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Optical Metro Networks and Short-Haul Systems III
Editor(s): Werner Weiershausen; Benjamin Dingel; Achyut Kumar Dutta; Atul K. Srivastava
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Volume Number: 7959
Date Published: 24 January 2011

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Front Matter: Volume 7959
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Higher-order modulation formats for spectral-efficient high-speed metro systems
Author(s): R. Freund; M. Nölle; M. Seimetz; J. Hilt; J. Fischer; R. Ludwig; C. Schubert; H.-G. Bach; K.-O. Velthaus; M. Schell
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Four-dimensional coded optical OFDM for ultra-high-speed metro networks
Author(s): Ivan B. Djordjevic
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Optimum signal constellations for high-speed optical metro networks and beyond
Author(s): Jianyong Zhang; Ivan B. Djordjevic
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Potential of OFDM for next generation optical access
Author(s): Daniel Fritzsche; Erik Weis; Dirk Breuer
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Novel multicolor photodetectors for short- and long-distance optical communication
Author(s): Achyut K. Dutta; Robert Olah; Genki Mizuno; Nibir K. Dhar
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Tuneable VCSEL aiming for the application in interconnects and short haul systems
Author(s): Christian Gierl; Karolina Zogal; Sandro Jatta; Hooman A. Davani; Franko Küppers; Peter Meissner; Tobias Gründl; Christian Grasse; Markus-Christian Amann; Aidan Daly; Brian Corbett; Benjamin Kögel; Åsa Haglund; Johan Gustavsson; Petter Westbergh; Anders Larsson; Pierluigi Debernardi; Markus Ortsiefer
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Inexpensive 3dB coupler for POF communication by injection-molding production
Author(s): M. Haupt; U. H. P. Fischer
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New concept for a regenerative amplifier for passive optical networks
Author(s): A. Tervonen; M. Mattila; W. Weiershausen; T. von Lerber; E. Parsons; H. Chaouch; F. Kueppers; S. Honkanen
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Field trials of 100G and beyond: an operator's point of view
Author(s): S. Vorbeck; M. Schneiders; W. Weiershausen; H. Mayer; A. Schippel; P. Wagner; A. Ehrhardt; R. Braun; D. Breuer; U. Drafz; D. Fritzsche
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Scaling 100G QPSK links for reliable network development
Author(s): Andrew Stark; Yu-Ting Hsueh; Steven Searcy; Thomas Detwiler; Sorin Tibuleac; Mark Filer; GK Chang; Stephen E. Ralph
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Chromatic dispersion analysis and partially compensation for tunable liquid crystal optical interleaver
Author(s): Shadi A. Alboon; Alaeddin S. Abu-Abed; Ahmad N. AL-Omari
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Electrical PMD equalization methods for intensity modulated optical polarization multiplex transmission systems
Author(s): Daniel Goelz; Felix Pohl; Peter Meissner
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DPSK receiver-sensitivity enhancement using an SOA in front of the receiver
Author(s): Ehab Awad
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WSS technology for the next generation ROADM networks
Author(s): Gil Cohen; Krishna Bala
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Spectrum variable colorless, directionless and contentionless multi-degree ROADM node
Author(s): Philip N. Ji; Yoshiaki Aono; Ting Wang
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PCE-based scalable dynamic path control for large-scale photonic networks
Author(s): Soichiro Araki; Kohei Shimada; Hiroshi Hasegawa; Ken-ichi Sato; Yohei Iizawa; Shinya Ishida; Itaru Nishioka
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Linear formulation to avoid adjacent channel interference in LTD of optical networks
Author(s): K. D. R. Assis; M. S. Savasini; A. F. Santos
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Efficient elastic optical path network for transmission beyond 100G
Author(s): B. Kozicki; H. Takara; K. Yonenaga; M. Jinno
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Multi-layer photonics modeling framework for the design, analysis, and optimization of devices, links, and networks
Author(s): André Richter; Hadrien Louchet; Cristina Arellano; Jim Farina; Igor Koltchanov
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Dynamic routing, wavelength assignment, and spectrum allocation in transparent flexible optical WDM networks
Author(s): Ankitkumar N. Patel; Philip N. Ji; Jason P. Jue; Ting Wang
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A novel approach to smart grid technology for electrical power transmission lines by a self-organized optical network node based on optical bistability
Author(s): Soichiro Nakanishi; Wakao Sasaki
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