D phase grating with specific line roughness
Author(s): Bernd H. Kleemann; Julian Kurz; Jochen Hetzler; Jan Pomplun; Sven Burger; Lin Zschiedrich; Frank Schmidt
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Full-scale simulation of angle-resolved focused-beam scatterometry applied to aperiodic isolated features: model validity analysis and numerical results
Author(s): S. E. Kozik; A. G. Smirnov
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Physical optics light propagation through components with measured refractive, diffractive and hybrid surface profiles
Author(s): Hagen Schweitzer; Christian Hellmann; Frank Wyrowski
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Modeling of profilometry with laser focus sensors
Author(s): Jörg Bischoff; Eberhard Manske; Henner Baitinger
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Study of the convergence behavior of the vectorial modal method for metallic lamellar gratings
Author(s): Babar K. Minhas
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Image simulation of projection systems in photolithography
Author(s): P. Evanschitzky; T. Fühner; A. Erdmann
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Combining rigorous diffraction calculation and GPU accelerated nonsequential raytracing for high precision simulation of a linear grating spectrometer
Author(s): Florian Mauch; David Fleischle; Wolfram Lyda; Wolfgang Osten; Torsten Krug; Reto Häring
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Fast virtual shadow projection system as part of a virtual multisensor assistance system
Author(s): Klaus Haskamp; Markus Kästner; Eduard Reithmeier
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Speckle pattern simulations for in-plane displacement measurements
Author(s): Yves Salvadé; Romain Bonjour
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Modeling of modulation functions of different configurations of optical chopper wheels
Author(s): V.-F. Duma; M. F. Nicolov; M. Kiss; T. Ilca; D. Demian; L. Szantho
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Alternative robust statistical methods to reduce parameters uncertainty: application to scatterometry
Author(s): J. Hazart; F. Sarrazy; R. Buyssou; C. Dezauzier
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The effect of line roughness on the diffraction intensities in angular resolved scatterometry
Author(s): Akiko Kato; Frank Scholze
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Solution of the inverse problem of diffraction from low-dimensional periodically arranged nanocrystals
Author(s): Leonid I. Goray
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Depth sensitive Fourier-Scatterometry for the characterization of sub-100 nm periodic structures
Author(s): V. Ferreras Paz; S. Peterhänsel; Ka. Frenner; W. Osten; A. Ovsianikov; K. Obata; B. Chichkov
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Improved geometry reconstruction and uncertainty evaluation for extreme ultraviolet (EUV) scatterometry based on maximum likelyhood estimation
Author(s): M.-A. Henn; H. Gross; F. Scholze; C. Elster; M. Bär
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A scattering matrix interpolation from perturbation method: application to scatterometry for profile control
Author(s): Kofi Edee; Jean-Pierre Plumey; Gérard Granet
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Gradient reconstruction for the phase recovery from a single interferogram with closed fringes
Author(s): Jesús Muñoz-Maciel; Francisco J. Casillas Rodriguez; Miguel Mora González; Francisco G. Peña Lecona; Victor M. Durán Ramírez
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Physical marker based stitching process of circular and non-circular interferograms
Author(s): Roland Maurer; Florian Schneider; Christian Vogt; Markus Schinhaerl; Peter Sperber; Rolf Rascher
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Ronchigram analysis based on effective wavelength techniques and wavefront slope
Author(s): F. S. Granados-Agustin; A. Garcia-Arellano; D. Aguirre-Aguirre; M. Campos-Garcia; A. Cornejo-Rodriguez
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Ronchi test for refractive optics off-axis using a nodal bench
Author(s): F. S. Granados-Agustin; M. E. Percino Zacarías; J. F. Escobar-Romero; Agustín Santiago Alvarado
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Ab initio intensity distribution of diffusely scattered light from rough metallic surfaces
Author(s): J. A. Böhm; A. Vernes; M. J. Vellekoop
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Modeling of the surface color controlled by Ag nanograin structure
Author(s): Mizue Ebisawa; Satoru Hashimoto; Teruyoshi Hirano; Shuichi Maeda; Toshihide Iwanaga; Yasuhiro Mizutani
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New high compression method for digital hologram recorded in microscope configuration
Author(s): Pasquale Memmolo; Melania Paturzo; Anna Pelagotti; Andrea Finizio; Pietro Ferraro; Bahram Javidi
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Multi SLMs holographic display with inclined plane wave illumination
Author(s): Weronika Zaperty; Tomasz Kozacki; Malgorzata Kujawińska
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An autometed method for increasing the numerical aperture of a digital holography recording system
Author(s): Anna Pelagotti; Melania Paturzo; Massimiliano Locatelli; Andrea Geltrude; Andrea Finizio; Pietro Ferraro; Grzegorz Finke; Malgorzata Kujawinska
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Method of adjusting an optical axis of receiving module of laser rangefinder to the main axis of space vehicle
Author(s): Alexandr G. Ershov
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Specification of optical surface accuracy using the structure function
Author(s): Ross Zhelem
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Analysis of spectral-shadowing crosstalk in a quasi-distributed fibre sensor interrogated by optical frequency-domain reflectometer
Author(s): Kivilcim Yüksel; Véronique Moeyaert; Patrice Mégret; Marc Wuilpart
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The off-axis alignment of an asphere by a Fizeau interferometer
Author(s): Chao-Wen Liang; Yan-An Chen; Cheng-Chung Lee
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Direct modeling of external quantum efficiency of silicon trap detectors
Author(s): Thiago Menegotto; Maurício S. Lima; Giovanna B. Almeida; Iakyra B. Couceiro; Hans Peter Grieneisen
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Inverse calculation of position and tilt errors of optical components from wavefront data
Author(s): H. Gilbergs; N. Wengert; K. Frenner; P. Eberhard; W. Osten
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Deconvolution of non-zero solid angles effect in Bidirectional Scattering Distribution Function measurements
Author(s): A. Ferrero; J. Campos; A. M. Rabal; A. Pons; M. L. Hernanz; A. Corrons
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Analysis and application of refractive variable-focus lenses in optical microscopy
Author(s): Pavel Novak; Jiri Novak; Antonin Miks
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Modeling the ultrafast optical response of a multilayered sample subject to transient distributed perturbations
Author(s): Denis Mounier; Jean-Marc Breteau; Pascal Picart; Vitalyi Gusev
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Optimization of scanning and command functions of galvanometer-based scanners
Author(s): V.-F. Duma; C. Mnerie
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Full vectorial finite element method for acoustic mode calculation of suspended core fiber
Author(s): Soodabeh Nouri Jouybari; Hamid Latifi; Fahimeh Salehpoor; Faramarz Farahi
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Rigorous simulations of 3D patterns on extreme ultraviolet lithography masks
Author(s): Sven Burger; Lin Zschiedrich; Jan Pomplun; Frank Schmidt
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Opto-mechanical modelling and experimental approach to the measurement of aerospace materials using shearography and thermal loading
Author(s): Eduardo Corso Krutul; Roger M. Groves
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