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High-Power Diode Laser Technology and Applications IX
Editor(s): Mark S. Zediker
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Volume Number: 7918
Date Published: 7 February 2011
Softcover: 36 papers (330) pages
ISBN: 9780819484550

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 7918
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Reliability of high power diode laser systems based on single emitters
Author(s): Paul Leisher; Mitch Reynolds; Aaron Brown; Keith Kennedy; Ling Bao; Jun Wang; Mike Grimshaw; Mark DeVito; Scott Karlsen; Jay Small; Chris Ebert; Rob Martinsen; Jim Haden
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Catastrophic optical bulk damage (COBD) in high power multi-mode InGaAs-AlGaAs strained quantum well lasers
Author(s): Yongkun Sin; Neil Ives; Stephen LaLumondiere; Nathan Presser; Steven C. Moss
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Temperature and current accelerated lifetime conditions and testing of laser diodes for ESA BepiColombo space mission
Author(s): Genady Klumel; Yoram Karni; Shalom Cohen; Markus Rech; Kai Weidlich
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Reliable high-power long-pulse 8XX-nm diode laser bars and arrays operating at high temperature
Author(s): Li Fan; Chuanshun Cao; Gerald Thaler; Dustin Nonnemacher; Feliks Lapinski; Irene Ai; Brian Caliva; Suhit Das; Robert Walker; Linfei Zeng; Mark McElhinney; Prabhu Thiagarajan
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High reliability and high performance of 9xx-nm single emitter laser diodes
Author(s): L. Bao; P. Leisher; J. Wang; M. Devito; D. Xu; M. Grimshaw; W. Dong; X. Guan; S. Zhang; C. Bai; J. G. Bai; D. Wise; R. Martinsen
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Optimized biasing of pump laser diodes in a highly reliable metrology source for long-duration space missions
Author(s): Ilya Y. Poberezhskiy; Daniel H. Chang; Hernan Erlig
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QCW diode array reliability at 80x and 88x nm
Author(s): Ryan Feeler; Jeremy Junghans; Joseph Levy; Don Schnurbusch; Ed Stephens
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Fiber coupled diode laser beam parameter product calculation and rules for optimized design
Author(s): Zuolan Wang; Simon Drovs; Armin Segref; Tobias Koenning; Rajiv Pandey
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Simulation and analysis of volume holographic gratings integrated in collimation optics for wavelength stabilization
Author(s): S. Hengesbach; U. Witte; M. Traub; D. Hoffmann
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High efficiency frequency stabilized tapered amplifiers with improved brightness
Author(s): Patrick Friedmann; Jürgen Gilly; Jeanette Schleife; Catharina Giesin; Stefan Moritz; Marilena Herbstritt; Mathias Fatscher; Marc T. Kelemen
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Wigner distribution function of DBR tapered diode lasers
Author(s): M. Uebernickel; B. Eppich; C. Fiebig; K. Paschke; G. Erbert
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Wavelength stabilized diode laser based devices free of power or efficiency penalties
Author(s): Paul Leisher; Aaron Brown; Rob Martinsen; Jim Haden; Mitch Reynolds; Shelly Lin; Rob Renner; Keith Kennedy
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Macro-channel cooled high power fiber coupled diode lasers exceeding 1.2kW of output power
Author(s): Tobias Koenning; Kim Alegria; Zuolan Wang; Armin Segref; Dean Stapleton; Wilhelm Faßbender; Marco Flament; Karsten Rotter; Axel Noeske; Jens Biesenbach
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70% efficient near 1kW single 1-cm laser-diode bar at 20°C
Author(s): M. T. Knapczyk; J. H. Jacob; H. Eppich; A. K. Chin; K. D. Lang; J. T. Vignati; R. H. Chin
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Testing of active heat sink for advanced high-power laser diodes
Author(s): John Vetrovec; Drew A. Copeland; Ryan Feeler; Jeremy Junghans
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Automated assembly processes of high power single emitter diode lasers for 100W in 105 μm / NA 0.15 fiber module
Author(s): J. Pierer; M. Lützelschwab; S. Grossmann; G. Spinola Durante; Ch. Bosshard; B. Valk; R. Brunner; R. Bättig; N. Lichtenstein
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Record CW-brightness from a single 20% fill-factor 1-cm laser-diode bar at 20°C
Author(s): A. K. Chin; M. T. Knapczyk; J. H. Jacob; H. Eppich; K. D. Lang; R. H. Chin; M. Dogan
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Single emitter based diode lasers with high brightness high power and narrow linewidth
Author(s): Stefan Heinemann; Ben Lewis; Boris Regaard; Torsten Schmidt
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Brightness and power scaling of diode-based light sources
Author(s): E. Deichsel; P. Heist; L. Wagner; A. Franke; E. Werner
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High-power, high-brightness and low-weight fiber coupled diode laser device
Author(s): Paul Wolf; Bernd Köhler; Karsten Rotter; Susanne Hertsch; Heiko Kissel; Jens Biesenbach
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Suppression of lateral modes in wide aperture laser diodes by digital planar holograms
Author(s): V. Svetikov; I. Ivonin; A. Koshelev; L. Velikov; Yu. Vorobiev; A. Goltsov; V. Yankov
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Bright laser source with high-power single-mode-emitting diode laser stacked array assembly and fiber coupling
Author(s): M. Forrer; H. Moser; T. Gisler; G. Spinola Durante; J. Pierer; C. Bosshard; M. Krejci; N. Lichtenstein
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High-brightness distributed-Bragg-reflector tapered diode lasers: pushing your application to the next level
Author(s): C. Fiebig; S. Pekarek; K. Paschke; M. Uebernickel; T. Südmeyer; U. Keller; G. Erbert
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New developments of high-power single emitters and laser bars at JENOPTIK
Author(s): M. Zorn; R. Hülsewede; H. Schulze; J. Sebastian; D. Schröder; P. Hennig
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Next generation 8xx nm laser bars and single emitters
Author(s): Uwe Strauss; Martin Müller; Tomasz Swietlik; Robin Fehse; Christian Lauer; Günther Grönninger; Harald König; Markus Keidler; Thierry Fillardet; Andreas Kohl; Michael Stoiber; Iris Scholl; Jens Biesenbach; Martina Baeumler; Helmer Konstanzer
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New approach for high-power diode laser modules with homogenized intensity distribution
Author(s): Bernd Köhler; Florian Ahnepohl; Karsten Rotter; Jens Biesenbach
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100W high-brightness multi-emitter laser pump
Author(s): Richard Duesterberg; Lei Xu; Jay A. Skidmore; James Guo; Jane Cheng; Jihua Du; Brad Johnson; David L. Vecht; Nicolas Guerin; Benlih Huang; Dongliang Yin; Peter Cheng; Reddy Raju; Kong Weng Lee; Jason Cai; Victor Rossin; Erik P. Zucker
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Scaleable multi-format QCW pump stacks based on 200W laser diode bars and mini bars at 808nm and 940nm
Author(s): Yuri Berk; Yoram Karni; Genady Klumel; Yaakov Openhaim; Shalom Cohen; Dan Yanson
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Concept and experimental implementation of a scalable high power and highly homogeneous laser line generator for industrial applications
Author(s): M. Brodner; A. Bayer; J. Meinschien
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Facet engineering of high power single emitters
Author(s): Dan Yanson; Moshe Levi; Moshe Shamay; Renana Tesler; Noam Rappaport; Yaroslav Don; Yoram Karni; Itzhak Schnitzer; Noam Sicron; Sergey Shusterman
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Ultra-high brightness wavelength-stabilized kW-class fiber coupled diode laser
Author(s): Robin K. Huang; Bien Chann; John D. Glenn
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Short wavelength limitation in high power AlGaInP laser diodes
Author(s): Takehiro Nishida; Naoyuki Shimada; Tetsuya Ogawa; Motoharu Miyashita; Tetsuya Yagi
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Variation of refractive index step of 635nm ridge waveguide lasers for optimized index guiding
Author(s): D. Feise; G. Blume; Chr. Kaspari; K. Paschke; G. Erbert
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Optical elements for optimal brightness of single emitter devices
Author(s): O. Homburg; M. Jarczynski; T. Mitra
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Spectral narrowing of a 980 nm tapered diode laser bar
Author(s): Deepak Vijayakumar; Ole Bjarlin Jensen; Gaëlle Lucas Leclin; Paul Michael Petersen; Birgitte Thestrup
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Coherent polarization locking of multimode beams in a diode bar
Author(s): P. Purnawirman; P. B. Phua
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