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Alternative Lithographic Technologies III
Editor(s): Daniel J. C. Herr
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Volume Number: 7970
Date Published: 1 April 2011
: 44 papers (426) pages
ISBN: 9780819485298

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Front Matter: Volume 7970
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Nanoimprint lithography for semiconductor devices and future patterning innovation
Author(s): Tatsuhiko Higashiki; Tetsuro Nakasugi; Ikuo Yoneda
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The comparison of NGLs from a tool vendor's view
Author(s): Akiyoshi Suzuki
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Jet and flash imprint defectivity: assessment and reduction for semiconductor applications
Author(s): Matt Malloy; Lloyd C. Litt; Steve Johnson; Douglas J. Resnick; David Lovell
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Defect reduction of high-density full-field patterns in jet and flash imprint lithography
Author(s): Lovejeet Singh; Kang Luo; Zhengmao Ye; Frank Xu; Gaddi Haase; David Curran; Dwayne LaBrake; Douglas Resnick; S. V. Sreenivasan
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Progress in mask replication using jet and flash imprint lithography
Author(s): Kosta S. Selinidis; Cynthia B. Brooks; Gary F. Doyle; Laura Brown; Chris Jones; Joseph Imhof; Dwayne L. LaBrake; Douglas J. Resnick; S.V. Sreenivasan
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Position accuracy evaluation of multi-column e-beam exposure system
Author(s): Masahiro Takizawa; Hideaki Komami; Masaki Kurokawa; Akio Yamada
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eMET: 50 keV electron multibeam mask exposure tool
Author(s): Christof Klein; Jan Klikovits; Hans Loeschner; Elmar Platzgummer
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Scanning exposures with a MAPPER multibeam system
Author(s): C. van den Berg; G. de Boer; S. Boschker; E. A. Hakkennes; G. Holgate; M. Hoving; R. Jager; J. J. Koning; V. Kuiper; Yue Ma; I. L. van Mil; H. W. Mook; T. Ooms; T. van de Peut; S. Postma; M. Sanderse; P. Scheffers; E. Slot; A. Tudorie; A. M. C. Valkering; N. Venema; N. Vergeer; A. Weirsma; S. Woutersen; M. J. Wieland; B. J. Kampherbeek
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Multi-shaped beam: development status and update on lithography results
Author(s): Matthias Slodowski; Hans-Joachim Doering; Wolfgang Dorl; Ines A. Stolberg
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Self-assembly patterning for sub-15nm half-pitch: a transition from lab to fab
Author(s): Chris Bencher; Jeffrey Smith; Liyan Miao; Cathy Cai; Yongmei Chen; Joy Y. Cheng; Daniel P. Sanders; Melia Tjio; Hoa D. Truong; Steven Holmes; William D. Hinsberg
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Nanoimprint process for 2.5Tb/in2 bit patterned media fabricated by self-assembling method
Author(s): Yasuaki Ootera; Akiko Yuzawa; Takuya Shimada; Ryousuke Yamamoto; Yoshiyuki Kamata; Naoko Kihara; Akira Kikitsu
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High-density patterned media fabrication using jet and flash imprint lithography
Author(s): Zhengmao Ye; Rick Ramos; Cynthia Brooks; Logan Simpson; John Fretwell; Scott Carden; Paul Hellebrekers; Dwayne LaBrake; Douglas J. Resnick; S. V. Sreenivasan
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Development of realistic potentials for the simulation of directed self-assembly of PS-PMMA di-block copolymers
Author(s): Richard A. Lawson; Peter J. Ludovice; Clifford L. Henderson
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Guided self-assembly of block-copolymer for CMOS technology: a comparative study between grapho-epitaxy and surface chemical modification
Author(s): Lorea Oria; Alaitz Ruiz de Luzuriaga; Xavier Chevalier; Juan A. Alduncin; David Mecerreyes; Raluca Tiron; Stephanie Gaugiran; Francesc Perez-Murano
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Study and optimization of the parameters governing the block copolymer self-assembly: toward a future integration in lithographic process
Author(s): X. Chevalier; R. Tiron; T. Upreti; S. Gaugiran; C. Navarro; S. Magnet; T. Chevolleau; G. Cunges; G. Fleury; G. Hadziioannou
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Approaches to rapid resist spreading on dispensing based UV-NIL
Author(s): Kazuyuki Usuki; Satoshi Wakamatsu; Tadashi Oomatsu; Kenichi Kodama; Kunihiko Kodama
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Reactive fluorinated surfactant for step and flash imprint lithography
Author(s): Tsuyoshi Ogawa; Daniel J. Hellebusch; Michael W. Lin; B. Michael Jacobsson; William Bell; C. Grant Willson
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A new releasing material and continuous nano-imprinting in mold replication for patterned media
Author(s): Kouta Suzuki; Hideo Kobayashi; Takashi Sato; Hiroshi Yamashita; Tsuyoshi Watanabe
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Fast mask writers: technology options and considerations
Author(s): Lloyd C. Litt; Timothy Groves; Greg Hughes
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IMAGINE: an open consortium to boost maskless lithography take off: first assessment results on MAPPER technology
Author(s): L. Pain; B. Icard; M. Martin; C. Constancias; S. Tedesco; P. Wiedeman; A. Farah; B. J. Kampherbeek; C. Pieczulewski; H. Kandrashov
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Influence of massively parallel e-beam direct-write pixel size on electron proximity correction
Author(s): S. J. Lin; P. S. Chen; J. J. Shin; W. C. Wang; Burn J. Lin
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Data path development for multiple electron beam maskless lithography
Author(s): Faruk Krecinic; Shy-Jay Lin; Jack J. H. Chen
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E-beam to complement optical lithography for 1D layouts
Author(s): David K. Lam; Enden D. Liu; Michael C. Smayling; Ted Prescop
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Model-based mask data preparation (MB-MDP) and its impact on resist heating
Author(s): Aki Fujimura; Takashi Kamikubo; Ingo Bork
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Wafer-level fabrication of distributed feedback laser diodes by utilizing UV nanoimprint lithography
Author(s): Masaki Yanagisawa; Yukihiro Tsuji; Hiroyuki Yoshinaga; Naoya Kouno; Kenji Hiratsuka
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Fabrication of hole pattern for position-controlled MOVPE-grown GaN nanorods with highly precise nanoimprint technology
Author(s): Torbjörn Eriksson; Ki-Dong Lee; Babak Heidari; Patrick Rode; Werner Bergbauer; Martin Mandl; Christopher Kölper; Martin Strassburg
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Adaptation of roll-to-roll imprint lithography: from flexible electronics to structural templates
Author(s): Edward R. Holland; Albert Jeans; Ping Mei; Carl P. Taussig; Richard E. Elder; Cynthia Bell; Emmett Howard; John Stowell
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Development and characterization of carbon nanotube processes for NRAM technology
Author(s): Gilles Amblard
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New advances with REBL for maskless high-throughput EBDW lithography
Author(s): Paul Petric; Chris Bevis; Mark McCord; Allen Carroll; Alan Brodie; Upendra Ummethala; Luca Grella; Anthony Cheung; Regina Freed
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Data preparation solution for e-beam multiple pass exposure: reaching sub-22nm nodes with a tool dedicated to 45 nm
Author(s): Luc Martin; Serdar Manakli; Sébastien Bayle; Kang-Hoon Choi; Manuela Gutsch; Jonathan Pradelles; Jessy Bustos
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Demonstration of real-time pattern correction for high-throughput maskless lithography
Author(s): E. A. Hakkennes; A. D. Wiersma; M. Hoving; N. Venema; S. Woutersen; T. van de Peut; M. Sanderse; M. J. Wieland
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EBPC for multi-beams low kV electron projection lithography
Author(s): Jérôme Belledent; Sébastien Soulan; Laurent Pain
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Fast characterization of line-end shortening and application of novel correction algorithms in e-beam direct write
Author(s): Martin Freitag; Kang-Hoon Choi; Manuela Gutsch; Christoph Hohle; Reinhard Galler; Michael Krüger; Ulf Weidenmueller
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Nanopatterning of diblock copolymer directed self-assembly lithography with wet development
Author(s): Makoto Muramatsu; Mitsuaki Iwashita; Takahiro Kitano; Takayuki Toshima; Yuriko Seino; Daisuke Kawamura; Masahiro Kanno; Katsutoshi Kobayashi; Tsukasa Azuma
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Double and triple exposure with image reversal in a single photoresist layer
Author(s): Coumba Ndoye; Marius Orlowski
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Tunable two-mirror laser interference lithography system for large-area nano-patterning
Author(s): Weidong Mao; Ishan Wathuthanthri; Chang-Hwan Choi
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Solid-immersion Lloyd's mirror as a testbed for plasmon-enhanced high-NA lithography
Author(s): Prateek Mehrotra; Charles W. Holzwarth; Richard J. Blaikie
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Soft UV-NIL at the 12.5 nm scale
Author(s): G. Kreindl; M. Kast; D. Treiblmayr; T. Glinsner; E. Platzgummer; H. Loeschner; P. Joechl; S. Eder-Kapl; T. Nartz; M. Muehlberger; I. Bergmair; M. Boehm; R. Schoeftner
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Scatterometry sensitivity for NIL process
Author(s): Takahiro Miyakawa; Kazuhiro Sato; Koichi Sentoku; Hideki Ina
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Fast and large-field electron-beam exposure by CSEL
Author(s): A. Kojima; T. Ohta; H. Ohyi; N. Koshida
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Optimization of e-beam landing energy for EBDW
Author(s): Enden D. Liu; Ted Prescop
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Demonstration of lithography patterns using reflective e-beam direct write
Author(s): Regina Freed; Jeff Sun; Alan Brodie; Paul Petric; Mark McCord; Kurt Ronse; Luc Haspeslagh; Bart Vereecke
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A lossless circuit layout image compression algorithm for electron beam direct write lithography systems
Author(s): Jeehong Yang; Serap A. Savari
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Electron beam induced freezing of positive tone, EUV resists for directed self assembly applications
Author(s): Han-Hao Cheng; Imelda Keen; Anguang Yu; Ya-Mi Chuang; Idriss Blakey; Kevin S. Jack; Michael J. Leeson; Todd R. Younkin; Andrew K. Whittaker
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