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Parallel Processing for Imaging Applications
Editor(s): John D. Owens; I-Jong Lin; Yu-Jin Zhang; Giordano B. Beretta
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Volume Number: 7872
Date Published: 24 January 2011
Softcover: 28 papers (292) pages
ISBN: 9780819484093

Table of Contents
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Front Matter 7872
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Using a commercial graphical processing unit and the CUDA programming language to accelerate scientific image processing applications
Author(s): Randy P. Broussard; Robert W. Ives
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Automatic distribution of vision-tasks on computing clusters
Author(s): Thomas Müller; Binh An Tran; Alois Knoll
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Highly scalable digital front end architectures for digital printing
Author(s): David Staas
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Parallel training and testing methods for complex image processing algorithms on distributed, heterogeneous, unreliable, and non-dedicated resources
Author(s): Rubén Usamentiaga; Daniel F. García; Julio Molleda; Ignacio Sainz; Francisco G. Bulnes
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Integrated parallel printing systems with hypermodular architecture
Author(s): David Biegelsen; Lara Crawford; Minh Do; Dave Duff; Craig Eldershaw; Markus Fromherz; Haitham Hindi; Greg Kott; Dan Larner; Barry Mandel; Steven Moore; Bryan Preas; Wheeler Ruml; Greg Schmitz; Lars Swartz; Rong Zhou
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Parallel processing considerations for image recognition tasks
Author(s): Steven J. Simske
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GPGPU real-time texture analysis framework
Author(s): M. A. Akhloufi; F. Gariepy; G. Champagne
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A parallel implementation of 3D Zernike moment analysis
Author(s): Daniel Berjón; Sergio Arnaldo; Francisco Morán
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A novel parallel algorithm for airport runway segmentation in satellite images using priority directional region growing strategy based on ensemble learning
Author(s): Fei Duan; Yu-Jin Zhang
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Visualization assisted by parallel processing
Author(s): B. Lange; H. Rey; X. Vasques; W. Puech; N. Rodriguez
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A parallel impulse-noise detection algorithm based on ensemble learning for switching median filters
Author(s): Fei Duan; Yu-Jin Zhang
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GPU color space conversion
Author(s): Patrick Chase; Gary Vondran
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Acceleration of the Retinex algorithm for image restoration by GPGPU/CUDA
Author(s): Yuan-Kai Wang; Wen-Bin Huang
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Performance evaluation of Canny edge detection on a tiled multicore architecture
Author(s): Andrew Z. Brethorst; Nehal Desai; Douglas P. Enright; Ronald Scrofano
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Video transcoding using GPU accelerated decoder
Author(s): Wei-Lien Hsu
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Real-time image deconvolution on the GPU
Author(s): James T. Klosowski; Shankar Krishnan
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Stitching giga pixel images using parallel computing
Author(s): Rob Kooper; Peter Bajcsy; Néstor Morales Hernández
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GPU-completeness: theory and implications
Author(s): I-Jong Lin
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A parallel error diffusion implementation on a GPU
Author(s): Yao Zhang; John Ludd Recker; Robert Ulichney; Giordano B. Beretta; Ingeborg Tastl; I-Jong Lin; John D. Owens
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Experience with imaging algorithms on multiple core CPUs
Author(s): Richard Moore
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Evaluation of CPU and GPU architectures for spectral image analysis algorithms
Author(s): Virginie Fresse; Dominique Houzet; Christophe Gravier
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Computational scalability of large size image dissemination
Author(s): Rob Kooper; Peter Bajcsy
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Real-time 3D flash ladar imaging through GPU data processing
Author(s): Chung M. Wong; Christopher Bracikowski; Brian K. Baldauf; Steven A. Havstad
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Advanced MRI reconstruction toolbox with accelerating on GPU
Author(s): Xiao-Long Wu; Yue Zhuo; Jiading Gai; Fan Lam; Maojing Fu; Justin P. Haldar; Wen-Mei Hwu; Zhi-Pei Liang; Bradley P. Sutton
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Accelerating image recognition on mobile devices using GPGPU
Author(s): Miguel Bordallo López; Henri Nykänen; Jari Hannuksela; Olli Silvén; Markku Vehviläinen
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Multi-view stereo reconstruction via voxel clustering and optimization of parallel volumetric graph cuts
Author(s): Yun-Feng Zhu; Yu-Jin Zhang
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A GPU accelerated PDF transparency engine
Author(s): John Recker; I-Jong Lin; Ingeborg Tastl
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Infrared small target tracking based on SOPC
Author(s): Taotao Hu; Xiang Fan; Yu-Jin Zhang; Zheng-dong Cheng; Bin Zhu
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