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Terahertz Technology and Applications IV
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Volume Number: 7938
Date Published: 17 February 2011

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Front Matter: Volume 7938
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Advancements in photomixing and photoconductive switching for THz spectroscopy and imaging
Author(s): E. R. Brown
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New experimental methods in terahertz spectroscopy
Author(s): E. J. Slingerland; T. M Goyette; R. H. Giles; W. E. Nixon
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Encoding terahertz signatures into laser-induced plasma acoustic waves
Author(s): Benjamin Clough; Jingle Liu; X.-C. Zhang
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Efficient material parameters estimation with terahertz time-domain spectroscopy
Author(s): Osman S. Ahmed; Mohamed A. Swillam; Mohamed H. Bakr; Xun Li
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Terahertz imaging in dielectric media with quasi-Bessel beams
Author(s): Zhuopeng Zhang; Takashi Buma
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Comparison of GaAs and DAST electro-optic crystals for THz time domain spectroscopy using 1.55 µm fiber laser pulses
Author(s): Matthieu Martin; Juliette Mangeney; Paul Crozat; Patrick Mounaix
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Terahertz time-lapse imaging of hydration in physiological tissues
Author(s): David B. Bennett; Zachary D. Taylor; Neha Bajwa; Priyamvada Tewari; Ashkan Maccabi; Shijun Sung; Rahul S. Singh; Martin O. Culjat; Warren S. Grundfest; Elliott R. Brown
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The effects of various approximations on electron-electron scattering calculations in QCLs
Author(s): Philip Slingerland; Christopher Baird; Robert Giles
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Semiconductor-coated deep subwavelength spoof surface plasmonic waveguide for THz and MIR applications
Author(s): Ruoxi Yang; Wangshi Zhao; Richard A. Soref; Zhaolin Lu
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Optical frequency conductance model of terahertz/infrared emission and detection in semiconductors
Author(s): Thomas Szkopek; Elizabeth Ledwosinska
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THz lasing concepts based upon InAs/GaSb broken-gap heterostructures
Author(s): Dwight Woolard; Weidong Zhang
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THz thermal emission from a 1D photonic crystal
Author(s): Ian A. Zimmerman; Ziran Wu; Hao Xin; Richard Ziolkowski
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Nb5N6 bolometer operated at room temperature for detecting at 100 GHz
Author(s): L. Kang; X. H. Lu; J. Chen; C. H. Cao; W. W. Xu; B. B. Jin; P. H. Wu; Q. J. Yao; S. C. Shi
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Applications of holography in the millimeter-wave and terahertz region
Author(s): I. McAuley; J. A. Murphy; N. Trappe; R. Mahon; D. McCarthy; P. McLaughlin
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Electromagnetic crystal (EMXT)-based THz components
Author(s): Ziran Wu; Wei-Ren Ng; Michael Gehm; Hao Xin
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Modelling of horn antennas and detector cavities for the SAFARI instrument at THz frequencies
Author(s): S. Doherty; N. Trappe; C. O'Sullivan; J. A. Murphy; G. Curran; P. Mauskopf; J. Zhang; S. Withington; D. Goldie; D. Glowaka; P. Khosropanah; M. Ridder; M. Brujin; J. R. Gao; D. Griffin; B. Swinyard; M. Ferlot
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Terahertz antiresonant reflecting hollow-core waveguides for sensing applications
Author(s): Borwen You; Ja-Yu Lu; Chi-Yu Chan; Chin-Ping Yu; Hao-Zai Chen; Tze-An Liu; Jin-Long Peng
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Some aspects of far-infrared spectroscopy of explosive materials
Author(s): Norbert Palka; Tomasz Trzcinski
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