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RF and Millimeter-Wave Photonics
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Volume Number: 7936
Date Published: 16 February 2011
: 16 papers (126) pages
ISBN: 9780819484734

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Front Matter: Volume 7936
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Full wave analysis of structural resonances in composite right/left-handed leaky wave antenna
Author(s): Haifeng Zhou; Kazuaki Sakoda
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Phase shifter using carbon nanotube thin-film transistor for flexible phased-array antenna
Author(s): Daniel Pham; Harish Subbaraman; Maggie Yihong Chen; Xiaochuan Xu; Ray T. Chen
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High speed electro-optic polymer phase modulator using an in-plane slotline RF waveguide
Author(s): Dong Hun Park; Yongzhang Leng; Jingdong Luo; Alex K.-Y. Jen; Warren N. Herman
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Recent progress toward a nanoslot modulator: polymer poling experiments
Author(s): Y. S. Lee; S. Takahashi; H. Mahalingam; W. H. Steier; G. E. Betts; J. X. Chen
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High-frequency microwave signal generation in a semiconductor laser under double injection locking
Author(s): Yi-Chun Chen; Yu-Shan Juan; Fan-Yi Lin
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Fiber ring resonator based opto-electronic oscillator: phase noise optimisation and thermal stability study
Author(s): K. Saleh; A. Bouchier; P. H. Merrer; O. Llopis; G. Cibiel
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Compact optoelectronic oscillator using whispering gallery mode resonators for radio-frequency and millimeter wave generation
Author(s): Kirill Volyanskiy; Patrice Salzenstein; Hervé Tavernier; Maxim Pogurmirskiy; Yanne K. Chembo; Laurent Larger
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Poling study of electro-optic polymers in silicon slot waveguides
Author(s): Attila Szep; Antao Chen; Shouyuan Shi; Zhou Lin; Don Abeysinghe
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Progress in millimeter-wave imaging
Author(s): David A. Wikner
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Design and construction of an electro-optic RF metamaterial array
Author(s): Weibin Chen; Robert L. Nelson; Qiwen Zhan
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ACP-OPLL photonic integrated circuit for high dynamic range RF/photonic links
Author(s): Yifei Li; Ashish Bhardwaj; Larry Coldren; John Bowers; Peter Herczfeld
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Design of a 10-Gb/s satellite downlink at millimeter-wave frequencies
Author(s): Richard W. Ridgway; David W. Nippa; Stephen Yen; Thomas J. Barnum
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Design of a millimeter-wave full-Stokes polarimeter utilizing optical up-conversion
Author(s): John P. Wilson; Christopher A. Schuetz; Richard D. Martin; Thomas E. Dillon; Peng Yao; Dennis W. Prather
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Millimeter wave image processing through point spread function engineering
Author(s): Joseph N. Mait; Richard D. Martin; Christopher A. Schuetz; Dennis W. Prather
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Phase modulated radio-over-fiber link with electro-optic downconversion using a delay-line interferometer
Author(s): Thomas E. Murphy; Vincent R. Pagán
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Novel WDM to OTDM wavelength conversion system for transmission of discrete sampling spectrum in single wavelength channel
Author(s): Tianxin Yang; Changle Wang; Junlong Wang; Chunfeng Ge; Mei Sang
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