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Optical Diagnostics and Sensing XI: Toward Point-of-Care Diagnostics; and Design and Performance Validation of Phantoms Used in Conjunction with Optical Measurement of Tissue III
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Volume Number: 7906
Date Published: 4 February 2011
Softcover: 27 papers (210) pages
ISBN: 9780819484437

Table of Contents
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Improved calibration procedure for laser Doppler perfusion monitors
Author(s): Ingemar Fredriksson; Marcus Larsson; Fredrik Salomonsson; Tomas Strömberg
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An optical device employing multiwavelength photoplethysmography for non-invasive in-vivo monitoring of optically active nanoparticles
Author(s): Gregory J. Michalak; Pratik Adhikari; Jon A. Schwartz; Glenn P. Goodrich; D. Patrick O'Neal
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Optimizing source detector separation for an implantable perfusion and oxygenation sensor
Author(s): T. J. Akl; T. J. King; R. Long; J. S. Baba; M. J. McShane; M. N. Ericson; M. A. Wilson; G. L. Coté
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Thin wetting film lensless imaging
Author(s): C. P. Allier; V. Poher; J. G. Coutard; G. Hiernard; J. M. Dinten
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Understanding the mechanism and optimizing a competitive binding fluorescent glucose sensor
Author(s): Brian M. Cummins; Jongdoo Lim; Eric E. Simanek; Michael V. Pishko; Gerard L. Coté
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Noninvasive in vivo glucose sensing using an iris based technique
Author(s): Anthony J. Webb; Brent D. Cameron
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Advancement in polarimetric glucose sensing: simulation and measurement of birefringence properties of cornea
Author(s): Bilal H. Malik; Gerard L. Coté
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The use of optical polarimetry as a noninvasive in vivo physiological glucose monitor
Author(s): Anthony J. Webb; Brent D. Cameron
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In vivo interstitial glucose characterization and monitoring in the skin by ATR-FTIR spectroscopy
Author(s): Natalja Skrebova Eikje
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The high-quality spectral fingerprint of glucose captured by Raman spectroscopy in non-invasive glucose measurement
Author(s): Jeankun Oh; Seongmoon Cho; Hyunho Oh; Yunhee Ku; BongChu Shim; Moosub Kim; Yongju Yang; Dami Kim; Hyejin Eum; David R. Miller
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Phantoms as standards in optical measurements
Author(s): Robert J. Nordstrom
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Fabrication and characterization of phantoms made of polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS)
Author(s): A. E. Villanueva-Luna; A. Santiago-Alvarado; J. Castro-Ramos; B. Licona-Moran; S. Vazquez-Montiel; A. Flores-Gil; J. A. Delgado-Atencio
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Poly(vinyl alcohol) cryogel, multi-layer artery phantoms for optical coherence tomography
Author(s): Charles-Etienne Bisaillon; Gordon Campbell; Valérie Pazos; Guy Lamouche
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Accurately characterized optical tissue phantoms: how, why and when?
Author(s): Jean-Pierre Bouchard; Israël Veilleux; Isabelle Noiseux; Ozzy Mermut
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Toward a reference standard for tissue phantoms
Author(s): Paola Di Ninni; Fabrizio Martelli; Giovanni Zaccanti
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Spatial distributions of optical and acoustic properties and correlations with temperature in cyclically frozen-thawed poly(vinyl alcohol) gel breast phantoms
Author(s): Daniele Piras; Wenfeng Xia; Michelle Heijblom; Wiendelt Steenbergen; Ton G. van Leeuwen; Srirang Manohar
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System-independent assessment of OCT axial resolution with a "bar chart" phantom
Author(s): Anant Agrawal; Robert Chang; Megan Connors; Christopher Stafford; Jeeseong Hwang; Joshua Pfefer
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Development of a skin phantom of the epidermis and evaluation by using fluorescence techniques
Author(s): Thorsten Bergmann; Sebastian Beer; Ulf Maeder; Jan M. Burg; Peggy Schlupp; Thomas Schmidts; Frank Runkel; Martin Fiebich
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Phantoms of fingers with various tones of skin for LLLT dosimetry
Author(s): Marcelo V. P. Sousa; Elisabeth M. Yoshimura; André L. O. Ramos; Ana C. Magalhães; Marcia T. Saito; Liliam R. Santos; Maria C. Chavantes
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Hyperspectral image projection of a pig kidney for the evaluation of imagers used for oximetry
Author(s): David W. Allen; Stephen Maxwell; Joseph P. Rice; Robert Chang; Maritoni Litorja; Jeeseong Hwang; Jeffrey Cadeddu; Edward Livingston; Eleanor Wehner; Karel J. Zuzak
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Theoretical studies of floating-reference method for NIR blood glucose sensing
Author(s): Zhenzhi Shi; Yue Yang; Huijuan Zhao; Wenliang Chen; Rong Liu; Kexin Xu
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An effective method based on reference point for glucose sensing at 1100-1600nm
Author(s): Jiaxiang Zheng; Kexin Xu; Yue Yang
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Discriminant analysis of milk adulteration based on near-infrared spectroscopy and pattern recognition
Author(s): Rong Liu; Guorong Lv; Bin He; Kexin Xu
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An investigation of the effect of in vivo interferences on Raman glucose measurements
Author(s): Bongchu Shim; Hyunho Oh; Jeankun Oh; Yongju Yang; Yunhee Ku; Moosub Kim; Dami Kim; Hyejin Eum; Seongmoon Cho; David R. Miller
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Mapping skin using Raman spectroscopy
Author(s): A. E. Villanueva-Luna; J. Castro-Ramos; S. Vazquez-Montiel; A. Flores-Gil; J. A. Delgado Atencio; C. M. Ortiz-Lima
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Comparative study of optical activity in chiral biological media by polar decomposition and differential Mueller matrices analysis
Author(s): N. Ortega-Quijano; F. Fanjul-Vélez; I. Salas-García; J. L. Arce-Diego
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Probing orientation and rotation of red blood cells in optical tweezers by digital holographic microscopy
Author(s): Nelson Cardenas; Lingfeng Yu; Samarendra K. Mohanty
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