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Millimetre Wave and Terahertz Sensors and Technology III
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Volume Number: 7837
Date Published: 8 October 2010

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Front Matter: Volume 7837
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Time-domain analysis of sub-micron transit region GaAs Gunn diodes for use in terahertz frequency multiplication chains
Author(s): F. Amir; N. Farrington; C. Mitchell; M. Missous
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MMIC technology for spectroscopy applications
Author(s): Ingmar Kallfass; Axel Tessmann; A. Huelsmann; Arnulf Leuther; John S. Cetnar; Jade M. Noble; Douglas T. Petkie
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THz imaging with low-cost 130 nm CMOS transistors
Author(s): Franz Schuster; Maciej Sakowicz; Alexandre Siligaris; Laurent Dussopt; Hadley Videlier; Dominique Coquillat; Frédéric Teppe; Benoît Giffard; Adrien Dobroiu; Thomas Skotnicki; Wojciech Knap
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A MEMS fabrication approach for a 200GHz microklystron driven by a small-scaled pseudospark electron beam
Author(s): Tom Schuhmann; Jonathan Protz; David Fields; Helen Yin; Adrian Cross; Wenlong He; David Bowes; Kevin Ronald; Alan Phelps
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Towards a THz backward wave amplifier in European OPTHER project
Author(s): M. Dispenza; F. Brunetti; C.-S. Cojocaru; A. de Rossi; A. Di Carlo; D. Dolfi; A. Durand; A. M. Fiorello; A. Gohier; P. Guiset; M. Kotiranta; V. Krozer; P. Legagneux; R. Marchesin; S. Megtert; F. Bouamrane; M. Mineo; C. Paoloni; K. Pham; J. P. Schnell; A. Secchi; E. Tamburri; M. L. Terranova; G. Ulisse; V. Zhurbenko
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SiGe BiCMOS manufacturing platform for mmWave applications
Author(s): Arjun Kar-Roy; David Howard; Edward Preisler; Marco Racanelli; Samir Chaudhry; Volker Blaschke
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THz imaging using Glow Discharge Detector (GDD) focal plane arrays and large aperture quasi optic mirrors
Author(s): N. S. Kopeika; A. Abramovich; H. Joseph; D. Rozban; A. Akram; A. Levanon; O. Yadid-Pecht; A. Belenky; S. Lineykin
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3D millimeter wave tomographic scanner for large size opaque object inspection with different refractive index contrasts
Author(s): A. Younus; S. Salort; B. Brecur; P. Desbarats; P. Mounaix; J.-P. Caumes; E. Abraham
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Development of uncooled antenna-coupled microbolometer arrays for explosive detection and identification
Author(s): F. Simoens; A. Arnaud; P. Castelein; V. Goudon; P. Imperinetti; J. Lalanne Dera; J. Meilhan; J. L. Ouvier Buffet; S. Pocas; T. Maillou; L. Hairault; P. Gellie; S. Barbieri; C. Sirtori
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Fully-polarimetric passive MMW imaging systems for security applications
Author(s): Markus Peichl; Stephan Dill; Matthias Jirousek; John-Walter Anthony; Helmut Süß
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A sub-millimeter wave line scanning imager
Author(s): Orges Furxhi; Eddie L. Jacobs
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Polarization difference imaging for millimeter-wave in a desert environment
Author(s): John P. Wilson; Christopher A. Schuetz; Edwin Lee Stein; Jesse P. Samluk; Daniel G. Mackrides; Dennis W. Prather
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Polarimetric imaging with the 91GHz radiometer SPIRA
Author(s): A. Murk; O. Stähli; C. Mätzler; M. Canavero; R. Oechslin; P. Wellig; D. Nötel; H. Essen
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Identification of explosive using the spectrum dynamics of reflected THz and GHz radiation
Author(s): Vyacheslav A. Trofimov; Svetlana A. Varentsova; Jian Chen
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Passive millimeter wave imaging using a distributed aperture and optical upconversion
Author(s): Thomas E. Dillon; Christopher A. Schuetz; Richard D. Martin; Shouyuan Shi; Daniel G. Mackrides; Dennis W. Prather
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First imagery generated by near-field real-time aperture synthesis passive millimetre wave imagers at 94 GHz and 183 GHz
Author(s): Neil A. Salmon; Ian Mason; Peter Wilkinson; Chris Taylor; Peter Scicluna
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Micro-Doppler radar signatures of human activity
Author(s): Michael C. Moulton; Matthew L. Bischoff; Carla Benton; Douglas T. Petkie
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Influence of packaging on spectra of materials in THz range
Author(s): Norbert Palka; Tomasz Trzcinski; Mieczyslaw Szustakowski; Przemyslaw Zagrajek
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Calibration source and temperature standard for passive millimetre wave imagers
Author(s): Chris T. Taylor; Peter Scicluna; Peter Wilkinson; Neil Salmon
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Sensor fusion-based security concept on airports with a rotating millimetre wave person scanner
Author(s): Sebastian Hantscher; Stefan Lang; Manfred Hägelen; Helmut Essen; Axel Tessmann
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