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SAR Image Analysis, Modeling, and Techniques X
Editor(s): Claudia Notarnicola
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Volume Number: 7829
Date Published: 12 October 2010

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Front Matter: Vol. 7829
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An evaluation of Bayesian estimators and PDF models for despeckling in the undecimated wavelet domain
Author(s): Luciano Alparone; Fabrizio Argenti; Tiziano Bianchi; Alessandro Lapini
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Variance ratio for change detection in SAR imagery
Author(s): Chris J. Willis
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A SAR multilook optronic processor for operational Earth monitoring applications
Author(s): Linda Marchese; Pascal Bourqui; Sandra Turgeon; Michel Doucet; Carl Vachon; Bernd Harnisch; Martin Suess; François Châteauneuf; Alain Bergeron
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Automatic object extraction from VHR satellite SAR images using pulse coupled neural networks
Author(s): Fabio Del Frate; Daniele Latini; Chiara Pratola
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Correction of cardinal effects in high resolution SAR imagery
Author(s): David Dubois; Stéphane Hardy; Richard Lepage
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Impact of model order and estimation window for indexing TerraSAR-X images using Gauss Markov random fields
Author(s): Daniela Espinoza-Molina; Mihai Datcu
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Sub-urban landscape characterization by very high-resolution X-band COSMO-Skymed SAR images: first results
Author(s): Fabio Del Frate; Domenico Loschiavo; Chiara Pratola; Giovanni Schiavon; Domenico Solimini
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Analysis of polarimetric RADARSAT2 images for soil moisture retrieval in an alpine catchment
Author(s): L. Pasolli; C. Notarnicola; L. Bruzzone; G. Bertoldi; G. Niedrist; U. Tappainer; M. Zebisch; F. Del Frate; G. V. Laurin
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Flooded areas assessment by integrating hydraulic flood analysis to the detailed flood maps generated with a multi-temporal image segmentation approach using Cosmo-Skymed
Author(s): G. Boni; E. Angiati; L. Candela; S. Dellepiane; G. Macchiavello; R. Rudari
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Neural network adaptive algorithm applied to high resolution C-band SAR images for soil moisture retrieval in bare and vegetated areas
Author(s): C. Notarnicola; E. Santi; M. Brogioni; S. Paloscia; S. Pettinato; G. Preziosa; B. Ventura
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Exploitation of C- and X-band SAR images for soil moisture change detection estimation in agricultural areas (Po Valley, Italy)
Author(s): C. Notarnicola; B. Ventura; L. Pasolli; F. Di Giuseppe; M. Petitta; G. Bonafè; L. Caporaso; A. Spisni; M. Bitelli
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Variograms for atmospheric phase screen estimation from TerraSAR-X high resolution spotlight data
Author(s): Markus Even; Alexander Schunert; Karsten Schulz; Uwe Soergel
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Multi-temporal DInSAR analysis with X-band high resolution SAR data: examples and potential
Author(s): Fabio Bovenga; Davide Oscar Nitti; Alberto Refice; Raffaele Nutricato; Maria Teresa Chiaradia
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Neural networks and SAR interferometry for the characterization of seismic events
Author(s): Fabio Del Frate; Matteo Picchiani; Giovanni Schiavon; Salvatore Stramondo
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SAR image segmentation with entropy ranking based adaptive semi-supervised spectral clustering
Author(s): Xiangrong Zhang; Jie Yang; Biao Hou; Licheng Jiao
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Simulation studies of SAR remote sensing of doubly peaked ocean waves
Author(s): Jingsong Yang; Rong Zhang; He Wang; Qingmei Xiao; Weigen Huang
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