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Next-Generation Spectroscopic Technologies IV
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Volume Number: 8032
Date Published: 12 May 2011
Softcover: 31 papers (302) pages
ISBN: 9780819486066

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 8032
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Light focusing by chirped waveguide grating coupler
Author(s): Pradeep Kumar; Brent Bergner; David Cook; Ivan Avrutsky
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MEMS-based tunable Fabry-Perot filters
Author(s): Neelam Gupta; Songsheng Tan; Dennis R. Zander
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Microsensors based on quantum cascade lasers
Author(s): Sheng Wu; Andrei Deev; Yongchun Tang
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Development of a field-deployable isotopic N2O analyzer based on mid-infrared cavity ring-down spectroscopy
Author(s): Xu Du; Alejandro D. Farinas; Eric R. Crosson; David Balslev-Clausen; Thomas Blunier
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Mid-infrared absorption spectroscopy using quantum cascade lasers
Author(s): Fred Haibach; Adam Erlich; Erik Deutsch
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Precision and accuracy of miniature tunable diode laser absorption spectrometers
Author(s): M. B. Frish; R. T. Wainner; M. C. Laderer; K. R. Parameswaran; D. M. Sonnenfroh; M. A. Druy
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Quantum cascade laser-based substance detection: approaching the quantum noise limit
Author(s): Peter C. Kuffner; Kathryn J. Conroy; Toby K. Boyson; Greg Milford; Mohamed A. Mabrok; Abhijit G. Kallapur; Ian R. Petersen; Maria E. Calzada; Thomas G. Spence; Kennith P. Kirkbride; Charles C. Harb
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Small low-power consumption CO-sensor for post-fire cleanup aboard spacecraft
Author(s): John L. Bradshaw; John D. Bruno; Kevin M. Lascola; Richard P. Leavitt; John T. Pham; Frederick J. Towner; David M. Sonnenfroh; Krishnan R. Parameswaran
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Intracavity laser absorption spectroscopy using mid-IR quantum cascade laser
Author(s): G. Medhi; A. V. Muravjov; H. Saxena; C. J. Fredricksen; T. Brusentsova; R. E. Peale; O. Edwards
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On the accuracy of decay constant measurement by swept-cavity heterodyne cavity ringdown spectroscopy
Author(s): K. K. M. B. Dilusha Silva; Aislinn van der Walt; John M. Dell; Lorenzo Faraone
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Rapid and field-deployable biological and chemical Raman-based identification
Author(s): Edita Botonjic-Sehic; Tracy L. Paxon; Hacene Boudries
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Detection of fire protection and mineral glasses in industrial recycling using Raman mapping spectroscopy
Author(s): Martin De Biasio; Thomas Arnold; Gerald McGunnigle; Martin Kraft; Raimund Leitner; Dirk Balthasar; Volker Rehrmann
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Toward non-invasive detection of concealed energetic materials in-field under ambient light conditions
Author(s): Biju Cletus; William Olds; Emad L. Izake; Peter M. Fredericks; Helen Panayiotou; Esa Jaatinen
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Integration of optical devices and nanotechnology for conducting genome research
Author(s): Pei-Yu Chung; Parekh Parag; Zhi Zhu; Claudine Chegini; Gregory Schultz; Weihong Tan; Peng Jiang; Christopher Batich
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Application of an ion mobility spectrometer with pulsed ionisation source in the detection of dimethyl methylphosphonate and toluene diisocyanate
Author(s): Wolfgang Baether; Stefan Zimmermann; Frank Gunzer
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Development of a fieldable rugged TATP surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy sensor
Author(s): Kevin M. Spencer; Susan L. Clauson; James M. Sylvia
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Dual-channel polarization imaging spectrometer
Author(s): Tingkui Mu; Chunmin Zhang
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Photonic crystal slot waveguide for high sensitivity on-chip near-infrared optical absorption spectroscopy of xylene in water
Author(s): Swapnajit Chakravarty; Wei-Cheng Lai; Xiaolong Wang; Che-Yun Lin; Ray T. Chen
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A compact and portable IR analyzer: progress of a MOEMS FT-IR system for mid-IR sensing
Author(s): Andreas Kenda; Stephan Lüttjohann; Thilo Sandner; Martin Kraft; Andreas Tortschanoff; Arno Simon
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Portable coherent frequency-domain THz spectrometer
Author(s): Ronald T. Logan; Joseph R. Demers; Bryon L. Kasper
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Compact remote Raman and LIBS system for detection of minerals, water, ices, and atmospheric gases for planetary exploration
Author(s): Anupam K. Misra; Shiv K. Sharma; Tayro E. Acosta; David E. Bates
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Real-time smart fluorescence sensor platform
Author(s): Jason E. Dickens; Mike S. Vaughn; Mervin Taylor; Mike Ponstingl
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A compact, fast, wide-field imaging spectrometer system
Author(s): Pantazis Mouroulis; Byron E. Van Gorp; Victor E. White; Jason M. Mumolo; Daniel Hebert; Martin Feldman
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High-speed resonant FTIR spectrometer
Author(s): Julia Rentz Dupuis; David Carlson; David Mansur; Thomas Evans; Robert Vaillancourt; James Engel; Bradley Engel
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Compact high-resolution VIS/NIR hyperspectral sensor
Author(s): Timo Hyvärinen; Esko Herrala; Wes Procino; Oliver Weatherbee
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Advances in hyperspectral LWIR pushbroom imagers
Author(s): Hannu Holma; Antti-Jussi Mattila; Timo Hyvärinen; Oliver Weatherbee
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Near-infrared imaging spectroscopy for counterfeit drug detection
Author(s): Thomas Arnold; Martin De Biasio; Raimund Leitner
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Advanced algorithms for the identification of mixtures using condensed-phase FT-IR spectroscopy
Author(s): Josep Arnó; Greger Andersson; Dustin Levy; Carol Tomczyk; Peng Zou; Eric Zuidema
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Development of simple algorithm for direct and rapid determination of cotton maturity from FT-IR spectroscopy
Author(s): Yongliang Liu; Devron Thibodeaux; Gary R. Gamble
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Sensing of FWHM and peak wavelength for LEDs via low-cost filter-array spectrum sensor
Author(s): Cheng-Chun Chang; Chien-Chou Chen; Umpei Kurokawa; Byung Il Choi
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Snapshot spectral imaging demonstrator
Author(s): Martin De Biasio; Thomas Arnold; Andreas Tortschanoff; Raimund Leitner
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