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Tenth International Conference on Quality Control by Artificial Vision
Editor(s): Jean-Charles Pinoli; Johan Debayle; Yann Gavet; Frédéric Gruy; Claude Lambert
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Volume Number: 8000
Date Published: 12 July 2011
Softcover: 24 papers (224) pages
ISBN: 9780819485731

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Front Matter: Volume 8000
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Illumination control in view of dynamic (re)planning of 3D reconstruction tasks
Author(s): Abdelkrim Belhaoua; Sophie Kohler; Ernest Hirsch
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Using variable homography to measure emergent fibers on textile fabrics
Author(s): Jun Xu; Christophe Cudel; Sophie Kohler; Stéphane Fontaine; Olivier Haeberlé; Marie-Louise Klotz
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Defect detection of electronic devices by single stereo vision
Author(s): Akira Kusano; Takashi Watanabe; Takuma Funahashi; Takayuki Fujiwara; Hiroyasu Koshimizu
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Recognizing overlapped particles during a crystallization process from in situ video images for measuring their size distributions
Author(s): Ola Suleiman Ahmad; Johan Debayle; Nesrine Gherras; Benoît Presles; Gilles Févotte; Jean-Charles Pinoli
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Extracting the ridge set as a graph for quantification of actin filament images obtained by confocal laser scanning microscopy
Author(s): Harald Birkholz
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Distance maps and inscribed convex sets for shape classification applied to road signs
Author(s): Frédérique Robert-Inacio
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Nano-level 3D shape measurement system using color analysis method of RGB interference fringes
Author(s): Sheiji Hata; Daichi Kimura; Masanobu Kaneda; Shigeaki Morimoto; Hiroaki Kobayashi
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Multiwavelength single-shot interferometry without carrier fringe introduction
Author(s): Katsuichi Kitagawa
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Combining high productivity and high performance in image processing using Single Assignment C
Author(s): Volkmar Wieser; Bernhard Moser; Sven-Bodo Scholz; Stephan Herhut; Jing Guo
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Creation of an artifact database and experimental measurement of their detectability thresholds in noises of different spectra, in the context of quality control of an x-ray imager
Author(s): J.M. Vignolle; L. Debize; I. Bensaid; R. Forich; C. Berthaud; C. Marmajou; B. Candiard
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Evaluation of the reasons why freshly appearing citrus peel fluorescence during automatic inspection by fluorescent imaging technique
Author(s): Md. Abdul Momin; Naoshi Kondo; Makoto Kuramoto; Yuichi Ogawa; Kazuya Yamamoto; Tomoo Shiigi; Kazunori Ninomiya
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Secondary radiations in CBCT: a simulation study
Author(s): Patricia Wils; Jean M. Létang; Jean-Pierre Bruandet
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A proposal of virtual lens model by using multi-camera array
Author(s): Kazuya Takahashi; Kunihito Kato; Kazuhiko Yamamoto
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Automatic classification of 3D segmented CT data using data fusion and support vector machine
Author(s): Ahmad Osman; Valérie Kaftandjian; Ulf Hassler
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Fusion of geometric and thermographic data for the automatic inspection of forgings and castings
Author(s): Beate Oswald-Tranta; Paul O'Leary
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Automatic quantitative evaluation of image registration techniques with the E dissimilarity criterion in the case of retinal images
Author(s): Yann Gavet; Mathieu Fernandes; Jean-Charles Pinoli
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Mobile robot control using 3D hand pose estimation
Author(s): Kiyoshi Hoshino; Takuya Kasahara; Naoki Igo; Motomasa Tomida; Takanobu Tanimoto; Toshimitsu Mukai; Gilles Brossard; Hajime Kotani
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Non-rigid registration for qualitiy control of printed materials
Author(s): Amir Badshah; Paul O'Leary; Matthew Harker; Christian Sallinger
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A template matching approach based on the discrepancy norm for defect detection on regularly textured surfaces
Author(s): Jean-Luc Bouchot; Gernot Stübl; Bernhard Moser
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Unsupervised segmentation based on Von Mises circular distributions for orientation estimation in textured images
Author(s): Jean-Pierre Da Costa; Frédéric Galland; Antoine Roueff; Christian Germain
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Algorithms for microindentation measurement in automated Vickers hardness testing
Author(s): M. Gadermayr; A. Maier; A. Uhl
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Measuring image sharpness for a computer vision-based Vickers hardness measurement system
Author(s): A. Maier; G. Niederbrucker; A. Uhl
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An algorithm for a progressive acquisition image sensor
Author(s): Pierre-Emmanuel Leni; Yohan D. Fougerolle; Frédéric Truchetet
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Shape matching by affine movement estimation for 3D reconstruction
Author(s): M. Saidani; F. Ghorbel
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