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Laser Radar Technology and Applications XVI
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Volume Number: 8037
Date Published: 10 May 2011
Softcover: 41 papers (438) pages
ISBN: 9780819486110

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 8037
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Long range target discrimination using UV fluorescence
Author(s): Mark Bray; Jason Lepley
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Slant path 1.5 µm range gated imaging close to ground
Author(s): Ove Steinvall; Magnus Elmqvist; Kjell Karlsson; Ove Gustafsson; Tomas Chevalier
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Characterisation of small targets in a maritime environment by means of laser range profiling
Author(s): Robin Schoemaker; Koen Benoist
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High-resolution hydrographic airborne laser scanner for surveying inland waters and shallow coastal zones
Author(s): Martin Pfennigbauer; Andreas Ullrich; Frank Steinbacher; Markus Aufleger
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Underwater laser serial imaging using compressive sensing and digital mirror device
Author(s): Bing Ouyang; Fraser R. Dalgleish; Frank M. Caimi; Thomas E. Giddings; Joseph J. Shirron; Anni K. Vuorenkoski; Gero Nootz; Walter Britton; Brian Ramos
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High precision, accuracy, and resolution of 3D laser scanner employing pulsed time-of-flight measurement
Author(s): Martin Pfennigbauer; Andreas Ullrich; João Pereira do Carmo
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Laser radar in a system perspective
Author(s): Vasyl Molebny; Gary Kamerman; Ove Steinvall
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Highly sensitive lidar with a thumb-sized sensor-head built using an optical fiber preamplifier
Author(s): Daisuke Inoue; Tadashi Ichikawa; Hiroyuki Matsubara; Xueon Mao; Mitsutoshi Maeda; Chie Nagashima; Manabu Kagami
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Line-of-sight analysis using voxelized discrete lidar
Author(s): Shea Hagstrom; David Messinger
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Extracting intelligence from ladar sensing modalities
Author(s): Allan M. Burwinkel; Stuart J. Shelley; Cinque M. Ajose
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Automatic merging of lidar point-clouds using data from low-cost GPS/IMU systems
Author(s): Scott E. Budge; Kurt von Niederhausern
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Terrain classification of ladar data for bare earth determination
Author(s): Amy L. Neuenschwander; Lori A. Magruder
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Automated method for detection and quantification of building damage and debris using post-disaster lidar data
Author(s): Richard C. Labiak; Jan A. N. van Aardt; Dmitry Bespalov; Darryl Eychner; Erin Wirch; Hans-Peter Bischof
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Lidar depth image compression using clustering, re-indexing, and JPEG2000
Author(s): Dmitriy Karpman; David Ashbrook; Xiaoling Li; Ye Duan; Wenjun Zeng
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Rapid high-fidelity visualisation of multispectral 3D mapping
Author(s): Philip M. Tudor; Mark Christy
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Quantitative data quality metrics for 3D laser radar systems
Author(s): Jeffrey R. Stevens; Norman A. Lopez; Robin R. Burton
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Sensitivity of the polarization ratio method to aerosol concentration
Author(s): Michelle G. Snyder; Andrea M. Brown; C. Russell Philbrick
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Pseudorandom noise code-based technique for cloud and aerosol discrimination applications
Author(s): Joel Campbell; Narasimha S. Prasad; Michael Flood; Wallace Harrison
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Detection of microwave emission from solid targets ablated with an ultrashort pulsed laser
Author(s): Joseph A. Miragliotta; Benjamin Brawley; Caroline Sailor; James B. Spicer; Jane W. M. Spicer
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Drogue tracking using 3D flash lidar for autonomous aerial refueling
Author(s): Chao-I Chen; Roger Stettner
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Pulsed coherent fiber lidar transceiver for aircraft in-flight turbulence and wake-vortex hazard detection
Author(s): M. Akbulut; J. Hwang; F. Kimpel; S. Gupta; H. Verdun
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Piston phase determination and its effect on multi-aperture image resolution recovery
Author(s): Jeffrey Kraczek; Nicholas J Miller; Paul McManamon; Joseph W. Haus; Joseph Marron
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Coherent laser radar efficiency and power variance with Gaussian pointing errors
Author(s): Philip Gatt; Scott M. Shald
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Green laser vibrometry based on single-frequency monolithic microchip laser
Author(s): Arkadiusz J. Antończak; Pawel E. Kozioł; Jaroslaw Z. Sotor; Krzysztof M. Abramski
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Multichannel flexible fiber vibrometer
Author(s): A. Waz; P. Kaczmarek; A. Antończak; J. Sotor; G. Dudzik; K. Krzempek; G. Sobon; K. M. Abramski
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Airborne laser vibrometer for seismic subsurface inspection
Author(s): Alastair D. McAulay
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Topographic mapping flash lidar for multiple scattering, terrain, and forest mapping
Author(s): Tanya Ramond; Eileen Saiki; Carl Weimer; Jeff Applegate; Yongxiang Hu; Thomas Delker; Lyle Ruppert; Brian Donley
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Geiger-mode ladar cameras
Author(s): Ping Yuan; Rengarajan Sudharsanan; Xiaogang Bai; Joseph Boisvert; Paul McDonald; Eduardo Labios; Bryan Morris; John P. Nicholson; Gary M. Stuart; Harrison Danny; Stephen Van Duyne; Greg Pauls; Stephen Gaalema
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Linear-mode avalanche photo-diode detectors with a quasi-deterministic gain component: statistical model studies
Author(s): Douglas G. Youmans; George Williams; Andrew Huntington
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GHz low noise short wavelength infrared (SWIR) photoreceivers
Author(s): Xiaogang Bai; Ping Yuan; Paul McDonald; Joseph Boisvert; James Chang; Robyn Woo; Eduardo Labios; Rengarajan Sudharsanan; Michael Krainak; Guangning Yang; Xiaoli Sun; Wei Lu; Dion McIntosh; Qiugui Zhou; Joe Campbell
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Lidar characteristics for detecting and tracking high-speed bullets
Author(s): Joseph S. J. Peri
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A 243mJ eye-safe injection-seeded KTA ring-cavity optical parametric oscillator
Author(s): Robert J. Foltynowicz; Michael D. Wojcik
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High-power diode-pumped Er3+:YAG single-crystal fiber laser
Author(s): Igor Martial; Julien Didierjean; Nicolas Aubry; François Balembois; Patrick Georges
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Field tests of laser ranging using PRBS modulation techniques
Author(s): J. Kovalik; K. Wilson; M. Wright; W. Williamson
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Virtual navigation of interior structures by lidar
Author(s): Yongjian Xi; Xiaoling Li; Ye Duan; Norbert Maerz
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Spectral ladar as a UGV navigation sensor
Author(s): Michael A. Powers; Christopher C. Davis
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Brassboard development of a MEMS-scanned ladar sensor for small ground robots
Author(s): Barry L. Stann; John F. Dammann; Joseph A. Enke; Pey-Schuan Jian; Mark M. Giza; William B. Lawler; Michael A. Powers
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Compact 3D lidar based on optically coupled horizontal and vertical scanning mechanism for the autonomous navigation of robots
Author(s): Min-Gu Lee; Seung-Ho Baeg; Ki-Min Lee; Hae-Seok Lee; Moon-Hong Baeg; Jong-Ok Park; Hong-Ki Kim
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Feasibility study to determine correct focus by analyzing photon distributions on Geiger-mode avalanche photodiode focal plane array
Author(s): Tae Hoon Kim; Hong Jin Kong; Sung Eun Jo; Min Seok Oh
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Fluorescence/depolarization lidar for mid-range stand-off detection of biological agents
Author(s): Z. Mierczyk; K. Kopczyński; M. Zygmunt; J. Wojtanowski; J. Młynczak; A. Gawlikowski; A. Młodzianko; W. Piotrowski; A. Gietka; P. Knysak; T. Drozd; M. Muzal; M. Kaszczuk; R. Ostrowski; M. Jakubaszek
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Simulated lidar waveforms for understanding factors affecting waveform shape
Author(s): Angela M. Kim; Richard C. Olsen
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