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Photonic and Phononic Properties of Engineered Nanostructures
Editor(s): Ali Adibi; Shawn-Yu Lin; Axel Scherer
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Volume Number: 7946
Date Published: 10 February 2011
Softcover: 44 papers (360) pages
ISBN: 9780819484833

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Front Matter: Volume 7946
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Acoustic metamaterials based on the homogenization of periodic scatterers
Author(s): José Sánchez-Dehesa; Daniel Torrent
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High peak power (34 W) photonic crystal distributed feedback quantum cascade lasers
Author(s): B. Gökden; Y. Bai; N. Bandyopadhyay; S. Slivken; M. Razeghi
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Surface emitting laser based on random photonic crystals
Author(s): Seiji Takeda; Shimpei Hamada; Romain Peretti; Christian Seassal; Xavier Letartre; Pierre Viktorovitch; Minoru Obara
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Purcell-enhanced single-photon emission from an InP quantum dot coupled to GaInP photonic crystal nanocavity
Author(s): Isaac J. Luxmoore; Ehsaneh D. Ahmadi; Nicholas A. Wasley; Alexander I. Tartakovskii; A. Mark Fox; Andrey B. Krysa; Maurice S. Skolnick
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Nonlinear optics in photonic crystal nanocavities: from light sources to quantum photonic interfaces
Author(s): Kelley Rivoire; Sonia Buckley; Arka Majumdar; Gary Shambat; Jelena Vuckovic
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Optical microcavities clad by transparent conductive oxides
Author(s): Ozlem Senlik; Lingling Tang; Pantana Tor-ngern; Tomoyuki Yoshie
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Finite difference simulation of thermally tuned hexagonal photonic crystals
Author(s): S. R. Newman; R. C. Gauthier
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Theoretical analysis of the order to disorder phase transition in random photonic crystals
Author(s): Shimpei Hamada; Seiji Takeda; Pierre Viktorovitch; Mitsuhiro Terakawa; Minoru Obara
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Colloidal co-assembly route to large-area high-quality photonic crystals
Author(s): Lidiya Mishchenko; Benjamin Hatton; Ian B. Burgess; Stan Davis; Kenneth Sandhage; Joanna Aizenberg
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Woodpile photonic crystal of various crystal orientations
Author(s): Lingling Tang; Shu-Yu Su; Tomoyuki Yoshie
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Broadband circular polarizer formed by stacked plasmonic metasurfaces
Author(s): Yang Zhao; Andrea Alù
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Controlling ultrafast light with dispersive metamaterials
Author(s): Dean P. Brown; Mark Walker; Augustine M. Urbas
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Inverting scattered fields for sub-wavelength resolution using negative index metamaterials
Author(s): Y. Zhang; M. A. Fiddy
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Low loss and broadband hollow-core photonic crystal fibers
Author(s): Y. Y. Wang; F. Gerome; G. Humbert; J. M. Blondy; F. Benabid
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Novel aspects of pulse propagation in photonic crystal fibers
Author(s): S. P. Stark; A. Podlipensky; P. St.J. Russell
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Selective filling of metals into photonic crystal fibers
Author(s): Ron Spittel; Denny Hoh; Sven Brückner; Anka Schwuchow; Kay Schuster; Jens Kobelke; Hartmut Bartelt
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Improved laser damage threshold for chalcogenide glasses through surface microstructuring
Author(s): Catalin Florea; Jasbinder Sanghera; Lynda Busse; Brandon Shaw; Ishwar Aggarwal
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Photonic crystal waveguide based sensors
Author(s): M. Askari; S. Yegnanarayanan; A. Adibi
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Manipulation of thermal phonons: a phononic crystal route to High-ZT thermoelectrics
Author(s): Ihab El-Kady; Mehmet F. Su; Charles M. Reinke; Patrick E. Hopkins; Drew Goettler; Zayd C. Leseman; Eric A. Shaner; Roy H. Olsson
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Is there really a sound line limit for surface waves in phononic crystals?
Author(s): Sarah Benchabane; Abdelkrim Khelif; Vincent Laude
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Plasmo-photonic nanopillar array for large-area surface-enhanced Raman scattering sensors
Author(s): Francisco J. Bezares; Joshua D. Caldwell; Orest J. Glembocki; Ronald W. Rendell; Maraizu Ukaegbu; Richard Kasica; Maryiya Feygelson; Sharka M. Prokes; Michael Papantonakis; Charles Hosten
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InGaAsP photonic crystal slot nanobeam waveguides for refractive index sensing
Author(s): Bowen Wang; Mehmet A. Dündar; Richard Nötzel; Fouad Karouta; Sailing He; Rob W. van der Heijden
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On-chip nanostructures for polarization imaging and multispectral sensing using dedicated layers of modified CMOS processes
Author(s): Stephan Junger; Wladimir Tschekalinskij; Nanko Verwaal; Norbert Weber
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Efficient coupling to plasmonic nanoresonators using on-chip silicon nitride integrated photonic structures
Author(s): Maysamreza Chamanzar; Siva Yegnanarayanan; Ehsan Shah Hosseini; Ali Adibi
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A new class of plasmonic crystals: the eigen modes, field enhancement, and applications
Author(s): Masanobu Iwanaga
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Engineering aperiodic order in nanoplasmonics: past, present, and future opportunities
Author(s): Luca Dal Negro
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Study of nanoprisms via apertureless near-field optical microscopy
Author(s): Chak-Fong Cheang; Yi-Cheng Li; Kuo-Chih Chiu; Chun-Yu Lin; Yun-Chorng Chang; Shean-Jen Chen
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Development of a polarization resolved mid-IR near-field microscope
Author(s): Zohreh Sedaghat; Aurelien Bruyant; Michel Kazan; Julien Vaillant; Sylvain Blaize; Névine Rochat; Nicolas Chevalier; Enric Garcia-Caurel; Pierre Morin; Pascal Royer
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High-throughput engineering of infrared plasmonic nanoantenna arrays with nanostencil lithography
Author(s): Serap Aksu; Ahmet A. Yanik; Ronen Adato; Alp Artar; Min Huang; Hatice Altug
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Multipolar second harmonic generation from metallic nanoparticles
Author(s): J. Butet; G. Bachelier; I. Russier-Antoine; Ch. Jonin; E. Benichou; P. F. Brevet
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Nanoplasmonic photonic crystal diatoms and phytoliths
Author(s): Mark P. Andrews; Ahmadreza Hajiaboli; Jonathan Hiltz; Timothy Gonzalez; Gursimranbir Singh; R. Bruce Lennox
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Observation of full plasmonic stop bands in fractal structures
Author(s): Navid Yasrebi; Sina Khorasani; Aryan Hazeghi; Bizhan Rashidian
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Mapping of surface plasmon polaritons on nanostructured thin film disks using cathodoluminescence imaging
Author(s): Anil Kumar; Kin Hung Fung; Nicholas X. Fang
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Description and characterization of the complex modes in a linear chain of gold nanospheres
Author(s): Salvatore Campione; Sergiy Steshenko; Filippo Capolino
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Revisiting the Jaynes-Cummings-Paul model in the limit of ultrastrong coupling
Author(s): Elaheh Ahmadi; Hamid Reza Chalabi; Abbas Arab; Sina Khorasani
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Wannier functions for surface plasmon polaritons
Author(s): Aryan Hazeghi; Sina Khorasani
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Numerical simulation and rational design of optically anisotropic columnar films
Author(s): Viktor A. Leontyev; Matthew M. Hawkeye; Nicholas G. Wakefield; Kyrylo Tabunshchyk; Jeremy C. Sit; Andriy Kovalenko; Michael J. Brett
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Experimental demonstration of linear deep subwavelength spoof surface plasmonic waveguides
Author(s): Wangshi Zhao; Omar M. Eldaiki; Ruoxi Yang; Xiaoyue Huang; Zhaolin Lu
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Nanostructured metal-insulator-metal resonators for high-resolution color filtering and spectral imaging
Author(s): Ting Xu; Yi-Kuei Wu; L. Jay Guo
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Analysis of triangular ring resonator using microcavity SOI slot waveguides
Author(s): Tae-Kyeong Lee; Hong-Seung Kim; Geum-Yoon Oh; Young-Wan Choi
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Enhancement and suppression of transmission in 3D nanoslits arrays with 1- and 2D periodicities
Author(s): M. A. Vincenti; D. de Ceglia; M. Scalora; R. Marani; V. Marrocco; M. Grande; G. Morea; A. D'Orazio
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Investigation of the nonlinear optical response from arrays of Au bowtie nanoantennas
Author(s): Kaspar D. Ko; Anil Kumar; Kin Hung Fung; Raghu Ambekar; Gang Logan Liu; Nicholas X. Fang; Kimani C. Toussaint
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Simulation of photonic bandgaps in real holographically formed 3D photonic crystals and holographic fabrication
Author(s): Yuankun Lin; Kris Ohlinger; Hualiang Zhang; Di Xu; Kevin P. Chen
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Anderson localization of light in a random configuration of semiconductor nanocolumns
Author(s): Y. Inose; M. Sakai; K. Ema; A. Kikuchi; K. Kishino; T. Ohtsuki
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