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Developments in X-Ray Tomography VII
Editor(s): Stuart R. Stock
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Volume Number: 7804
Date Published: 24 August 2010
Softcover: 45 papers (448) pages
ISBN: 9780819483003

Table of Contents
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Front Matter for Volume 7804
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Trends in micro- and nanoComputed Tomography 2008-2010
Author(s): S. R. Stock
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High-resolution x-ray phase tomography
Author(s): Andrew G. Peele; C. David L. Thomas; John G. Clement; Benedicta D. Arhatari; Kevin M. Hannah; Chandni Doshi; Corey T. Putkunz; Jesse N. Clark
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An examination of phase retrieval algorithms as applied to phase contrast tomography using laboratory sources
Author(s): Robert S. Bradley; Andrew McNeil; Philip J. Withers
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Four-dimensional x-ray phase tomography with Talbot interferometer and white synchrotron light
Author(s): Atsushi Momose; Wataru Yashiro; Sebastien Harasse; Hiroaki Kuwabara; Katsuyuki Kawabata
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Recent developments in x-ray Talbot interferometry at ESRF-ID19
Author(s): Timm Weitkamp; Irene Zanette; Christian David; José Baruchel; Martin Bech; Pascal Bernard; Hans Deyhle; Tilman Donath; Johannes Kenntner; Sabrina Lang; Jürgen Mohr; Bert Müller; Franz Pfeiffer; Elena Reznikova; Simon Rutishauser; Georg Schulz; Arne Tapfer; Jean-Paul Valade
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X-ray grating interferometer for imaging at a second-generation synchrotron radiation source
Author(s): Julia Herzen; Felix Beckmann; Tilman Donath; Malte Ogurreck; Christian David; Franz Pfeiffer; Jürgen Mohr; Elena Reznikova; Stefan Riekehr; Astrid Haibel; Georg Schulz; Bert Müller; Andreas Schreyer
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Front- and backside structuring of gratings for phase contrast imaging with x-ray tubes
Author(s): J. Kenntner; T. Grund; B. Matthis; M. Boerner; J. Mohr; T. Scherer; M. Walter; M. Willner; A. Tapfer; M. Bech; F. Pfeiffer; I. Zanette; T. Weitkamp
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Recent developments in computed tomography at GSECARS
Author(s): Mark L. Rivers; Daniel T. Citron; Yanbin Wang
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Micro-and nano-tomography at the GKSS Imaging Beamline at PETRA III
Author(s): A. Haibel; M. Ogurreck; F. Beckmann; T. Dose; F. Wilde; J. Herzen; M. Müller; A. Schreyer; V. Nazmov; M. Simon; A. Last; J. Mohr
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Morphology of urethral tissues
Author(s): Bert Müller; Georg Schulz; Julia Herzen; Shpend Mushkolaj; Therese Bormann; Felix Beckmann; Klaus Püschel
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Ex vivo and in vitro synchrotron-based micro-imaging of biocompatible materials applied in dental surgery
Author(s): A. Rack; M. Stiller; K. Nelson; C. Knabe; T. Rack; S. Zabler; O. Dalügge; H. Riesemeier; A. Cecilia; J. Goebbels
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Evaluating the microstructure of human brain tissues using synchrotron radiation-based micro-computed tomography
Author(s): Georg Schulz; Anne Morel; Martha S. Imholz; Hans Deyhle; Timm Weitkamp; Irene Zanette; Franz Pfeiffer; Christian David; Magdalena Müller-Gerbl; Bert Müller
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Overview of multisource CT systems and methods
Author(s): Jun Zhao; Yang Lu; Tiange Zhuang; Ge Wang
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Quantitative x-ray microtomography with a conventional source
Author(s): Graham Davis; Anthony Evershed; James Elliott; David Mills
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An auto-focus method for generating sharp 3D tomographic images
Author(s): A. M. Kingston; A. Sakellariou; A. P. Sheppard; T. K. Varslot; S. J. Latham
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Deciphering complex, functional structures with synchrotron-based absorption and phase contrast tomographic microscopy
Author(s): M. Stampanoni; J. Reichold; B. Weber; D. Haberthür; J. Schittny; J. Eller; F. N. Büchi; F. Marone
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Optimizing synchrotron microCT for high-throughput phenotyping of zebrafish
Author(s): Patrick J. La Rivière; Darin Clark; Alexandra Rojek; Phillip Vargas; Xianghui Xiao; Francesco DeCarlo; Gordon Kindlmann; Keith Cheng
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Data-constrained microstructure modeling with multi-spectrum x-ray CT
Author(s): Y. S. Yang; A. M. Tulloh; T. Muster; A. Trinchi; S. C. Mayo; S. W. Wilkins
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Precise 3D dimensional metrology using high-resolution x-ray computed tomography (muCT)
Author(s): Oliver Brunke; Javier Santillan; Alexander Suppes
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Tomographic image analysis and processing to simulate micro-petrophysical experiments
Author(s): A. Sakellariou; A. M. Kingston; T. K. Varslot; A. P. Sheppard; S. J. Latham; R. M. Sok; C. H. Arns; T. J. Senden; M. A. Knackstedt
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New type of x-ray source for lensless laboratory nano-CT with 50-nm resolution
Author(s): Alexander Sasov; Bart Pauwels; Peter Bruyndonckx
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High-resolution 3D imaging of polymerized photonic crystals by lab-based x-ray nanotomography with 50-nm resolution
Author(s): Leilei Yin; Ying-Chieh Chen; Jeff Gelb; Darren M. Stevenson; Paul A. Braun
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X-ray nanotomography in a SEM
Author(s): Bart Pauwels; Xuan Liu; Alexander Sasov
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Key components for artifact-free micro-CT and nano-CT instruments
Author(s): Alexander Sasov; Bart Pauwels; Xuan Liu; Peter Bruyndonckx
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Recent progress in local reconstruction
Author(s): Hengyong Yu; Qiong Xu; Xuanqin Mou; Ge Wang
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Three-dimensional reconstruction with x-ray shape-from-silhouette
Author(s): E. Simioni; F. Ratti; I. Calliari; L. Poletto
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Regularization methods for inverse problems in x-ray tomography
Author(s): Valeriy Titarenko; Robert Bradley; Christopher Martin; Philip J. Withers; Sofya Titarenko
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Fast reconstruction algorithm dealing with tomography artifacts
Author(s): Federica Marone; Beat Münch; Marco Stampanoni
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X-ray phase laminography with Talbot interferometer
Author(s): Sebastien Harasse; Nozomi Hirayama; Wataru Yashiro; Atsushi Momose
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Development of a CT scanner based on the Medipix family of detectors
Author(s): Philip J. Bones; Anthony P. H. Butler; J. Paul Ronaldson; Alex M. T. Opie
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Fast high-resolution micro-CT with exact reconstruction methods
Author(s): T. Varslot; A. Kingston; A. Sheppard; A. Sakellariou
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X-ray tomography verification for determining phase proportions in volcanic rocks
Author(s): Darren M. Stevenson; Leilei Yin; Michael A. Stewart
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Evaluating tooth restorations: micro-computed tomography in practical training for students in dentistry
Author(s): Hans Deyhle; Fredy Schmidli; Gabriel Krastl; Bert Müller
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Reconstruction algorithms for laboratory microCT/microXRF system
Author(s): Xuan Liu; Peter Bruyndonckx; Alexander Sasov
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Progress in development of a laboratory microXRF-microCT system
Author(s): Peter Bruyndonckx; Alexander Sasov; Xuan Liu; Johan Van Geert
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X-ray fluorescence tomography using imaging detectors
Author(s): Ling-Jian Meng; Geng Fu; Nan Li; Matt Newville; Peter Eng; Patrick La Rivière
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Computed tomography to quantify tooth abrasion
Author(s): Lukas Kofmehl; Georg Schulz; Hans Deyhle; Andreas Filippi; Gerhard Hotz; Dorothea Berndt-Dagassan; Simon Kramis; Felix Beckmann; Bert Müller
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The microstructure of mandibular bone grafts and three-dimensional cell clusters
Author(s): Sarper Gürel; Corinne Unold; Hans Deyhle; Georg Schulz; Sebastian Kühl; Belma Saldamli; Jutta Tübel; Rainer Burgkart; Felix Beckmann; Bert Müller
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The morphology of amputated human teeth and its relation to mechanical properties after restoration treatment
Author(s): Jonas Gugger; Gabriel Krastl; Marius Huser; Hans Deyhle; Bert Müller
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Statistical interior tomography
Author(s): Qiong Xu; Hengyong Yu; Xuanqin Mou; Ge Wang
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Scanning multiple samples simultaneously in tube-based microCT systems
Author(s): S. R. Stock; N. M. Rajamannan; T. C. Spelsberg; S. Malayannan; R. Riaz; M. Polavarapu; E. L. Hsu; W, K. Hsu; Yan Chen; Ming Zhang
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Determination of strain fields in porous shape memory alloys using micro-computed tomography
Author(s): Therese Bormann; Sebastian Friess; Michael de Wild; Ralf Schumacher; Georg Schulz; Bert Müller
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Tomographic imaging of coherent x-ray scatter momentum transfer distribution using spectral x-ray detection and polycapillary optic
Author(s): Diane R. Eaker; Steven M. Jorgensen; Anthony P. H. Butler; Erik L. Ritman
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Imaging fossilised spiders in amber using lab-based phase contrast x-ray tomography
Author(s): Andrew McNeil; Robert S. Bradley; Philip J. Withers; David Penney
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