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Damage to VUV, EUV, and X-ray Optics III
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Volume Number: 8077
Date Published: 5 May 2011
Softcover: 30 papers (290) pages
ISBN: 9780819486677

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 8077
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Lifetime and damage threshold properties of reflective x-ray coatings for the LCLS free-electron laser
Author(s): Regina Soufli; Mónica Fernández-Perea; Stefan P. Hau-Riege; Sherry L. Baker; Jeff C Robinson; Eric M Gullikson; John D. Bozek; Nicholas M. Kelez; Sebastien Boutet
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Probing matter under extreme conditions at Fermi@Elettra: the TIMEX beamline
Author(s): Andrea Di Cicco; Filippo Bencivenga; Andrea Battistoni; Daniele Cocco; Riccardo Cucini; Francesco D'Amico; Silvia Di Fonzo; Adriano Filipponi; Alessandro Gessini; Erika Giangrisostomi; Roberto Gunnella; Claudio Masciovecchio; Emiliano Principi; Cristian Svetina
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Modeling of soft x-ray induced ablation in solids
Author(s): B. Iwan; J. Andreasson; E. Abreu; M. Bergh; C. Caleman; J. Hajdu; N. Tîmneanu
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Transient analysis of thermal distorsion in a silicon substrate on incidence of a single soft x-ray FEL pulse
Author(s): A. Rubens B. de Castro; A. R. Vasconcellos; R. Luzzi
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Computer simulation of heat transfer in zone plate optics exposed to x-ray FEL radiation
Author(s): D. Nilsson; A. Holmberg; H. Sinn; U. Vogt
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Time resolved optical methods for investigation of phase transformations in materials exposed to nanosecond laser pulses
Author(s): J. Martan; N. Semmar; O. Cibulka
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Thermal analysis experiment to evaluate the stability of multilayer coatings in a space environment close to the sun
Author(s): G. Monaco; A. J. Corso; P. Zuppella; P. Nicolosi; D. L. Windt; M. G. Pelizzo
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Responses of polymers to laser plasma EUV light beyond ablation threshold and micromachining
Author(s): Tetsuya Makimura; Shuichi Torii; Kota Okazaki; Daisuke Nakamura; Akihiko Takahashi; Hiroyuki Niino; Tatsuo Okada; Kouichi Murakami
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EUV: induced ablation and surface modifications of solids
Author(s): A. Bartnik; H. Fiedorowicz; R. Jarocki; J. Kostecki; M. Szczurek; A. Szczurek; P. Wachulak
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Particle-induced damage effects on extreme UV (13.5-nm) source collector mirror optics
Author(s): J. P. Allain; B. Holybee; M. List; A. Kacic; M. Nieto-Perez; M. R. Hendricks
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Structural change induced in carbon materials by electronic excitations
Author(s): Koji Maeda; Shijin Liang; Yoshiaki Nakamura; Hiroaki Sato; Yutaka Mera
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Damage formation and characterization with scanning photoemission spectromicroscopy
Author(s): L. Gregoratti; M. Amati; M. K. Abyaneh
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Desorption mechanisms in PMMA irradiated by high order harmonics
Author(s): M. De Grazia; H. Merdji; T. Auguste; B. Carré; J. Gaudin; G. Geoffroy; S. Guizard; F. Krejci; J. Kuba; J. Chalupsky; J. Cihelka; V. Hajkova; M. Ledinský; L. Juha
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Multilayer white beam study
Author(s): K. Friedrich; Ch. Morawe; J.-Ch. Peffen; M. Osterhoff
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Measurement of the point spread function of a soft x-ray microscope by single pixel exposure of photoresists
Author(s): Adam F. G. Leontowich; Tolek Tyliszczak; Adam P. Hitchcock
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Electron kinetics in semiconductors and metals irradiated with VUV-XUV femtosecond laser pulses
Author(s): Nikita A. Medvedev; Bärbel Rethfeld
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Frenkel defect process in amorphous silica
Author(s): Koichi Kajihara; Masahiro Hirano; Linards Skuja; Hideo Hosono
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Damage to low-k porous organosilicate glass from vacuum-ultraviolet irradiation
Author(s): J. L. Shohet; H. Sinha; H. Ren; M. T. Nichols; Y. Nishi; M. Tomoyasu; N. M. Russell
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High-throughput beam splitters for high-order harmonics in soft-x-ray region
Author(s): Masatoshi Hatayama; Eiji J. Takahashi; Hisataka Takenaka; Eric M. Gullikson; Katsumi Midorikawa
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Relaxation and interaction of electronic excitations induced by intense ultra short light pulses in BaF[sub]2[/sub] scintillator
Author(s): M. Kirm; V. Nagirnyi; S. Vielhauer; E. Feldbach
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Damage to dry plasmid DNA induced by nanosecond XUV-laser pulses
Author(s): Eva Nováková; Marie Davídková; Ludék Vyšín; Tomáš Burian; Michael E. Grisham; Scott Heinbuch; Jorge J. Rocca; Libor Juha
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Study on the lifetime of Mo/Si multilayer optics with pulsed EUV-source at the ETS
Author(s): Mark Schürmann; Sergiy Yulin; Viatcheslav Nesterenko; Torsten Feigl; Norbert Kaiser; Boris Tkachenko; Max C. Schürmann
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Thermal stability on Mo/B[sub]4[/sub]C multilayers
Author(s): Miriam Barthelmess; Saša Bajt
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FEL multilayer optics damaged by multiple laser shots: experimental results and discussion
Author(s): A. Giglia; N. Mahne; A. Bianco; C. Svetina; R. Cucini; L. Vysin; T. Burian; L. Juha; S. Nannarone
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Handling the carbon contamination issue at SOLEIL
Author(s): I. Yao-Leclerc; S. Brochet; C. Chauvet; N. De Oliveira; J.-P. Duval; J.-F. Gil; S. Kubsky; B. Lagarde; L. Nahon; F. Nicolas; M. Silly; F. Sirotti; M. Thomasset
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Blistering behavior in Mo/Si multilayers
Author(s): A. S. Kuznetsov; M. A. Gleeson; R. W. E. van de Kruijs; F. Bijkerk
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Micromachining of polydimethylsiloxane induced by laser plasma EUV light
Author(s): S. Torii; T. Makimura; K. Okazaki; D. Nakamura; A. Takahashi; T. Okada; H. Niino; K. Murakami
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Dynamics of electrons in liquid water excited with an ultrashort VUV laser pulse
Author(s): Klaus Huthmacher; Nikita Medvedev; Bärbel Rethfeld
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X-ray laser-induced ablation of lead compounds
Author(s): V. Hájková; L. Juha; P. Boháček; T. Burian; J. Chalupský; L. Vyšín; J. Gaudin; P. A. Heimann; S. P. Hau-Riege; M. Jurek; D. Klinger; J. Pelka; R. Sobierajski; J. Krzywinski; M. Messerschmidt; S. P. Moeller; B. Nagler; M. Rowen; W. F. Schlotter; M. L. Swiggers; J. J. Turner; S. M. Vinko; T. Whitcher; J. Wark; M. Matuchová; S. Bajt; H. Chapman; T. Dzelzainis; D. Riley; J. Andreasson; J. Hajdu; B. Iwan; N. Timneanu; K. Saksl; R. Fäustlin; A. Singer; K. Tiedtke; S. Toleikis; I. Vartaniants; H. Wabnitz
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Ablation of ionic crystals induced by capillary-discharge XUV laser
Author(s): Peter Pira; Tomáš Burian; Ludék Vyšín; Jaromír Chalupský; Ján Lančok; Jan Wild; Michal Střižík; Zdeněk Zelinger; Jorge J Rocca; Libor Juha
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