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Optics and Photonics for Counterterrorism and Crime Fighting VI and Optical Materials in Defence Systems Technology VII
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Volume Number: 7838
Date Published: 8 October 2010
Softcover: 40 papers (394) pages
ISBN: 9780819483560

Table of Contents
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Imaging the time sequence of latent electrostatic fingerprints
Author(s): P. Watson; R. J. Prance; H. Prance; S. T. Beardsmore-Rust
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Detection of illicit drugs with the technique of spectral fluorescence signatures (SFS)
Author(s): Larisa Poryvkina; Sergey Babichenko
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Fast detection of narcotics by single photon ionization mass spectrometry and laser ion mobility spectrometry
Author(s): Robert Laudien; Rainer Schultze; Jochen Wieser
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Mid-IR spectroscopy using silver halide planar waveguide sensors for the chemical sensing of hazardous substances
Author(s): B. Dekel; A. Katzir
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Trace detection of nitrogen-based explosives with UV-PLF
Author(s): Jens-Uwe Guenther; Christian Bohling; Mario Mordmueller; Wolfgang Schade
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Identification of substance in complicated mixture of simulants under the action of THz radiation on the base of SDA (spectral dynamics analysis) method
Author(s): Vyacheslav A. Trofimov; Svetlana A. Varentsova; Arunas Krotkus; Gediminas Molis
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Visible hyperspectral imaging for standoff detection of explosives on surfaces
Author(s): Bruce E. Bernacki; Thomas A. Blake; Albert Mendoza; Timothy J. Johnson
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Highly sensitive standoff detection and identification of traces of explosives and of biological and chemical agents
Author(s): Alexander Portnov; Illana Bar; Salman Rosenwaks
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Stand-off Raman spectroscopy of explosives
Author(s): Bernhard Zachhuber; Georg Ramer; Alison J. Hobro; Bernhard Lendl
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Near-infrared spectroscopy for personal screening
Author(s): Céline M. Canal; Aamer Saleem; Roger J. Green; David A. Hutchins
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Bioaerosol standoff detection and correlation assessment with concentration and viability point sensors
Author(s): Sylvie Buteau; Jean-Robert Simard; Susan Rowsell; Gilles Roy
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Stand-off detection at the DLR laser test range applying laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy
Author(s): Frank Duschek; Carsten Pargmann; Karin Grünewald; Jürgen Handke
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Distributed nerve gases sensor based on IR absorption in hollow optical fiber
Author(s): R. Viola; N. Liberatore; D. Luciani; S. Mengali; L. Pierno
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High resolution active laser imaging and range gating at 1.5 µm up to 10 km
Author(s): Andrea Ruffini; Andrea Pizzarulli; Alessandro Rossi; Marco Vitiello
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Application of scene understanding to representative military imagery
Author(s): Natalie Dyer
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Machine learning for real time remote detection
Author(s): Benjamin Labbé; Jérôme Fournier; Gilles Henaff; Bénédicte Bascle; Stéphane Canu
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A space variant maximum average correlation height (MACH) filter for object recognition in real time thermal images for security applications
Author(s): Akber Gardezi; Ahmed Alkandri; Philip Birch; Rupert Young; Chris Chatwin
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Illumination independent object recognitions in hyperspectral imaging
Author(s): Izzati Ibrahim; Peter Yuen; Aristeidis Tsitiridis; Kan Hong; Tong Chen; James Jackman; David James; Mark Richardson
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Extending performance evaluation to near infrared and thermal imaging wavebands: the i-LIDS new technologies datasets
Author(s): Kingsley Sage; Ian Sillett
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An improved cortex-like neuromorphic system for target recognitions
Author(s): Aristeidis Tsitiridis; Peter Yuen; Kan Hong; Tong Chen; Izzati Ibrahim; James Jackman; David James; Mark Richardson
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Advances in quantum cascade lasers for security and crime-fighting
Author(s): Erwan L. Normand; Robert J. Stokes; Kenneth Hay; Brian Foulger; Colin Lewis
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Liveness iris detection method based on the eye's optical features
Author(s): Yuqing He; Yushi Hou; Yingjiao Li; Yueming Wang
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Determining the chronological order of crossing lines using 3D imaging techniques
Author(s): V. Heikkinen; C. Barbeau; I. Kassamakov; S. Lehto; T. Reinikainen; J. Aaltonen; E. Hæggström
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Digital image processing in high resolution infrared camera with use of programmable logic device
Author(s): Tomasz Sosnowski; Grzegorz Bieszczad; Mariusz Kastek; Henryk Madura
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Human psychophysiological activity monitoring methods using fiber optic sensors
Author(s): M. Zyczkowski; B. Uzieblo-Zyczkowska
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Multiplexed detection of biological agents using optical microchip sensors
Author(s): D. Bhatta; M. B. McDonnell; E. Perkins
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Fibre loop cavity ring-down spectroscopy for the sensitive and selective detection of minute sample volumes of liquid explosives
Author(s): Catherine Rushworth; Claire Vallance
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Mid-IR nonlinear materials: chemical synthesis, crystal growth, and difference frequency generation in ZnGeP2 and AgGaS2
Author(s): Johan Petit; Antoine Godard; Myriam Raybaut; Jean-Michel Melkonian; Michel Lefebvre
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Luminescent lanthanide complexes for advanced photonic applications
Author(s): Lada N. Puntus; Elena V. Sergeeva; Dmitrii Yu. Antonov; Konstantin A. Lyssenko; Francois Kajzar
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Dry etching and surface passivation techniques for type-II InAs/GaSb superlattice infrared detectors
Author(s): Siew Li Tan; Yu Ling Goh; Sankha dip Das; Shiyong Zhang; Chee Hing Tan; John P. R. David; Nutan Gautam; Hasul Kim; Elena Plis; Sanjay Krishna
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Demonstration of a high output power 1533nm optical parametric oscillator pumped at 1064nm
Author(s): Robert J. Foltynowicz; Michael D. Wojcik
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Plasmon resonances of bimetal nanostructures with tunable optical properties
Author(s): Ludmila Raguin; Tatiana Samrowski; Christian Hafner
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Development of high quality single crystal diamond for novel laser applications
Author(s): Ian Friel; Sarah L. Geoghegan; Daniel J. Twitchen; Geoffrey A. Scarsbrook
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Adding interactivity to surfaces using photosensitive Q-foils
Author(s): Robert Koeppe; Anton Neulinger; Petr Bartu; S. Isikatanlar; S. Bauer
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Side-chain polymers bearing azo-moieties for nonlinear optics
Author(s): F. Adriana Nicolescu; V. Victor Jerca; Ioan Dancus; Adrian Petris; Valentin I. Vlad; D. Sorin Vasilescu; D. Mircea Vuluga
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Copper(I)-catalyzed azide-alkyne cycloaddition for the synthesis of nonlinear electro-optic side-chain copolymers
Author(s): Christophe Galindo; Françoise Soyer; Pierre Le Barny
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Quantum confinement on the carrier contribution to the elastic constants in nonlinear optical and optoelectronic materials
Author(s): Subhamoy Singha Roy
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Photorefractive and photoconductive properties of the organic materials doped with fullerenes, quantum dots, and nanotubes
Author(s): N. V. Kamanina; N. A. Shurpo; Yu. A. Zubtsova; A. V. Prokhorenkov; S. V. Serov; P. Ya. Vasilyev; V. I. Studeonov; F. Kajzar
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Dispersion polymerization of an azo-monomer and methylmethacrylate in the presence of oxazoline macromonomer
Author(s): V. Victor Jerca; F. Adriana Nicolescu; D. Sorin Vasilescu; D. Mircea Vuluga
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Detection of concealed substances in sealed opaque plastic and coloured glass containers using SORS
Author(s): Matthew Bloomfield; Paul W. Loeffen; Pavel Matousek
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