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MIPPR 2011: Parallel Processing of Images and Optimization and Medical Imaging Processing
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Volume Number: 8005
Date Published: 30 November 2011
Softcover: 27 papers (210) pages
ISBN: 9780819485793

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 8005
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Further optimization of SeDDaRA blind image deconvolution algorithm and its DSP implementation
Author(s): Bo Wen; Qiheng Zhang; Jianlin Zhang
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Adaptive edge detection in a global optimal observation scale
Author(s): Zhenzhu Zheng; Tianxu Zhang
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Automatic mosaicking method for large block of orthophotos
Author(s): Haibin Ai; Li Zhang; Lin Wang
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Fast discrete W transforms via computation of first-order moments
Author(s): J. G. Liu; X. Hua; J. L. Wu
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A co-design method for parallel image processing accelerator based on DSP and FPGA
Author(s): Ze Wang; Kaijian Weng; Zhao Cheng; Luxin Yan; Jing Guan
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Novel MDCT using first-order moments
Author(s): Jianguo Liu; Diyun Xu
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An improved implementation of infrared focal plane image enhancement algorithm based on FPGA
Author(s): Sheng Zhong; Dan Shi; Bo Wang; Ke Li
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An improved membrane algorithm for solving time-consuming water quality retrieval
Author(s): Liang Zhong; Wenfei Luo
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VLSI implementation of multiple large template-based image matching for automatic target recognition
Author(s): Hongshi Sang; Dingbin Liao; Yajing Yuan
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Design and implementation of an embedded software system for ATR
Author(s): Yuehuan Wang; Shiyong Li
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A novel algorithm and its VLSI architecture for connected component labeling
Author(s): Hualong Zhao; Hongshi Sang; Tianxu Zhang
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A method of COA based on multi-agent co-evolutionary algorithm
Author(s): Xin Yu; Shuaijun Dong; Hui Wang
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Study of disaster relief goods dispatching model and its intelligent solution approach for state reserve system of rescue goods and materials
Author(s): Weidong Tian; Hongjuan Zhou; Li Zhao; Yang Lu
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Research of location method for billet recognition in complex production line scene
Author(s): Hanyu Hong; Zhejun Yu; Xiuhua Zhang
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Segmentation of white rat sperm image
Author(s): Weiguo Bai; Jianguo Liu; Guoyuan Chen
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An efficient template matching between rotated mono- or multi-sensor images
Author(s): Yuzhuang Yan; Xinsheng Huang; Yongbin Zheng; Wanying Xu
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Image super-resolution based on image adaptive decomposition
Author(s): Qiwei Xie; Haiyan Wang; Lijun Shen; Xi Chen; Hua Han
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Criteria of loop iteration break for level-set-based medical image segmentation
Author(s): Jiansheng Chen; Ji Luo; Chunhua Hu; Xue Zeng; Cong Xia; Yu Ma; Hongwei Hao
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Fast segmentation of white blood cell based on visual salient features
Author(s): Xin Zheng; Guoyou Wang; Jianguo Liu; Zhonghua Wang
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A robust approach for intensity loss compensation of TIRF microscopy images
Author(s): Xiangping Wu; Linwei Chen; Fangmin Yu
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Ultrasonic classification of breast tumors based on multi-instance learning
Author(s): Jianhua Huang; Cong Hu; Yingtao Zhang; Jiafeng Liu; Xianglong Tang
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Multi-modal medical image registration based on phase congruency and quantitative-qualitative mutual information
Author(s): Shan Zhang; Hongbin Han; Zhaoying Liu; Bo Liu; Fugen Zhou
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Medical image segmentation by MDP model
Author(s): Yisu Lu; Wufan Chen
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An adaptive brightness preserving bi-histogram equalization
Author(s): Hongying Shen; Shuifa Sun; Bangjun Lei; Sheng Zheng
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The segmentation of the CT image based on k clustering and graph-cut
Author(s): Yuke Chen; Xiaoming Wu; Rongqian Yang; Shanxin Ou; Ken Cai; Hai Chen
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Automatic segmentation of coronary artery tree based on multiscale Gabor filtering and transition region extraction
Author(s): Fang Wang; Guozhu Wang; Lie Kang; Juan Wang
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Contour extraction of medical images using improved deformable model by integrating region information
Author(s): Yang-Guang Sun; Guang-Yue Hei; Jiang-Qing Wang; Ming-Yue Ding
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